Sugar Poison

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It was a bright blue day. Apollo's convertible was shining gently. The campers were going about their business contentedly.

They had no idea what was going to hit them.

She smiled. Today was the day she was going to use her…gifts from her mother. Today was the day Eris would be proud of her daughter. It was time to put her pan into action. After dressing, she headed out to the arena. Sword fighting classes had begun, the perfect time to sew the first thread of distrust for what would soon be a delicious tapestry of chaos and betrayal. As she walked into the busy arena, a sudden hush fell. But she simply smiled adorably and looked shyly up through her long lashes, and the clueless, idiotic campers relaxed.

"Anyways, as I was saying," the head camper continued, "we're going to start by practicing the Myrmidon-point attack. Everybody pair up!"

In the midst of the flurry and confusion, she silently slid in front of Jason Warner. The perfect target, she thought. Jason was a member of the Aphrodite cabin, which was a cabin known for it's air-headedness and stupidity. Jason himself was famous for his relationship with Tammi Rona, an equally air-headed resident of the Apollo cabin. The reason she had picked this idiot as her partner was simple. His mind was weak, and easily conquered. The stupid creature would be the perfect first victim of her quest.

"All right, everyone," the head camper yelled, "start practicing!"

Smiling, she took out her wicked black Stygian iron sword. A gift from her mother, who had personally coated it in a lethal poison. Jason, smiling confidently, took out a shiny sword that didn't look like it had ever been used. She arranged her features into the look of one suitably impressed.

"Nice, isn't it?" said Jason smugly. "The handle's wrapped in genuine Versace silk."

Faking sincerity, she said sweetly, "Nothing but the best for you, hmm?" while secretly thinking, It's hilt, not handle, you half-wit.

"Well, we should start practicing," she said, lifting up her sword. Jason also picked up his weapon, grunting as if he were Theseus battling the Minotaur. They started slowly, because Jason had no idea what he was doing. She gently blocked on the parries, and softly tapped his blade on the attacks, giving him more confidence as they progressed.

"So, Jason, how is Tammi of late?"

"Um, she's okay, why?" Jason asked confusedly.

"Well…" now was the time to act. She laid on the sugar thickly, honey-coating every word. She lowered her voice and leaned forward conspiratorially.

"…I heard something. About Tammi." At that, she widened her eyes ever-so-slightly.

"You heard something? What?" Now he was worried. Perfect.

"You do know how Tammi is very good friends with your brother, Jesse?" she whispered.

"Yeah. So?"

"I heard they might be more than friends."

"What?!" Jason gasped, panicked. His designer sword fell out of his hands and clattered to the floor. "What do I do?" And Jesse already has a girlfriend!" Her smile widened.

"Ah, yes. That pretty little Demeter girl. What's her name? Candy, Calli…?"

"Cassie," Jason corrected. "And she is kind of pretty…if you think about it…" Do it now, whispered a voice in her head. Now!

"I have an idea," she said softly, "a way to get back at Tammi. She really hurt you, didn't she?" Jason frowned, as if the very concept was rocket science. You're a moron, she thought venomously. You existence sickens me.

"I- I guess you're right," he said uncertainly.

"I am right, aren't I?" she smirked.

"So…you have a plan?"

"Yes, and it involves the beautiful, vivacious, sweet Cassie." She layered even more honey and sugar on, making her voice husky and irresistible. Jason was completely taken under.

"She is pretty…I never thought of her that way, she was always Jesse's girl, but…"

"But now that you consider it…?" she prompted delicately, her voice saccharine-sweet.

"She's hot."

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