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Kashyyyk was not what Kakashi had expected. For one thing, he did not expect trees so tall. Its massive size was just plan scary! Two, he did not expect them to be landing on a wooden platform which looked like it might not support the ship. He was definitely not going to find that out, if he had a say in things. The last thing he did not expect was to see Naruto's adopted father and KISAME HOSHIGAKI(!) with him. Then, Kakashi was too busy to think more as he was dodging blaster shots and fighting alongside the other Mandalorians to really think. During a pause, though, he wondered how it had come to this fight.

Earlier that day…

Naruto's ship, along with Lee's, were going though hyper space to Kashyyyk. It would be at least an hour to get there and nearly everyone on the ship wanted to stretch their legs some. Naruto himself was training in a storage compartment he had redesigned to be used as a training course. He was really enjoying himself and was wondering how the others are faring. He sighed, knowing that they were probably getting ready. But then Hinata crossed his mind and he pictured her sweet face. He shook his head to clear the image. That had been happening more and more each day. He was still trying to figure it out.

Jiraiya was doing well. He had just started writing another book and he could not wait to see more alien girls! He just had to wait a little more and he would resume his research after they left Kashyyyk. But then again, there had to be some non-native life on the planet. He just had to find the cantina.

Shino was having the time of his young life. He already had two bags across his chest full of both metal and glass jars. He was definitely touring this planet! He just had to get all of the new bugs he could find. He stared at the screen, determined to find all the insects he could find. He just hoped that they would be compatible with his current insects.

Hinata was currently practicing on the medical equipment with the help of a droid. It was really strange that it came so easily for her. Her fingers where nothing but a blurr as she worked on the simulations to get her ready for some real person that might get injured. She hated that idea. "Maybe I can tell Naruto how I feel while we're on this planet." she thought to herself. But as she did, her self-doubt grew and she once again became afraid of rejection. She let out a heavy sigh and went back to her training.

Kakashi was boundlessly happy. He had just picked up Jiraiya's new book and, needless to say, he had locked himself in his room for the rest of the day. The only thought that went though his mind at the time was "Jiraiya you are a genius."

Lee was probably having the best time out of them all. He was so busy watching the droid fly his ship that he almost forgotten about everything else. He knew he could not wait to pilot his own ship- it was just so entertaining and so youthful. Lee sighed, knowing that he should be missing his old teammates, but he did love making new friends and knew Gai-Sensei would be impressed by his new Youthful style.

As they neared Kashyyyk, Naruto sighed. It was mostly a green planet and as he pulled closer he knew that his father was taking care of his adopted sister- which reminded him that he still needed to kill a certain scumbag. He also knew that his father's group had just started to set up bases across the galaxy and that the new Republic would be a fool not to see something going on. He had just wanted the Mandalorians to be strong again, but the Republic might see this as another great crusade. Sure the last crusade was a long, long time ago, but they would fear a gathering of this magnitude and if the Republic stood in the way, he would find a way to remove the problems.

Boba was very excited. He and Kisame were going to see his son again- and soon! They had to leave Treera on the ship after their last encounter with the natives where she thought they needed to be shaved. Boba sighed. He knew that there was going to be problems and he would address them in time, but now was not it. Boba watched as Naruto's ship came into view- along with an ugly green ship. After they landed, he stood up and went over to greet them. He watched each person coming off the ship. They all brought a small smile to his face. He never thought he would see this many Mandalorians together. Ever since his father died, he had dreamed of this moment. But before they could talk, several Republic soldiers came out with their weapons drawn and pointed at them.


The Republic soldiers were no match for the stronger, superior Mandalorian force and were taken care of quickly. Naruto turned back to his group. "Okay, a few days to restock on Kashyyyk. Then we're heading back to Konoha. There we will rebuild the Mandalorians and show the galaxy what we can do!"

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