Hyacinth's story

Summary- Hyacinth Potter (femHarry) after the defeat of certain snake face bastard that dared call himself a dark lord and after finding her friends aren't really her friends. Decides to give herself just what she needs… After all of this she know just what she needs…. a fresh start.

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Chapter One

Hyacinth …Hyacinth Potter. What can I say about her? What words can I use to truly describe her that do her justice? There really aren't any that I can think of, or write for that matter, that really fit her; at least not anymore.

Not really, and in all honesty, I don't really feel if have the right to say anything about her; at least not any longer. Yet, even as I know this down deep in my very soul, I can't help it. I just have to write this out, I have to let the world know, I have to let someone, anyone, know. But please, after reading this do not judge me too harshly, for I already judge myself much harsher than even you could.

Even as I write this, I know I am only going to do so here and never speak a word of what I have written down to anyone else I do know. If only to lessen the chance of some undesirable finding this.

Or worse using the information in here against Hyacinth. After all I, and anyone else who reads this, either knows or shall find out knowledge is a source of power and I no longer will give anyone power over Hyacinth in anyway. Never again; it has cost both of us too much already.

Speaking of her, let me start with something that isn't damaging before I move on the more personal information I have learned. You know start small and work your way up to something bigger.

Hyacinth used to always say that when it came to the training she did. The training she tried to get me to join. Oh, how I wish I had joined her now, and not done what I had. Then maybe things wouldn't have turned out a horrible as they had.

But I didn't and here I am now. Heavy heat pen in hand. Regretting everything that has happened and knowing that I will have a harsh lesson in my future for everything that I have done, and I will deserve it.

So, in the name of that letting me start with something I think would be small. Is that at one point she was once my best friend; one of my only friends in fact. The one who has seen me for who I was, flaws and all, and still accepted me as a friend; despite no one having done so before.

Then I could add on to that by telling you, that she was once the most kindhearted, most giving and sweetest, girl you could ever meet. One that at one point would have literally given the very shirt off her back if she thought you needed it more than her.

That she used to have such beautiful bright and loved filled eyes, that shined with such unbelievable warmth. That just looking at them would brighten you day up. Or should I tell you that at one point she had used to care about every single living creature she came in contact with and would of gladly gave her life to protect them? Even those most would turn their noses up or demand her dead because of how dark they were.

What really should I say about her? When all of what I knew about her, about what she once was, is no more? How what happened seemed to a rip all that everyone loved about her from her? Or at the very least has made her build such strong walls around the person that she once was, that you could say she was now a completely different person.

How can I say anything about her when I don't really know the real her any longer? When she no longer considers me her friend because of what I have done to her? When in the end I am one of the main reasons such a bright light has been dimmed so much?

In all honest what can I say about her that I know is the truth and nothing but the truth. Instead of the malicious rumors everyone seems so eager to spread about her? That at one point in time I also spread about her with such joy?

Well now, reading over what I just wrote, I guess I do know what I can say, and know that I am being completely truthful as I say it. Though I don't know if it will be any help to anyone.

But I guess I can say she is no longer the happy young woman that she one was. Now she is what we have changed her into; an uncontrollable, incredible strong spirited weapon.

One that seems to have no stopping point, and one that no longer has a master; not that I honestly think she ever really had a master to begin with. That is one thing that hasn't changed about her. She really is too wild and free spirited to let anyone control her. And worst yet, it is all our fault that she is like this; all my fault really.

I guess I should tell you how it all started. How everything that I once knew got so violently and abruptly torn apart. How my own actions caused me to lose everything I held dear. How I had to learn the hard way what it was like to lose something as valuable as a true friend.

But first, before I tell what I did to her, let me tell you a little more about this new Hyacinth. While she wasn't the least bit weak before she changed, she is now at least six times stronger than she once was. Which considering she was already stronger than a lot of our fighter says a lot. More so then ever as she doesn't limit herself to pure magical techniques like most of our fighters do.

She is now an incredibly talented and a very terrifying fighter. One of, if not the, strongest fighter on our side; and that is both physically and magically. Even if some on our side call, her barbaric for how she fights. She is still a blade specialist unlike any I have ever seen.

