Transfer of the Seal

Chapter 4: Dinner Talk

Luke kept his secret that night during dinner. Though for a three year old chatterbox like Luke it was a hard thing to do as he was encouraged by his Aunt Beru to tell her and Uncle Owen everything. So it was no surprise when Luke felt he had to tell them something, but the problem for him was that he had nothing to tell them except for his secret. So he began to think about what his training for tomorrow would be like. Now that idea got him excited. He ended up telling his aunt and uncle how boring the day had been and how the next one might be better if maybe Biggs Darklighter could come over to play. Luke remembered that he liked Biggs from the other time the older boy came. Biggs was so cool and he always seemed to show him the neatest things to do and see on the farm. Having him around was fun for Luke. Due to his recollection of his friend he began to babble on about all the great things they had done together to his guardians. During dinner it never occurred to Luke that telling this to his aunt and uncle might eventually interfere with the time he would get to spend with the new friend in the seal on his stomach. Dinner ended with Luke being happy, and the Kyuubi no Kitsune asleep. The fox didn't even wake up when Luke drifted off away to dreamland. While they slept Aunt Beru started to try to persuade Luke's stubborn Uncle Owen into telling Mr. Darklighter that his son had had such a positive effect on their nephew that Biggs would be welcome on the farm anytime and Beru would continue to scheme for more play-dates between the two boys.

All right for the fourth chapter I have remembered to remind you that I do not own star wars or its characters the same can be said of Naruto and that story's characters too. I hope you have enjoyed this story and I plan to continue updating and hopefully getting my rear in gear on typing my cross over fan-fiction. The fifth chapter is coming soon... Julianne Wiccnand, Dec. 20, 2009