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Chapter 1

Beastboy's POV

I was watching my parents on their boat. I remember thinking that the sky was really dark. Lightening struck the boat. It sank. My parents tried to swim to shore, but the waves were rough. Mom looked at me with a panicked face before she went under for the last time. Dad tried to save her, but he never came up again either.

Two people were laughing behind me. I turned to see why they were laughing. They threw a bag over my head, and the next thing I knew I was working for them. They would make me use my powers to steal things for them, and then they would beat me. It hurt so much.

I eventually figured out that if I didn't steal something fast enough, the police would come and get me. So I let myself get captured by them, and I told them everything. I showed them my latest mark they had given me and I cried, and they believed me.

I was assigned to a guardian named Nicholas Galtry. For awhile, he was okay. But after a year or two he started to despise me. He sent people after me, and the Doom Patrol ended up stopping all of them. I then went with the Doom Patrol and stayed with them for five years before leaving them.

Now, I'm with the Teen Titans.


Okay, it's short. I just wanted to give you a summary of Beastboy's past before diving into the story. The next chapter will be longer, I promise.