Transfer of the Seal Chapter 1

Our story begins when the seal was made. A slight error occurred during its conception. The error changed the destination of the one to be sealed. It was this that changed the fates of two newborn babes. Though many things stayed the same. The Yondaime still died. Uzumaki Naruto still was an orphan. Still no one knew he was the Yondaime's son because of the danger of Iwa. The Kyuubi no longer troubled Kanoha in it's true form, and The Sandaime still took over for his successor. What changed was that Naruto was not the container of the Kyuubi. Naruto was loved by those in the village as a rambunctious prankster that brought laughter to everyone. Garra was not hated or feared as his father had never had the idea of making him a vessel of a demon occur to him. All in all the world was better for the disappearance of the demon known as the Kyuubi. Much of the chaos of that world settled and there was peace for generations. All be it with some help from a certain knuckle head ninja. The question is where did the seal go. That brings us to a different story where another newborn infant was being carried to a new home on Tatooine...

Obi-won Kenobi carried a tightly wrapped bundle across the Tatooine sands toward a small moisture farm. The bundle of cloth concealed a babe only hours old. Kenobi presented the babe to Owen and Beru Lars and told them of the tragedy that had befallen his former friend that had left his friend's son to be in their care. A few tears were shed on behalf of the tiny boy by his aunt. She was happy to take the boy in though the same could not be said for her husband. Owen knew trouble was on the horizon for them if they took the boy in, but he did not protest when he saw the joy on his wife's face. He knew that she could not have children of her own as they had recently found out, and he thought that this child would fill the void that had been created by the discovery. It was soon decided that the baby boy would keep the name his deceased mother had given him. The boy's name was Luke Skywalker.

Little Luke was soon tucked into an old crib. The crib was so old in fact that it had been Owen's when he was a babe, but all the same it was in good condition. The crib had been in a small storage room deep within the compound of the small moisture farm, and as it was the most secure room on the farm that was now the baby's room. The small room was cleared out and cleaned up. The room was on the far side of the kitchen away from the sitting room. It was as far from the heat of the day, chill of the night, and the grime and sand of the Tatooine desert as one could get on the small farm. It was the best place for such a small boy to be in this great expanse of desolate wasteland, and that is were Luke was. He was asleep now in that room. He was left alone and the door was closed and securely locked with the Lars and Kenobi discussing his future in another room. It was then that a bright red flash occurred in the small locked room. Luke slept though it, and the Lars did not know anything had happened until Kenobi jumped up and ran to the room where Luke was sleeping. When he unlocked the door and checked on the babe he became confused. What was the furious presence he had felt in here just a moment ago? Where had it gone? Still puzzled he closed the door to the little nursery and locked it. He turned to go back to the Lars but found them there in front of him. Both of them wearing questioning looks. "I felt something, but it seems that what ever it was is gone now" said Obi-won. The Lars looked at one another worriedly, but said nothing. No one knew what happened. No one knew that the seal and the demon within intended for Uzumaki Naruto had found its way across time and space to become intertwined with the life force of one Luke Skywalker. No one knew that his body was shifting to be able to use both the force and his newly formed chakra system. No one knew of the shift in his destiny they only felt it, and those that did those very few where soon to be dead or were those causing evil to rise in the galaxy and none of them would know what they had felt meant so all of them would simply dismiss it as a figment of their imagination.

Two months later...

Luke was still small but growing and he was unbelievably adorable. His cues, gurgles and the way he way he waved his arms and legs about would soften even a hutt's greedy heart to selfless heroism on behalf of this little one's whim. There was something strange about the boy though. He had three whisker like birthmarks on each of his cheeks making him look like some sort of extremely cute little animal. For the life of them the Lars could not figure out why he had them or how he had gotten them. The markings were too strange to be a random birthmark and neither of his parents had ever had such markings as far as they knew. Owen had decided to talk to Kenobi about Luke's strange marks, and that was why Obi-won was at the Lars farm today.

Luke was in Beru's arms as Owen traveled up the stairs to the entry building to meet Kenobi. Beru and Luke were in the nursery while Owen and Kenobi where talking in the sitting room. It seemed Kenobi was just as confused as they were to the origin of the whisker like marks on the boys face. The two men then came into the nursery. Obi-won Kenobi wanted to see these marks as he said he had not seen them on the boy when he had delivered the boy to them two months prior. Kenobi or Ben as he now called himself inspected the boy who was happily smiling and giggling in his aunts cradling arms. "curious" was the word Ben murmured before looking back at Owen.. "are you sure nothing happened to the boy while he was in your care?" Owen looked incredulous, and that was before he took the question as an insult and became furious. "how dare you!... how dare you insinuate that we would be so careless as to let something happen to our child! He has had constant care from Beru not an Instant has he been awake that he has not been watched by one of us! Do You Know How Hard That Is To Manage With A Farm To Run!?" Owen was shouting at the top of his lungs at Ben who was just a few feet away. Owen was red in the face when Luke sensed his fury and began crying. Owen stopped shouting and in a low voice he continued. "you sir are no longer welcome here. Get off this property and so help me if I ever find you here again..." he left the threat hanging in the air. Ben understood the unspoken death threat and left immediately.

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