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Chapter One

"What . . . what do you mean, Kay-P? I thought—I thought, you know, that we'd go out, I propose to you in our senior year of college, get married afterward . . . have kids. The whole she-bang, ya know? What changed?" What made me not good enough, Ron felt like screaming in her face. After all they had done and been through, she'd pull this stupid stuff.

"I'm so, so very sorry, Ron, but I changed. I don't feel like that for you anymore, if I ever had. I – I probably just thought I had because I've never felt like this before for anyone except you . . . just—just not so powerful I couldn't breathe. So powerful I can't think of life without Ian."

Ron Stoppable, side kick to the "Amazing" Kim Possible, owner of a super smart "Naked Mole-Rat" Rufus and Smarty Mart connoisseur, felt his life being crushed by the one person he trusted like no other. He loved Kim – loved her – his Kay-P, best friend, hopeful girlfriend and she was dumping him and everything they'd done to save the world and-or each other for Ian Byrd, the new kid in town. Well, Ron conceded, Ian wasn't a kid. More like just-on-this-side-of-the-fence man-boy. More man than boy. Unlike Ron. Actually, the exact opposite of Ron. He guessed he never stood a chance.

"But, but, but . . . "

"I'm sorry."

Ron sighed deeply, looked Kay-P in the eye and decided. He wasn't needed here anymore, wasn't wanted, and he knew he was nothing but a burden, messing up, causing problems and making the missions harder, and so he would leave. Now. Not tomorrow, not in a week, tonight. He'd pack and hitch a ride to the airport. He hoped the invite to his Aunt's house in the NYC was still open.

"Okay, Kim, if that's what you want, I'll leave ya to it," he smiled brightly, falsely. Kim wouldn't see it, he knew it just because she'd never seen it before. When she smiled back hesitantly, he shrugged and moved off down the sidewalk. Ian was due to meet Kay-P – no, Kim Possible any minute.

He had made it home in record time, forgetting his old scooter that he really didn't care about anymore . . . he would let the Twins have it. "Mom?"

"Oh. You're in early, Ronald. Anything happen?" His mother's voice filtered in from the kitchen where she was checking the oven. "We're having meatloaf . . . Oh, Ronald." His mother finally looked up at his stricken face that, while hidden well, was plain to see. She was his mother after all, it just wasn't right not to know these kinds of things. She held open her arms and her baby boy stepped into her embrace, something he hadn't done in a long time.

"What happen, sweet heart?" Ron sniffled in her neck and she marveled that he had grown so much. He was only in his sophomore year in high school and he already towered over her . . . and that was only the physical growth.

"Ka-K-Kim loves that Ian guy, Mom, and . . . and," she held him as he baby cried silently against her neck. She had heard the hesitation as he changed what he was going to say. She wasn't Kay-P and best friend anymore, just Kim and the girl he helped out occasionally. She vowed to have a stern (if slightly angry . . . okay, more like volcanically raging) word with that girl! "I'm – I'm not needed anymore, Mom. She's got someone else now. I – I want . . . Can I visit Aunt Mel?"

"She'd be delighted to have you, sweetie. Let me help you pack, okay?" He nodded and she patted his arm as she turned off the oven. She and her husband could eat out later. Ron was more important than burning food and fire alarms.

Thirty minutes later, after a quick phone call to her husband who was at work and a message left with Mrs. Possible telling the Twins to have the scooter and the message to Mel that Ron was coming after all, she and Ron had packed all that he was going to take with him, including Rufus's habitat from Wade (because it had security more advanced than anything she'd seen before) and a rolling ball from the Twins (something she had found out when it started shooting at things willy-nilly after she had bumped it with the vacuum) packed in a hard suitcase to prevent damage. Ron was sitting quietly in his seat staring out the car window in misery and she felt her heart go out to her only baby. She sincerely hoped that going to New York would help him heal.

"Bye, baby, call me when you get there and let me know you're safe, okay?" She hugged Ron to her tight, silently crying without tears. Sixteen and he was leaving, if only for a while. "Just be careful."

Ron smiled at her tightly and returned the embrace with a bone-crushing hug, kissing her cheek and walking onto the boarding ramp. In six hours he'd be sitting down with Aunt Mel eating Dunkin' Donuts and Espresso Double-shot Mocha with extra chocolate. They did it every time, no matter what was going on. This time wouldn't be any different. He settled back into his seat, numb, drained and incredibly tired all of a sudden.

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