::With Ron::

He sat, quiet and in the dark, head in his hands and fingers gripping his hair. This was...this was BAD. B-A-D, bad, bad, BAD. This might call for more delicacy than he could feasibly bring to bare. He needed more information. This was not going to end well no matter what he did, but maybe he could lessen the backlash.

The soft hand on his shoulder had him snapping his head up, startled. It was Aunt Mel, hand on her belly and a soft smile teasing her lips. "Such a serious face, baby boy." She sat beside him, wrapping her free hand around his shoulders and pulling his face in to press a kiss to his forehead, even if she had to bring him down an inch or three. "Tell me?"

His long arms went around her body, the one wrapped around her back settling his hand on her belly, feeling the flex of a moving baby. It was so amazing. She held life inside her body and it was the most natural thing. It felt almost like falling in love again and heart ache and a fear so intense he gripped her tighter just to know she was here and well in his arms. Tucking his face into her neck, he breathed deeply of the soft soap and warm skin smell of her just being alive.

"Okay," he whispered. He could have said "No" or "I can't" or even "I don't want to" but that would be a lie. He didn't want to stress his aunt, not in her delicate condition - and it was delicate because if this failed, this would possibly be her only chance - but he knew he could trust her.

"You're pretty quiet for wanting to say something," she teased gently, blond hair tickling his neck and cheek. Her voice was a soft thing, like one would speak to a small babe in the night of love and of forever and always.

He snuggled in tight, twisting himself around her and sighing. "... I don't know where to start," he confessed in a whisper. "Do I start with the problems or the worry or even the worst possible thing that could have happened?"

His rambling had his aunt petting his hair, rocking him a little as she kissed all along his brow and the crown of his hair. "Oh, baby," she cooed. "Lets do the worst thing first, okay? Let's put this all in perspective, alright?"

He took a deep breath, letting it out on a shaky sigh. "We think the attacker is Jake's old flame Rose."

There was a long moment of silence before a soft "Oh" came from Mel. She gripped him tightly, holding his head to the crook of her neck as she thought about that before opening her mouth to speak. Only to close it. She heaved a put upon sigh, this big thing that made her entire body move. "Welp, that is not good at all."

Ron chuckled a little at her understatement, feeling better already. His aunt just had a way of stating things and making it weird enough to be silly and managable and not as bad as it could be. "Yeah, considering she is a Hunteress that hunts all things magical and dangerous, it could have been better. And I can't, you know, actually take her permanently out of the picture because she's just a kid caught up in this mess, even if she's very possibly the reason why Jake is constantly in danger. She might just be the proverbial canon fodder."

Mel groaned, hanging her head before a pitiful snort left her. "Oh, fun. This is just one big carnival ride." She chuckled, even if a bit darkly. "Grab the girl and get her on over here. I'll see about talking sense into the little trog."

Ron laughed then, almost giggling as he imaging just what "heinous" and "terrible" things his aunt would do. Like make Rose watch Mel eat her ice cream and snacks.

When they calmed, they sat in warm, confortable silence, Mel eventually pulling on Ron to make him help her up his bed and then tugging him down to hold him properly, his long body curled around her own, legs all bent with her feet on his knees as he laid his cheek to her belly as they sprawled on their sides facing each other. Kind of. Ron was more than halfway down her body what with his obsessive need to make sure the baby bump was okay. They never even noticed when they fell asleep.


"Aw, will you look at dat?" Trixie cooed, taking a picture of the exhausted blond duo. "Like cuddly puppies in a pile."

Spud snorted hard enough on laughter that he choked. Discreetly. Or because he had a hand over his mouth and was backtracking fast down the hall so he could hack his lung out in peace. Trixie rolled her eyes but stopped her picture taking, making sure to finish off with a zoomed in face shot of the two. She looked over the pictures on her cell and made sure to send that one out to Wade and Jake. For reasons.

Mrs. Long smiled as she saw the truly relaxed look of the two, putting her hand on the teen girl's shoulder and squeezing. "Come," she whispered to Trixie, "I am baking something, yes."

Trixie wasn't one to say no to food and this new body of hers ran rampant through anything she ate. It was a wonderful day when she realized she would most likely never have to diet again. It was a nice little "bonus feature" that came with the upgraded package. Not to mention the suddenly silky and solidly strong hair that now graced her head in a long curtain that she currently had braided back until it just tickled her hips when the rope of tresses swung. It didn't help that nothing fit. Talk about torture, seven hours with her Nana and her Aunt Methusilla - or Auntie Lala, her father's sister - in over twenty shops and around six blocks.

She shivered in rememberance, rubbing her arm to sooth her goose-bumps. The warm arm of Spud helped calm her before she gave herself hives or something. She turned to look at him, chuckling at his less than stellar looking complexion, all splotchy from near-death-by-self-suffocation. "Hey, baby," she muttered with a kiss to his cheek. It made him go so red he resembled more a tomato than a boy. "Come on, let's cuddle. I need some more touch therapy."

Spud grinned. "If I didn't know you better, I would think I was being taken advantage of."

Trixie rolled her eyes and thumped his stomach with a smirk. Her boyfriend was best boyfriend.

::Jake in the Hospital Room::

"I'm booooooooooredddd-DAH..." the teen dragon groaned, leaning off his bed not unlike a spineless cat, head hanging and spine twisted. His arms flailed a moment before he let them drop to trail on the floor. Sheego threw a wad of paper at him, the ball bouncing off his forehead without him so much as swatting at it.

She did it blindly. Darn her.

"Kid, I know. Now shut up before I decide to hang you from your window."

Jake groaned and gave up for now. She couldn't be evil for long, could she?



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