Finally here is the epilogue, sorry it took so long, the italics are flashbacks. Enjoy!

"Kate, come on we are going to be late for school" Meredith called up the stairs to her 15 year old daughter.

"Mom I am not ready"

"Katelyn you have five minutes, then I will come up there and drag your ass to school if i have too" Meredith yelled back up to her daughter, just as Derek came back in from the hospital, after being called into an emergency surgery so that his wife could go home and he ended up being stuck in the hospital for the whole night.

"Hey" Derek said leaning over to give his wife a kiss.

"Kate being her usual charming self"

"You can say that again" Meredith said with a small smile, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressed herself into him, she had missed him the night before.. "I missed you"

"I missed you too, now what do you say once the girls are at school, we spend our day in bed" Derek said suggestively.

"You just want in my pants Derek Shepherd"

"Always" Derek replied to her, kissing her hard.

"Oh please..." Kate said from the top of the stair. Derek pulled away slightly and smiled gently.

"Katie you should be use to it by now"

"Yeah but the last thing I want to see first thing in the morning is my mom and dad making out"

"Well, bad luck Katie, now your mom is waiting for you"

"Yeah I know dad" Katelyn said rolling her eyes.

"Cut the attitude Katelyn, it doesn't sit well" Derek said to her, before turning back to Meredith. "I love you"

"I love you too Derek" Meredith told him kissing him quickly. "Kate get in the car and I will go and Lauren" Meredith told her before heading toward the kitchen and getting their other daughter.

Once Meredith dropped her girls off at school and finally the house had come into view, the past 15 years since Katelyn was born had been good to them and Lauren surprising them 5 years later. Meredith still loved Derek just as much if not more than when she first walked into him and then he walked into her lecture hall 24 years ago.

Meredith was running late, she knew it was a bad idea going to that party the night before one of her most important lectures, especially knowing that the guest lecturer was Dr Derek Shepherd, one of the foremost up and coming neurosurgeon in the country. As Meredith ran up the stairs and into building before running into something hard and her books flying out of her arms.

"Oh my god" Meredith said, looking up at who she had ran into .

"It's okay..."



"I am...late...lecturer..." Meredith started to ramble, bending down and picking up her books, while Derek helped her, and once he had handed her the books.

"Thank you Derek" Meredith said trying not to stare at the gorgeous man behind her, she held out her hand to shake hand, not expecting the tingle that shot up her arm from their contact. "I have to get to my lecture...bye" Meredith said before running off, has she reached her lecture hall she was so glad that Dr Shepherd hadn't arrived yet, the last thing she want was to arrive after him, especially has she was hoping to work with him one day.

Meredith had just sat in her seat when the door opened and in walked the man she had bumped into only minutes before, Meredith slouched in her seat, hoping that he would see her. Has Derek started his lecture, she noticed him scanned the students, his eyes resting on her; he gave her a smirk before starting his lecture. Meredith couldn't believe that the man that got her all flustered just moment before was Dr Derek Shepherd, she was expecting some old man in his fifties or sixties, Dr Shepherd must have been in his mid thirties and totally gorgeous, throughout the lecture she could take his eye of him, Meredith knew that he was out of her league but she couldn't help herself. She found herself not listening to the lecture but imagining how he would feel underneath her. Meredith was so lost in thought that she did realise that the lecture had finished and that Dr Shepherd was stood right next to her.

"Dr Shepherd" Meredith greeted him.

"Dr Shepherd, earlier it was Derek"

"Dr. Shepherd we should pretend it never happened"

"What never happened? You walking into me this morning? Because it is a fond memory that I'd like to hold onto."

" No. There will be no memories. I'm not the girl in the hallway anymore and you're not the guy" Meredith told him seriously, with that she picked up her books and went to leave but Derek was stood in her way.

"Excuse me Dr Shepherd" Meredith said, noting that he was standing in her way.

"Come out for a coffee, with me"

"Dr Shepherd, i am your student, this is inappropriate"

"Only for a semester, Meredith"

"No, Dr Shepherd" Meredith said pushing pass him.

"Oh you will Meredith" Derek said to her flashing her his smile.

"Goodbye Dr Shepherd" Meredith said walking out of the lecture hall, secretly loving the fact that his eyes never left her has she walked away.

Meredith walked up to their bedroom, expecting to find her husband in bed, Derek became chief of surgery 10 years ago, and she was made head of neurosurgery, they made sure that they had the same schedules, and always leaving at the same time. Except for the odd night when Derek had to stay behind at the hospital to catch up on paperwork or board meetings but mostly they would both finish at the same time, following the pact they had made when they were first married, that once been. They had children no matter where they were in their career, them and their family would come first, and over the past 15 years they had become good at it.

"Hey" Derek said walking out the en suite, Derek even at 55 was still has got has he was when she first laid eyes on him. Meredith wrapped her arms around his waist, removing the towel, so he standing completely naked in front of her.

"I love you"

"I love you too" Derek said picking his wife up and making love to her, still finding her as beautiful as she had always been, he still loved her as much even more so than the day he laid eyes on her, and the day she agreed to be his wife, they day they married, Meredith was his soul mate in every way.