The Light in the Shadows: A Series of Oneshots

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AN: Here is a series of one shots that I have done, I don't know how many are going to be in here and I don't know what is really going in here either. The stories can range anywhere between K and M so consider this your warning. These are just some little things that I have thought up that really don't have much plot to be a real stand alone story. Some might be connected to others but I don't know. These are for fun and I hope that you enjoy them. Err, yeah, some might be really short too. Heh.




(("EWWWW! I can't believe that you kissed the creep!"))

/"SATOSHI-SAMA! I can't believe that you just kissed the wing-master!"/

Daisuke smirked at Satoshi raising an eyebrow in question.

The blue-haired police commander smirked back and leaned in to his boyfriend. "If you're thinking what I'm thinking."

"Oh," grinned Daisuke, "I am."

The two young men leaned together wrapping their arms around each other and locking lips once more. Then with out any warning to their magical companions the two tamers released control of their bodies leaving their curses in a rather awkward position.

Two pairs of eyes widened in sudden realization and horror and the two angels violently shoved away from each other.

Dark in his effort to put more distance between himself and the homicidal blond slipped on the satin comforter and tumbled off the edge of the bed landing in a ungraceful heap on the bedroom floor. Meanwhile Krad was vigorously wiping his mouth on his sleeve.

"Auh, disgusting!"

"ARG! I've been contaminated!"

Dark's eyes narrowed, "Hey," he popped his head back over the edge of the bed, "what do you mean you were contaminated!"

The blond hunter ignored the annoyed thief and kept muttering to himself. "Disgusting! Its going to take centuries to get that taste out of my mouth." He wiped his mouth again, "I just hope that stupidity isn't catching."

"Hey!" Dark lunged up back onto the bed. "Are you calling me stupid!"

"What ever gave you that idea?" smeared Krad.

"Why I ought to…" Dark raised his fist but before he could do anything else Daisuke pushed him out of control.

The Red-head looked up not at an annoyed hunter but at his grinning boyfriend. "Well," he commented lightly, "that went well."

Satoshi chuckled in response, "yes, yes that did." He cocked his head, "although I think that Krad is going to be grossed out for sometime. He's muttering about needing a truck load of mints."

Daisuke snickered. "Dark's also pretty grossed out but you got to admit. Their reactions were priceless."

Satoshi started to chuckle once more then outright laugh. It wasn't long before Daisuke joined him in his mirth.

(("Not funny Dai-chan."))

/"Satoshi-sama, I do not see anything funny about that situation in the least."/

Both tamers laughed even harder to their respective curses great annoyance.


AN: pointless, but fun.

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