Because honestly, she welds her weapons like they were an extension of her own arm. Which is kind of Ironic to me seeing as her favorite type of blade is the two curved ones she has constantly attached to the sides of both her arms. But when she is using those blades, as she all but dances through those she is fighting against it is breath taking. As she, for lack of other examples, is sheer poetry in motion.

She is the light's unwilling weapon and has recently become a thing out of the death eater's worst nightmares. Most even fear her more than they do the wrath of their own Master. She is known as the wizarding world's deadly beauty; a rose full of thorns and covered in blood.

Some even dare call her the light's grim reaper because of the hooded cloak she has taken to wearing when she goes out to fight…or to kill. Although, those that do call her that are mostly the ones she is after in the first place.

This isn't something she is ashamed of even if it is an insult to her. Seeing as even the side she fights for is completely and utterly terrified of her. Though in the end after everything was said and done, sadly, even I have to admit those names do seems to fit her…. and everyone does have a good reason to fear her; I know I do.

Especially now that I know that she knows everything I have done, and all the times I have betrayed her…all for the great good. The great good indeed, it's a laugh and a half; honestly.

Then again, my reason to fear her is not for the same reason that most of the people fear her. At least I have a reason to fear her. Seeing as I am one of the few that have actually hurt her; badly at that.

I am one of the few she has a reason to loathe. One that, as I think about everything I have done, not even I can justice what I have done, or begrudge her reactions to it.

Enough of that for now, I shouldn't lose myself in thoughts of what could have been or what if. I have made my bed and I know I will have to lie in it sometime soon. But before that happens, I need to get back to informing you more about my ex-friend; who is now biggest regret. Even if I seem to be the only one among my old group that now see what we did was wrong.

Now back to Hyacinth, when she has her cloak up, blocking everything about her from the view of others, she is a deadly force that attacks to kill with little to no hesitation; as well as with little to no emotion.

She cuts through her enemies with no mercy as she all but dances across the war zone her blades gleaming brightly with the blood of those that dare stand in her way; of those she has killed so far. This is what had really earned her the name the light side grim reaper and one of the main reasons she is so greatly feared by both sides of the war.

Because unlike most of those under Dumbledore's banner she will not hesitate to kill to protect those she calls her. As she told me when I tried, and horrible failed, to lecture her against kill. It's a war why would she show mercy to those who wouldn't give her, or hers, any? Now I agree with what she said, back then…not so much.

Though that is not to say that when her cloak is down that she is any less deadly; in fact, she is just as deadly as she is with the cloak up…just in a totally different way. When her cloak is unbuttoned, and down Hyacinth tends to not use her blades as much; if at all in fact. She also tends to be a bit more merciful when she is like this.

Though not everyone might not agree with this, but in my opinion, she is more merciful when her cloak is down. As if while she has her hood down, she is saying, I'm more relaxed and don't feel like Killing you today. How the difference of having a hood up or down could say this I do not quite know but that is how it plays out in my head.

However, when that hood is down, or when she is not wearing that cloak of hers altogether, that is when she seems to be… more playful. Using her beauty and sexual appeal, both of which even I have to say, even if I do loathe to admit it, she has in abundance of, to make the enemy drop their guard. And even if they had seen her do it before, or even if they think they are prepared for it; it nearly always works despite this.

It is only after doing this that she goes in for the kill, more often figuratively as she captures those, she is attack instead of killing them. But at the same time if they try to meet her with deadly force, she will return the favor three-fold.

When she does kill them this way, she often mocks them about it, saying to them as the die that at least they saw something they liked before they died…which most of the fighter on our side agree to; as even they are sometimes distracted by her when she is like this. Even if other half of the fighter on our side, mostly the women now that I think about it, are disgusted at her for doing so.

I myself do not like it when she does this, not that I really have a say in what she does in the first place; nor will I ever. But, at the same time I can see how doing what she does has its advantage; especially to her.

I just would never do the same thing she is doing myself. And I can't say it's because I have too much respect for myself to do so, because I know beyond a shadow of a about that Hyacinth respects herself as well. Just in a different way than I do myself.

