The Light in the Shadows:

Chapter 67: Singed


Dark Mousy was one very unhappy thief. Normally easy going and laidback, it took a lot to ruffle his feathers so to speak. He very rarely let his cheerful smile slip getting secret enjoyment out of everyone else's annoyance at his upbeat positivity. Tonight however, the master thief was standing fists clenched in the middle of a museum chamber. He was dusty, wet, singed, and highly unamused. Narrowed amethyst eyes were glaring hatefully at the small seemingly innocent crystal figurine at the center of a large blackened circle. The faintest whisper of sound, the barest hint of movement seen from the corner of his eye alerted the ebony feathered spirit that he was no longer alone. He turned slowly, deliberately to scowl at the being that had appeared in one of the large windows.

Blond eyebrows lifted as the hunter regarded his pray in disbelief. The other half of the Kokuyoku who typically came out of situations looking like he'd just walked off the cover of a men's fashion magazine. Was… well to put it bluntly, a mess. Usually perfectly styled purple hair was hanging in limp wet strands, fashionable black clothing was ripped in several places and magnificent ebony feathers were sticking out crazily in multiple directions. There also seemed to be a pool of grayish slug gathering beneath the kaito's boots.

Tan lips pressed tight together as golden feline eyes raked over his form from head to toe and back again. Normally he enjoyed people staring and would strike a sexy or heroic pose but his was his enemy not some admiring fan. He was so not in the mood for this. He took a step forwards pausing in confusion as his rival drew back.

The golden haired entity wrinkled his nose then sneezed, "you stink thief."

Dark didn't need to say a word his middle finger clearly conveying the absolute contempt for the other he was feeling. However rather then fly into a rage like he was expecting his counterpart merely laughed.

"No," the hunter shook his head slowly almost pityingly blond hair swaying slightly from the movement. "As much as I relish our fights and using you as target practous." Krad paused grimacing in disgust, "I would not touch you with a twenty foot energy beam right now." The ice demon ruffled his feathers, "you reek, and I have no desire to be cleaning that gunk off of myself." So saying he turned launching into the air vanishing quickly from sight.

For several long moments Dark just stood there in shock before whirling to snarl at the sealed artwork. Stooping he angerly snatched up the small statue shoving it roughly into a pocket. He loathed being laughed at and his counterpart had most certainly been chuckling as he'd flown away. Moving to the same window his opposite had just vacated moments before he spread his wings taking flight into the starry sky. Breathing out an angry huff of air Kaito Dark turned heading for the Niwa's. As much as he hated to agree with anything his psychotic foe said; in this case the evil angel had a valid point charred feathers really did smell quite horrible. Tonight's grooming was going to be…