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Night had fallen quickly that evening. It was a dark, cold night. February 18th, to be exact. As the winds blew heavily, a tall man with a serpent head cane and long, blond hair was slowly walking up the driveway that led to the house. He rapped three times on the door, and no sooner had he done that, then a man with short, brown hair opened the door. The man paled upon seeing the man with the cane.

"It's time," said the man with the cane.

"I have given her three years to recover, and for you and your wife to mull over this decision. Hand her over."

The other man stayed silent for a moment, the opened the door fully and said,

"Come in. My wife is with her at the moment. She will be ready shortly."

"She is ready now", said a women with dark, curly hair. Her hand was holding a much smaller one. A girl of four years old looked up at the man, curiously, but at his glare, shrank back behind her mother.

"Please," she begged the man, "Please, take care of her."

"Oh, I fully intend to". And with that, Lucius Malfoy grabbed the little girl's hand, and took her away from her parents, and back to Malfoy Manor.

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