"Dirty, Dirty Mukuro" - Kiba Inubake

Another one of those online Drabble things. But this one came out so perfect! I didn't edit it, I swear! The ordering is just a mere coincidence!

Mukuro sipped irritably at his drink and stood filthy behind a big bag of fun parts. He wasn't sure why he had come to this New Year's Eve party in the first place. He was no good at parties anyhow. They always made him feel clit-bangingly good and he ended up like he was now, hiding and hoping nobody noticed how orgasmic his ball sack got when he was nervous.

Well, truth be told, Mukuro knew very well why he was at the party: to see Badísh.

Ah, Badísh. Just the thought of him, the chance of a glimpse of his cock-suckingly good "extension" made Mukuro's heart beat like a horny kid seeing Rise show off her tits.

But tonight everyone was masked. Mukuro peered retardedly through the crowd, trying to guess which guest was Badísh. There, he thought, the man over by the clitoris, the lesbianly one with the Ken from Reborn! mask. It had to be Badísh. No one else could look so fuckable, even in a Ken from Reborn! mask.

He began to walk Mukuro's way and Mukuro started to panic. What if he actually talked to Mukuro?

Badísh came right up to Mukuro and Mukuro thought that he was going to faint.

"Hello," Badísh said gaily. "What are you doing over here all alone?"

"Oh, just looking at the cum," Mukuro said and immediately wanted to die because that sounded so fussy.

Just then, a tight teen's voice began to count down. "Ten...nine...eight... seven..."

Mukuro's heart leapt. If they were together at midnight, then that meant that Badísh might...

"Happy New Year!"

Badísh swept Mukuro into his arms, bent him on a cock, and kissed Mukuro shittily, slipping him the tongue and groping his crammed colon.

Mukuro could hardly believe it. How wonderful! And now that it was after midnight, it was time to take their masks off. He reached out sluttily and pulled Badísh's mask off his face. It was Badísh! "I knew it was you," Mukuro said and took his own mask off.

"And it's...you," Badísh said. "You know, I'm just going to go get some punch."

Mukuro watched him go. He would be right back, Mukuro was sure. Just as soon as he had his punch.

And then they would fall in love. -End of Story!

Wasn't that worth reading. 8D