The Real X-men trailers

A moving prison with Mystique inside appears. Mystique snaps the guards neck.

Mystique: "Don't call me Nymphadora!"

Scene changes to Sabertooth(yzma as a kitten voice) "Looking for me? Is that my voice, my voice?" grabs Storm by the throat, "Oh well."

We see Magneto talking to a bunch of mutants, "Make no mistake my brothers, he will never stop looking for the ring."

Magneto frees Mystique

Mystique: "The source of the cure is a mutant."

Random pawn of Magneto's: "More powerful than you."

Storm: "Logan!"

Logan: "Jean?"

Xavier: "Something woke her, but she has to be controlled."

Logan: "You know, sometimes when you cage the beast gets angry."

Angel appears, "You turned Padme against me!" breaks out of the window and flies off.

Logan: "Who are you?"

Jean eyes turning black: "Look again."

Logan: "I shall not seek the star, your Dark Majesty, I swear it." He is slammed into a wall.

Magneto talking to followers: "…a fury that this world has never witnessed!"

Jean sees Logan: "Vampire." He is sent flying backwards.

Logan in a Neville voice: "Why is it always me?

Magneto lifts the Golden Gate Bridge into the air and lets it crash down, "You shall not pass!"

They're in the midst of a battle and flaming objects are flying around.

Pyro: "Roasty toasty princess, roasty toasty princess. Is it hot in here or is it just me?"

Scenes of battle and training sessions

Wolverine: "You must be swift as a coursing river, with all the strength of a great typhoon." (a friend's idea).

Xavier is lifted into the air by the dark Phoenix

Phoenix: "I killed Sirius Black!"

Storm: "Don't worry; you're just as sane as I am."

Logan: "Jean, look at me."

Jean: "I see dead people."

Logan: "We can fix it; we can make it like it was; stay with me!"

Jean: "Kill me." (author: before she is made to sing "It's a Small World).

X-Men: The Last Stand