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Chapter 32/epilouge

3 months later

"Watch behind you!" Rose yelled, throwing a spray of water around Raven to keep one of Control Freak's creations from getting the better of her. Raven nodded her thanks.

Robin threw his bird-a-rang at the master Freak himself, trying to knock the remote out of his hand. Control Freak danced out of the way and pointed the remote at Robin, bringing to life two other copies of the boy wonder. Robin was then forced to fight the doppelgangers, leaving Control Freak to do what he wished.

Cyborg blasted his cannon at a life size cut out of Jack Sparrow, which was currently wielding a cardboard sword at Cyborg. Starfire shot some star bolts at the cardboard pirate, managing to slice it in half.

Gary pointed his hand at the cut out and the pieces flew in two different directions. Control Freak pointed his remote at Raven, who put an energy field around the remote to keep it from firing. Gary ran over to Control Freak and punched him, causing Control Freak to drop the remote. Gary used his own mental abilities to throw the remote to Raven, who was the only Titan not under attack right now.

Terra was outside, dealing with a traumatized store clerk and trying to keep the crowds away.

With the remote now in Raven's hands, the cardboard foes fell to the ground like they were supposed to. Rose stomped on the one that had been attacking her for good measure.

"Nice work Team," Robin says. Raven hands him the remote. The team forms a circle around Control Freak, who is on the ground in a ball, crying.

"How hard did you hit him?" Cyborg asks. Gary shrugged.

"I wasn't paying attention to that in the middle of things," Gary says.

"I think you broke his jaw," Rose said. Robin pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

"If anything, his fellow jail mates will thank you for that."

Gary put his arm around Rose. They had been dating for a little over a month now.

"Well, can't say you didn't have a part in that. You're the one who taught me how to throw a decent right hook," Gary said.

"Well what did I teach you?" Cyborg asks.

"You taught me the left hook," Gary replied. Robin laughs, as does Terra as she walks in. Rose and Raven simply smile.

"Please, what is the joke everyone is sharing in?" Starfire asks, completely confused as only Starfire can be.

This only made the Titans laugh harder.

"Come on Cy, we'll take Freakso down to the jail," Terra says, taking one of Control Freak's arms. Cyborg agrees without an argument, and they leave immediately.

"You know, I really think they're up to something more than just taking the bad guys to the jail," Gary says.

"I agree. They volunteer every time, and then take forever to come back," Rose says.

"To each his own," Raven shrugs. Robin takes Starfire's hand.

"Let's go home," he said, and they start walking out.

"Couldn't agree more," Gary says. He looks at the horizon, with their tower sticking out in the middle of it. The water crashes around playfully, and the skies are a clear blue. He smiles.

Four months ago, my life was a ruin. Now, it couldn't be better.

End Chapter

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