Star Wars meets Naruto. Not enough of this type of cross-over! Now, just so you know, [when you see this it is a hint to stuff in later chapters or explaining how some thing happened that is not central to the story-inside info]. The force and chakra are the same thing, just different technique applying. The story begins:

Boba Fett, once the most feared bounty hunter alive, but with his reputation now shot after falling into the Sarlacc. While he did blow his way out, killing the thing [it eats anything including explosives], the near-death experience made him realize how old he was getting. He needed an apprentice and so he gathered his things, loaded up Slave 1, and began his search for a worthy apprentice.

As he neared an uncharted off-the-map planet, alarms in his ship went off. Boba looked at the monitor to determine that his wing was sabotaged and the guidance system was out of whack. He needed to land or the ship was going to crash. Studying the unknown planet below, he hoped it had a breathable atmosphere. Boba ran through the emergency landing sequence as he neared the planet. He was surprised to see a large settlement as he landed in a primeval forest. He was glad that the landing appeared to go unnoticed. Boba quickly set to work on the repairs to Slave I. He also sent some drones to look at the tech on the planet [the drones have stealth field generators] in case there was anything interesting he should know about it.

Five year old Naruto was fed up with his village. They never showed him respect and they threw him out of the orphanage. He was so sick of how badly they treated him! On the night he had determined that he would leave, just as he got outside, he saw a strange light fall from the sky. Naruto knew that it might be dangerous, but curiosity got the better of him and he ran to find out what had caused the falling light. So intent was he that he never saw a big cat that was looking for it's next meal.

Fett had just completed his repairs when he heard a child scream. Quickly, he drew his blaster pistol and took off running towards the cries. He saw a small boy (human by his look) being attacked by some strange feline which was orange with black stripes. The cat was about to pounce on the boy, so he quickly shot it twice- one in its head another in its chest (or at least where he presumed its heart would be). It fell dead mid-leap, twitching it's death throes. The body was thrown back by the hits, so Fett swiftly walked up to the boy. As he got a good look at him he noticed blonde hair with blue eyes and what he presumed to be three scars on both of his cheeks. Further, the boy had tattered clothes and what looked like cut marks on them. By his appearance, he was either abused possibly running away, or he grew up alone and was fending for himself as best he could. However, those blue eyes showed lots of determination. In Boba's heart, he believed in that instant that he had found his apprentice. Speaking in a gentle voice so as not to frighten the boy he asked "Hey kid. What's your name?"

Naruto looked up at the man that had saved him from the tiger. H was wearing armor and a helmet with a strange t-shaped visor. Naruto was scared stiff, but the man's voice was nice enough, so he gathered his courage and said "My name is Naruto, sir." while staring at the man to see if he was going to hurt him like so many others had before.

Fett knew that look. A lot of his bounty's showed that face when they thought he was going to hurt them, but to see it on a boy no older then five just made him sick. He was definitely going to take the boy now and if all went well, he decided he was going to adopt him as well. "Naruto, my name is Boba Fett. I see potential in you, so I am going to adopt and train you to become a Mandalorian- one of the best soldiers in the galaxy."

Naruto did not know what to say to this pronouncement. He was apparently going to have a family that cared something about him. He was also going to become a Mandalorian. Naruto did not know what that was, but it sounded cool and, more importantly, it sounded as though he would never be picked upon again!

Naruto felt his eyes tear up and a rare, true smile turned up his lips as he hugged the larger man's leg. He felt Boba kneel and pick him up gently. Boba took him to the strange metal thing that had fallen from the sky where he fell peacefully asleep in the arms of one of the most feared man in the galaxy knowing for the first time in his life he had a father that really cared about him.

Fett settled him on his bed, then he walked to the cock pit and took off from the strange planet. As he did, he thought to himself "Welcome Naruto to the first day of the rest of your life as a Mandalorian." As Slave I blasted from that planet never to return [as far as we know?], he felt a strange peace. He had a son now and he would make his father proud as he took off into the never ending space.

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