ONE: The Girl from the mystic moon

Hitomi starred out the window; her elbows resting on the ledge, her face cupped in her palms. Her emerald eyes stared out into the winter snow as it fell. She watched as each graceful snowflake landed onto the heaping piles of flawless white. She envied the snow flakes; the peaceful beauty as it landed in place among its mates; never alone, with a perfect purpose. She Hmmmed as she realised a man was talking to her. She looked over her shoulder at a tall lean blond.

"I got the differential back on your patient." She listened in an empty matter, although at heart she was sad that she had begun to lose enthusiasm for her healing craft. At last she stood, but knew the man talking to her was aware of her emptiness. "Well since you don't want to go over anything about work...why don't we go down to the cafeteria and have a cup of coffee?" Hitomi's gaze drifted from the cold window to the blond. His face was youthful, though dark rings were forming under his eyes, he had a pleasant smile and still not one hundred percent cewrtain of what he had just said she agreed. He smiled. She smiled back out of habit. "Great, my shift ends in half an hour." He set a clipboard on the table and departed from the room. She waited until he was gone and meandered over to the small round table. The clipboard sat open to the page of recent tests: Iron; good, Hemoglobin, fine, Iron; low but within healthy limits. Her eyes moved from the panel and back to the window. She felt empty again, more so than before as her heart drifted back to a tender and sorrowfull memory. That's was five years ago today.

It was snowing that day. She sat at her grandmother's bedside. Hitomi had been in her third year of medical school; and her grandmother had been admitted with a terrible cough.

"Their's nothing more we can do." She remembered what the doctor had said. She knew him well. Sensei Hinamora. "The cancer is too advanced, even if we started her on steroids and Chemotherapy their is little chance she would make it." He nodded, his black head moving from side to side; lines drawn on his face with sincere regret. "You know it's not even the treatment that's an issue here Kanzaki, at your grandmother's age, with her immunity so low she would most likely sucumb to the first virus or infection that sets in. But I leave the decision up to you." She nodded.

"Thank you Sensei." She returned to the sleeping woman's bedside. She took her small wrinkled hand in her own. "I'm sorry Gram, I don't know what to do anymore. I don't want to lose you." She found the old woman waking, and stiffled her tears. They were the last tears she had ever cried. She didn't even cry when Gram died.

Hitomi heard a knock on the doorway. She stirred from her memories. She saw an intern waiting at the entrance. "Oh please come in, you don't have to wait outside on my account." She forced a smile. The intern shook her head.

"No, it's alrighty Dr. Kanzaki; actually I was looking for you." Hitomi perked up a bit. She had so few friends. She remembered Yukari, but the young woman had run off with a foreign buisness man sometime near the end of college. So it was nice to be sought out for any form of companionship.

"What can I do for you?" She asked. The intern blushed and pulled out a folded stack opf papers from her white coat.

"If you would please, I am applying to another hospital closer to my home town next year. I was wondering if you could give me a refference or a recomendation...anything at all would be very helpful." Hitomi looked a little surprised. The intern bowed several times. She nodded.

"If it would help, then I would be more than happy to give you a letter o refference." The intern looked glowy.

"Thank you, thank you so much. I'm so escited, my parents will be thrilled, and I'll get to se my boyfriend for the first time in three years." Hitomi was happy for the girl, but she secretly envied the vivacious attitude.

Their was another explosion sound outside the pavilion tent. Van spun on his heels as Balgus entered. The man was covered in grime and sweat, his armor was tarnished severely and he seemed out of breath. Blood trickled down the man's face from his forehead as he began his update.

"I'm sorry your highness. Zaibach has taken our troops to the south, we've lost most of our infantry, and more casualties are being reported each hour. King Van, the plague is wiping out most of the refugee encampments and a number of men ave reported to have symptoms." The old soldier slacked a little. It had only been a few yeard since Van had ascended to the throne. Shrtly after a war had ensued between Zaibach and most of the other countries on Gaea. Fanelia had come to aide it's ally Asturia only to find that the fighting was not the only cause of the rising death toll.

"How can they still be coming, are they not affected by this sickness?" He pondered. He came out of his wandering to give new orders. "Alright tell the men to pull back, I'll not have anymore lives lost. We need to regroup. Set up a sick camp as far from the main camp as possible. We'll need to recruit a few good men, and even some women to work in the tents. No one who is healthy goes in. The sick men will remain under quarentinne until they can be securly moved." He began to pace. Just this morning his travelling companion, a boy who cared for his horse and unpacked his belongings had fallen ill. "I've decided to ride to the front. I;ll take the Escaflowne and flank the men until they are safe. Send word to Allen Schezar; if anything should happen to me; the army will be turned over to you and he." He stopped and faced his friend. "That is my final decision." Balgus followed the king with his good eye. Certainly the King was a formidable force with his guymelef, but if he fell in battle then the line of Fanelia would die with him. The old soldier nodded.