I know now that what she was doing, what she still does, is using what she has to her best advantage. I also know that like every advantage other Hyacinth has she uses it to its fullest extent. I also know that I had no right to judge her like I did.

Anyway, knowing all of this, and have seen it all in action I can easily tell you that no matter what she is wearing Hyacinth is still a deadly force to be reckoned with. That it is because of not only her skills but her mind that makes her so.

I really don't know how to word this, so I guess I will just come out and say it. I've been told in some circumstancing being blunt is the best approach, and I feel that this is true here.

Hyacinth has numerous weapons hidden under that large cloak of hers, something she had done now for several years. Seeing as she tries not to go anywhere unarmed. Refuses to do so, in fact.

You know, now that I think about it, and have clearer picture of Hyacinth in my head, I can now see that the cloak she wears isn't like most wizarding cloaks and is instead more like a trench coat; one that is made of dragon leather instead of normal leather.

And not only that but she also somehow has hidden weapons, mostly blades of some sort, in that skin-tight outfit that she wears underneath said cloak. Because again she refuses to go anywhere unarmed, and at the same time she seems to think that you can never have enough blades. Honestly, I think she is a little obsessed with blade with how many she has.

Some of which, of the few I know, includes eight fighting daggers. Two each on her upper arm above her elbow, on each arm near her wrist, and two each on both ankles; hidden by the boots she wears.

Then there are her pouches which are filled with senbon needles; something she had terrifying good aiming with. In fact, one of her larger pouches holds nothing but senbon needles that have been dipped in different types of poisons, all deadly in some way or another. And all marked in some way that only she can read; seeing as she has it both in parsltounge and spelled for her eyes only.

Another pouch, a slightly smaller one, just by the side of her poisoned senbon needles, is filled with non-poisoned needles. Which I admit she does seem to use pretty often on the people on her own side when they annoy her a little too much. Though nothing to damaging and most the time either to just silence them without the use of magic or embarrass them in some way with said needles.

Though at times it is pretty humorous; especially when she uses them to shut certain people up. I do not feel that her doing this helped her any way, when it came to making people see her in a softer light. Nor do I feel it was the correct thing to do. Even if at the same time, I cannot say I can't blame her for what she did. Considering some of the things said, or done, before she started doing that.

Though I am getting of subject again aren't I…now where was I; ah yes, her weapons; or at least the ones I know of. As I know she now has more weapons, if only to ensure she can defend herself against me if she had to. As much as that thought may hurt me know, I know that it is none the less true.

Saying that, the last pouch I know for sure she has is, and that is because she has shown it to me several times in a rather threatening manner, is the one that is filled with mildly poisoned throwing daggers; all of which are on her left side. And honestly Hyacinth seems to have even better aim with these then she does her senbon; if that is even possible.

Hyacinth uses these daggers often, either when keeping herself entrained or during the war. And because of this she trains in them constantly these along with her senbon needles seem to be her go to in long range weaponry; at least when she is not using her magic that is.

Though Hyacinth doesn't only use those poisoned daggers and her different blades. She also still has a bit of her softer side. Though because of what I have done I never get to see it. Nor do many people have this honor either because of the thick walls she had built up.

But, none the less, I know it is there, because of the simple fact that on her right side she carries all the antidotes to her poisons. And though she says she only has these antidotes on her in case she makes a mistake or because she wants to be able to integrate some of the people she hit with her needles.

I know this isn't true because of two main reasons. First, Hyacinth never really makes mistakes or hit someone she doesn't mean to with her weapons. In fact, she makes mistake with her weapons as much as Professor Snape makes mistakes with his potions. Which everyone knows is pretty much never.

And secondly, if Hyacinth really wanted to integrate someone she would keep the poison in the persons system and hang it over their head to scare them even more into giving her the information she wants. Hell, she'd most likely use her magic in this regard as well.

Seeing this, seeing her carrying these antidotes brightens my day, every day, because it shows me that even a little bit of the Hyacinth that I was once friends with is still there. Though I am sure that with the few she trusts she shows a lot more of the old Hyacinth.

