Transfer of the Seal Chapter 3

New Code

After the humiliating talk Kyuubi had had with it's vessel (the great tailed lord having to explain what a tree was) the demon lord took a nap. He would rather sleep than listen to the child's incessant babbling. All in all he felt good about his container's potential for chaos. He'd talk later in the evening about keeping their training and his existence a secret.

Luke fell asleep shortly after his new found friend had gone silent. He woke up later that afternoon.

"Kyuubi-dono? You still there?"

"MMM?...Oh yes kit of course I'm still here. I'm trapped here."

Luke looked sad at hearing his new friends plight. "I'm sorry."

"It was never your fault kit. Now to business. I want to keep our training as secret as possible. A big part of being a ninja is the art of deception. Keeping our training a secret will hide your streangth and keep us safe. Do you understand?"

Luke smiled knowing that he understood the fox and nodded. "Yep. I get it. Keeping secrets keeps me safe."

The fox gained a cheshire grin. This kit was going to be a great ninja if he lived by those words. "Kit we'll get to training tomarrow. Remember, tell no one."

Luke kept his new code firmly in his mind 'keeping secrets keeps you safe'.