"Yes my lord; as you wish..." He bowed. "But Van, don't get killed." The King turned a wry grin on his handsome face.

"Not to worry old friend, I have yet a many things to attend to." He waited as Balgus departed. Then he proceeded to send a man with his page to a sick camp he had already begun earlier in the week. Once it was acomplished he mounted the Escaflowne and headed South to the front.

Hitomi arrived home to her apartment with a small groccery bag. She opened the door and slipped off her flats. She changed to her slippers and padded across the foyer to the kitchen. She put the groccery bag into the fridge and made her way to the bathroom. She plugged the tub and turned on the water to hot and headed for her bedroom. She removed a change of clothes and a small white envelope from her underwear drawer. She carried into the bathroom and set them on the toilet beside the tub. She slipped off her lavender pencil skirt and her button up beige top. She drapped them over a towel hanger and peeled off her under garments. Stepping into the tub she began to melt. She sank into the water until it covered her head. After a minute or two she came back up for air and turned the faucet off.

After a half an hour the water cooled to simmering. Hitomi lounged back in the silence, her eyes slightly glazed. How had she ended up alone like this? She shook herself out of it, the dark thoughts parting enough to bring her back to her surroundings. She sat up, letting the warm droplets roll off her breasts and shoulders. dried her hands and pulled the small white envelope from its location beside her. She opened the envelope and pulled out a dark silver chain. Suspended from it was a large drop shaped gem. She admired the pink gem for a few minutes and then she sat back into the water and held the gem up to the light. It glistened, and the light shot through it and illuminated it. It was the only thing her grandmother had left to her. It had come with a note: she read it whenever life seemed to get hard. She picked the envelope back up to read it. She looked inside and found the letter was missing. She jumped straight up. Worry filling her. She quickly stepped out of the tub and pulled on her pink bathrobe. She trotted back to her bedroom and pulled out the drawer holding her danties. She dumped it on the bed, the contents scattering everywhere. She slipped her pendant around her neck and began to tare through the clothing. she shook each item in serch of the small letter. GREAT now I've lost it! She supressed her panic. At last she found the small paper. Releif washed over her. She turned and sat on the mattress; she sank into it finding the pendant on her skin. She wrapped her hand around it and calmed. She felt the gem warm in her hand, she closed her eyes the dim light fading from her mind. She felt silence and peace.

Van flew at top speed to the front of the battle. He kareened the flying dragon Escaflowne around, his sword drawn as the mouth of the giant beast opened and ignited flames onto the ground below. He flew up as he encountered a number of blue and green guymelefs. He evaded their weapons as barbs launched at him. A purple guymelf de cloaked in the air a hundred meters away. Van was caught off gaurd. His heart raced as he and the Escaflowne shot backward. The Dragon began top descend, Van holding on; his biceps and forearms buckling to keep him from being thrown to his death. The Dragon at last regained equilibrium and righted itself in the air. Van pulled hard on the reigns. He could take the battle to the ground , but he had an advantag from the air. If he could only avoid that purple had disappeared again. His dark amber eyes burning against the rising heat he searched the sky. Still nothing. The enemy had vanished. That is it vanished long enough to catch him square in the chest with a silver bolt. Van felt his breath catch in his chest, he struggled; panic filled him as he fell from Escaflowne. As he fell he called out. He hit the tree line within minutes and his familial white wings expanded from his body to slow his fall. He hit the ground not shortly after, and lost concsiousness. Darkness clouded his mind; and night settled over him.

In the darkness of sleep Hitomi saw her grandmother's pendant, swinging. The gem had enlarged to be a pendulum larger than herself; it began to swing like a grandfather clock. She counted it, her pulse quickened, and her mouth grew dry. She felt the emptiness of her life pouring in on her like a flood of water; washing over her coldly; but she still saw the pendulum swing, faster and faster. The walls of her mind began to disolve and she felt sheer madness and pain over take her. She fell to her knees, her heart aching as though it were rent in two. She cried out in pain her hands slamming onto the cold dark ground. She felt wind rush over her, and she smelled smoke from a distant fire. Her senses flared, and she became aware of the world around her. She looked up at the sky through a dark tree line; and saw the most bizzare and ammazing sight; the Moon, and the Earth hanging beside it on the horizon.

She stumbled to her feet, shaky legs standing and wobbling like the deck of a ship. She fell back to the ground crawling and dissoriented. Hitomi felt the moisture of the earth, and smelled mold. She wanted to vomit...but wait it wasn't just the smell of mold, it was something else. As a doctor she recognized it immidiately. Blood! Over coming her incompetent balance the brunette stumble forward until she stumbled over something large. She sank down feeling around in the dim light; it was a body. The body was injured. She heard a deep moan of pain; it was a man! She didn't know who it was, or where she was, but she took an oath to save lives; and she wasn't going to give up now.

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