But I will never know because Hyacinth. Doesn't trust me as far as I could throw Ron without the use of magic; and merlin does that hurt. It makes me wonder if I can ever earn her trust, or at least a little bit of her respect, back.

Though I haven't been able to gather up my courage and ask her how I can do this… I doubt I ever will especially since I know how she feels about me. How I feel about myself now if I am completely honest with myself.

Hell, I know I never do it because I don't want the answer from her. Because, again while I am being honest to myself, I know that if I was in her shoes I'd never forgive me and would only rain torment down on me if I even tried to apologies for what I had done. But I guess that shows she's better than me in that regrade as she mostly ignores me in the coldest way possible; instead of lashing out like I know I would have done.

Look at me, I am sitting here writing to you and still I am rambling on. I have been told that is one of my biggest faults by multiple people on multiple occasions. I just don't know when to shut up and get to the point. I just keep talking, getting off subject, and don't shut up. Look, I'm even doing it again, I bet you don't really care about this right now and want more information right?

I'll do my best to keep it more on target them. I was telling you about Hyacinth weapons and the skills she has, right? I have already told you about her daggers, senbon needles, poisons, and antidotes, right?

Well then, I guess it's time I told you about what is the deadliest thing about Hyacinth then; besides her magic that is. Which would be what Hyacinth has attached to both of her arms. I think I may have mentioned these before, but Hyacinth has these two curved blades strapped down on her forearms of each of her arms.

These blades are about twenty inches long of partially serrated metal that look as if they could easily cut through anything with a single touch. With these weapons Hyacinth is at her deadliest as she seems to be able to easily combine her magic with these blades making them and her all the more dangerous.

But Hyacinth, no matter what has been said so far, isn't only a fighter. Not like everyone seems to make her out to be like at least. She has so many different levels besides that; even if very few are able to see those layers. Layers, I admit I only saw once I had destroyed all the trust she had in me and ruined my chance a being at her sides as a true friend should have been.

Hyacinth is someone with that has a genuinely great mind that sees in so many different twists and turns that it seems like she is several steps ahead of you before you even take your first step.

The way she thinks and uses her knowledge is unbelievable. Yet, at the same time I couldn't picture her being anyway different than that. Seeing as even when I first met her, her mind was as sharp as a steel trap. Something, I now admit, I was jealous of and often tried to sabotage the work she did; despite the fact she called me her best friend at the time.

I can say with absolute surety that no one can truly understand what I mean when I write this until they actually meet her themselves. Seeing as I feel the words I write do not give justice to how unique that mind of hers is.

\Not always book smart like I am but…more somehow. Seeing as even without having as much knowledge as I possess, the way she uses the information she has; leaves other either stumped or stunned.

Other than that Hyacinth is still someone with an enormous amount courage. She still, despite everything that has happened to her, has an incredible sense of loyalty and an even bigger heart with enormous amount of love to give.

Sadly, because of all that has happened to her, what had been done to her by those she trusted, she now is afraid to show all of this… all because what we have done to her.

This caused her to shut off all her emotions, to cast them away and throwing herself into her training; giving herself the look of someone who only lives to fight. Turning herself in to the weapon we THOUGHT, or at least I thought, we wanted her to be…Now that it has happened there is nothing I regret more.

I regret nothing more than turning her into this…this…. thing! For surely such a kind-hearted girl wouldn't have turned out this way if I… if we hadn't of done what we had to her. If we hadn't of stabbed her in the back when she needed us the most; then twisted the blade after we we're done. Sadly, we did and now we must, I must, pay for our mistakes.

Perhaps you could understand what I am talking about better if I just told you what had happened; if I told you just what I had done? What weighs on my mind so much that I had to write of this out?

What had happened to Hyacinth to change such a light carefree young girl into the hardened cold-hearted women she has become; is something that will haunt me into my grave.

But I will do my best to tell you what happed, or at least everything that I know of what was done. Let me warn you now, it isn't pretty and even as I write these words down for you to read, I am cursing myself for the part I played in it. Just as you will most likely do the same.

I guess I should start out at where everything had started to go wrong; at the beginning of this whole mess. Or at least the beginning, as far as I know it. Please forgive me if leave off some details because while I did do this, the regret I now feel causes me agony to remember it all; so, some of the more painful memories may not be on here. But at the same time for the sake of maybe stopping someone from repeating a mistake similar to the one I made, I will try to keep as much detail as I can in this.

I would say this all really started about the same time that Hyacinth went through her magical inheritance. Which surprisingly came a year earlier than anyone expected it would have. Happening at the age of sixteen instead of the more normal seventeen coming of age.

Though I can honestly say that wasn't the only surprise that we got at the time; nor was it really the biggest surprise we got. No, I would say that we were much more surprised at just what her magical inheritance was; just what it had turned her into. I don't think anyone would have expected what had happened to actually have happened on that day.

But considering just how Hyacinth's luck has always been maybe we should have expected something like it. Yet, we never did because we had prior believes about Hyacinth's family, that we just couldn't let go. Couldn't see past the shining near flawless light that the Headmaster had painted them as.

After all Lily Potter, formally Evans, was a supposed Muggle born; someone without even a drop of magical blood in their system. So, no one would have thought she had a vampire somewhere in her bloodline and that, that vampire blood would of woke up during Hyacinth's inheritance turning her in to a dhampir.

A creature perhaps even more feared then even a vampire is. Seeing as they have most of the vampire's strengths yet none of their weaknesses; as their human blood gives them immunity to said weaknesses.

I think this is when things truly started to take a turn for the worst for Hyacinth. I am almost hundred percent sure this is when I lost all forms of friendship with her, and I am pretty positive this is when the wizarding world as a whole really started to fear their savior; started to fear Hyacinth.

All because of what was in her blood, how terrible horrible ironic given that is what the entire war had been about as well. And to think, the light sight preached about how what one's blood was didn't matter, yet this still happened.

I know one thing for sure though, and I know this without a reason of doubt in my mind, and that is, this is when the, oh so mightily, Albus Dumbledore's plan started to fall to piece around him and all of our betrayal was brought to Hyacinth attention.

And how I loathed how that happened at the time. But now I find myself oddly grateful it happened then before we could do so much worse to her. Because some of those plans the headmaster had for Hyacinth, that I had at the time agreed with, would have destroyed her more then she had been back then.

It would have most likely had her snapping and becoming even more insane then the dark lord had ever been, as she lost everything in her need to see the world burn around her. So yes, I am glad she found out just what happened then instead of at a later date; it better than the alternative.

I am pretty sure you are wondering just how Hyacinth found out about our betrayal and how Dumbledore's plans fell to ruins around him. Right? It's most likely why your reading this to begin with.

Well, you should know it all started out from a trip to the bank. Which in my opinion Dumbledore really should have thought of happening and perhaps prepare for it, seeing as it was the most obvious place she could have gone to. But in the I know best mindset he had, the headmaster hadn't thought to prepare for that.

Even when it's where most anyone in the wizarding world would have gone if they wanted answers for things, like their family, their finances, and like Hyacinth had gone about their inheritances.

Anyway, from what I have found out about how all of this went down, is that after finding out she had undergone a magical inheritance, one that even she could tell was a creature inhabitance. Instead of going to the Headmaster, like most thought she would have done. She had gone to the bank instead; from what I can guess she followed her instincts on that. And Merlin knows she always had such keen instincts; made even better by her newest inheritance.

From what was able to find out, after Hyacinth had found out she wasn't human; or at least strongly suspected it. She had somehow gotten her hands on the most recent daily reflector paper, only to find out that it was degrading her and condemning her to hell of all things.

Once she had found this out, she had hurried up with her plan to head straight to Gringotts. So that she could find out just how this happened and why it had happened to her of all people. After all she knew that Gringotts would give her the answers she wanted, unlike another person I will not mention at the time.

It was by doing this Hyacinth found out a lot of different truths. Starting with the fact that she, as well as the rest of the wizarding world due to a certain very much despised reporter, found out about her mother having Vampire blood in her line. And that due to this Hyacinth was now a dhampir because of her magical inheritance.

But this isn't the only thing she had found out; no not in the least bit. Perhaps if it were, like I find myself wishing so many times, then thing would have gone better; then again perhaps not. Knowing her and knowing how karma, magical or otherwise, works it could have very much been much worse than it was.

All I know is that after she found out about her mother's blood line, she then found out about the things me, Ron, Ginny and Albus fucking Dumbledore had done, And once she did things went to hell in a head basket.

I know I shouldn't curse and I shouldn't be so disrespectful to a professor but after what happened, what continues to happen and what I am sure is going to happen deserves a little bit of cursing on my part; and Albus Dumbledore isn't as lily white as he likes people to think. Nor should he be in any way control of any child; much less in charge of a school full of them.

For you see what Hyacinth found out was that since she had turned thirteen, and nearly two years into our friendship, we, meaning me, Ron, Ginny and Dumbledore, had started taking large amounts of money, as well of books and other possessions, from her vaults and had continued doing so since.

Well, let me rephrase that Ron, Ginny and I started to take things like that from her vaults. I honestly believe that the Headmaster had been doing that for much longer than we did; and some of the things Hyacinth said back then support that belief.

Not that it matters much now, considering we were all thieves and had all stolen from her; and with how that broke her trust I don't think she honestly cared how long it was going on for.

When she first found this out, she had flipped out on us demanding to know why we would do that to her. Demanding to know how we could do such a thing to her after everything she had done for us.

At the time I was blinded to how manipulative the headmaster was, and was still very much in his pockets, so to my everlasting regret I parroted back what he had told me when the whole thing had started.

I told her that we deserved the money, that we were using it to make sure that she wasn't going dark and to keep her in line and make her do what she was supposed to do.

I basically informed her that I thought of her as only a weapon that needed to be used and discarded before it got to powerful. Oh, how I wish I could go back and stop those cursed words from ever leaving my mouth.

Then to my further shame I didn't seem to know when to shut up, like usually, because I continued to inform her that we must have failed in our duties to make sure she didn't go dark. Because she was now a disgusting dark creature that deserved to be put down as soon as possible with all other dark creatures that could be found. I really shouldn't have said that, and looking back on it, I should have known that when Ronald looked proud of what I had just said.

Predictably, and honestly rightly so, Hyacinth didn't take what I had said to well, not in the least bit. And I think at that moment I can't think of anytime I had been more ashamed of myself then I was then. Especially after I saw the heart broken look on her face. But by that time, I had figured this out it was way too late to go back.

So, I had a real Ron like moment, and pushed those feelings of guilt aside before continuing to use my words to tear her down. I think I had said something about her parents being ashamed of her, something about Sirius deserving to die and about her being a complete monster. When in reality I was the monster and every instinct in my body was telling me to throw myself at her feet and beg for forgiveness I do not deserve.

I think I would have continued throwing the harsh bogus words at her if she hadn't at that moment shown me why He-who- Oh forget it, if she hadn't shown me why Voldemort had a reason to want to get rid of her as quickly as possible; rather it be died or on his side. If she hadn't decided to show me just why Dumbledore thought she was the only one who could destroy the dark lord.

She had, had her head bowed down and it had been down since I had first started screaming at her; having put it down shortly after sending me the wounded look she did.

Back then I had first thought that her head had been bowed because of depression or shame she was feeling. Boy, was I wrong about that. Because as it turns out she had had her head down because of the pure unadulterated rage she was feeling; all of which had been directed at me. Not that I could blame her, even back then, after everything I had just said.

Rage that finally showed itself as she raised her head up and glared at us with poisons green eyes. Eye that were quickly stating to change in to a dark deadly and completely primal golden color. The shade of a dhampir about to go into a rage; which was one of the reason they, along with vampires, were so feared by the majority of the wizarding world.

If I remember correctly Ron upon seeing these eyes glaring at him squeaked and stumbled back; while staring in open mouth horror at them. As well as the sharp fangs, that were slowly making their way out of Hyacinth's mouth. It seemed we had infuriated her enough that we completely woken up her dhampir side; which while active had been laying rather dormant until that point. And a side that was now thirsty for blood; our blood to be precise.

I have to admit I was terrified back then when I saw those eyes of hers. Hell, I am still terrified of the sight of them and still have nightmares about facing her when she is like that. But at least now I can admit that I deserved what I got back then and much more than that.

For you see, while this was her first time activating her dhampir blood, which usually sends the dhampir in question into a feeding frenzy, Hyacinth had such a strong will that she was able to control it; for the most part that is.

So, instead of attacking us out right and draining us of our blood, like someone who didn't have an as strong of will would have done, she used the power increase she got to throw us out of the bank before permanently cutting all ties with us; both political and magical. Which include all ties of friendship we shared.

I think even back then my heart shattered at that fact, and I was harshly slapped in the face with the reality of what had happened. What I had really been doing to the one person I could have called a true friend.

This wasn't the only thing she had done to us because of what we had done to her, but I wouldn't find out just what else she had done to all of us until later; much later.

And Let me say now, that what she did do to us was incredible brutal and yet at the same time completely just. Most would say what she did was a kind of karma, for what we had done to her, now I think I can see where they are coming from. Even if then I hadn't seen it quite that way yet.

After she had thrown us out of the bank you would think we would learnt our lesson. Especially seeing as to how close to death we had been seconds before we had been thrown out in the first place.

But no, sadly we didn't learn, I blame the obsession I had with authority figures for this. Because we continued on treating Hyacinth as if she was just a weapon, spreading horrible rumors about her.

We continued to do whatever we could to tear the little bits of happiness, that little bit of peace she had, to pieces. Any and everything we could do that would either belittle, or worse take control over her, we attempted to do in some way. We did our very best to break the spirit that Hyacinth had, to make her the way we wanted her to be.

Well in the end, and to my now horror, we did succeed in what we wanted; at least partially. Honestly, in my opinion we succeeded a little too well in breaking down Hyacinth to be a weapon, As all that is left of the Hyacinth that I once knew and loved is this cold-hearted fighting machine that we made.

Yet, I believe buried under this mask she wears, and the walls she had built up around her heart, is the old Hyacinth. I believe that she is still there just waiting to come out, and I hope that someone will be able to bring her back to the once sweet girl she had been; or at least bring her out of the cold emotionless mask she has locked herself behind.

I know I will never be the one to be able to do this. I have burned and stabbed her in the back way too many times for her to ever let me close to her, let alone let me help her in such a deep way.

But I do know that I will do everything in my power to make sure that she can get to someone who will be able to do just that. I will do everything in my power to attempt to make up for all the horrible mistakes I have made over the last couple of years.

Of anything else, or what the future may bring for both me or her I am unsure of; and once again I find myself wondering if I really want to know. But one thing I do know is that as more and more time passes by the way Hyacinth acts only seems to be getting worse. Instead of better despite my best attempts. Most of which are ignored because of the distaste and distrust she has for me.

Hyacinth seems to be getting even more emotionless then she already is; burying herself deeper and deeper behind that mask of hers. Nothing seems to work on bringing back fourth that happy girl I once knew and all we can do is hope something or someone comes and fixes our mistake. Because obviously we can't do it ourselves. We fucked up too bad to do that ourselves; way too bad.

And before I finish this and close this book for what may very well be for good, let everyone know. I'm sorry, I am so Sorry Hyacinth and if given a chance I would go back in time and slap my younger self as hard as I could for being such an idiot, for going along with the old manipulative goat's plan. And worst yet losing an amazing friend…no a sister, like Hyacinth was to me. Again, I am so sorry, even if I know a simple sorry will never be enough for all that I have done.


Hermione Ganger

Sighing Hermione closed her diary and rubbed her sore hand before looking out her window, where the girl she had been writing about, the one stabbed in the back too many times, was still practicing both her weapon and spells; her icy mask firmly in place. She had been out there for several hours already, training as hard as she could, and it didn't look like she was going to be stopping any time soon.

Seeing this, Hermione couldn't help but sigh in regret and began to curse the day she ever decided to listen to the manipulative man named Albus Dumbledore. Curse the day she betrayed the one true friend she ever had. Curse the day, she decided that what an authority figure was saying to her was more important, than what her very heart had been all but screaming at her to be true.