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Hyacinth after she kicked open the door, that separated her from her brother, and whatever drama he had managed to get himself into during in the very short time they had been separated. Felt a small but steady sort of pain start to build up behind her eyes at what she saw after she had done this. Letting her know that yes, she was going to get a headache very soon, and yes like most other time Luffy was going to be the cause of said headache.

This was because as the door hit the wall, and bounced back slightly from the force of her kick. Hyacinth was greeted with the site of, a large, heavy set woman with dark curly hair and cowboy hat looming over her brother with a large-spiked club in her hand. With what looked like groups of unconscious pirates all around her.

While on the other hand, her brother didn't look threatened at all, in fact he looked rather amused by everything that was happening. As he was laughing as everything was a joke, with a smaller terrified looking pink haired kid hiding behind him. All of which turned to face her the very second, she made her way into the room.

It was the pink haired kid that seemed to be the first on to say something. Though Hyacinth did notice that he didn't seem to even notice he was saying anything in the first place; as he looked like he was rather stunned as he was speaking.

"Wow, your right Luffy she is a lot prettier than Alvida-sama. A whole lot."

This was said with a bright red blush as the kid in question looked right at Hyacinth; looking for all the world like he was seconds from passing out from sheer embarrassment as he did so. Luffy on the other had just laughed louder before replying.

"Your right Koby, a lot scarier as well."

Hearing this seemed to cause several reactions. With the very first one being the fact that Harry had learned the names of the two who were with Luffy. This however was the only least active reaction as Hyacinth only mentally dubbed the tow in her head. As Alvida seemed to be the one trying to threaten Luffy in some way and Koby was the one who was staring at her, now pale faced, in disbelieve.

Not that that was the only reaction, not by a long shot. As Alvida seemed to become even more enraged, then she had been before; if the red tint her entire face had taken meant anything. While on the other hand Koby seemed to want to hide behind Luffy even more then he had been before. If the way he looked currently said anything.

Hyacinth may have been worried, if only by a little, had how fast Koby's face had changed from bright red to deadly pale. That is may have if she wasn't paying more attention to how Alvida was reacting to what had just happened; as well as what had just been said. She didn't seem to be taking it too well.

As she herself she had been steady getting redder and redder in the face until she was starling reaching shades of purple. Thought this was clearly in rage, as she began to swing her club around desperately trying to hit the cause of her rage as she did so.

Only this time instead of glare or trying to attack Luffy, like had looked like she as doing earlier. Alvida seemed to direct all her ire out at Hyacinth; blaming her for what had just been said. After all, if she hadn't appeared it wouldn't have been said in the first place; now would it have. This in mind Alvida, charged right at Hyacinth while screaming.

"I am the most beautiful woman in all the seas. How dare you think the scruffy whore is any better looking than me!"

Hyacinth hearing this decide she just found her volunteer to some venting she just had to do. As even if her clothes were soaked and stuck to her body, she was no whore, and no want to be pirate when clear delusions was ever going to call her that. Not without some serious consequences involved that is. Something Luffy seemed to realize as he grabbed Koby and mutter to him.

"Your about to see why I say Hyacinth is scarier than your Alvida ever could be."

With a large grin on his face, as if he was looking forward to what was about to happen, Luffy hopped over the unconscious crew he had knocked out earlier, before Hyacinth had arrived, and moved to higher ground on the ship. Carrying Koby with him as he did so, so both him and Koby could watch what was about to happen; without being in the way.

Hyacinth didn't move a muscle or show any signs of the emotions she was feeling, as Alvida charged at her. In fact, all Hyacinth did was look up at her rather lazily and in a movement that showed nearly zero effort grabbed the club Alvida had swung at her. Stopping said club in its tracks and no matter of tugging or pulling from Alvida could get it out of Hyacinth's grasp.

Then just as Alvida was going to try and kick Hyacinth, or something similar to that, to see if that could free her club Hyacinth finally looked up and stared Alvida straight in the eyes. Freezing Alvida in pure terror as the chilling emerald green eyes now baring down at her screamed nothing but death to her as they; a slow, cold, and enterally painfilled death at that.

Hyacinth seeing this reaction, gave a rather blood thirsty smirk. One that let her fangs show, sacring both Alvida and Koby more then they already were as she did this. And at the same time, highlighting the fact that she wasn't exactly normal; just like her brother wasn't.

Only she came off as much more dangerous the Luffy ever came off to them. Much more animalistic then the rubber teen ever could come off as. This was something that was only reaffirmed, in both their minds, as Hyacinth decided to speak up.

"Who the hell are you to insult me, let alone call me a whore." This was said in a tone that was more of a statement then a question. Something that was proven when Hyacinth not waiting for an answer lashed out.

Hitting Alvida square in her jaw and purposely sending her flying into her own ship breaking her own ship's crows nest, as well as the pole her flag was on. Causing her flag to land on Alvida.

Not that she noticed this, as Hyacinth had quickly followed her up and before Alvida could get he bearings Hyacinths foot was already deep in her stomach sending her flying off her ship and in the far distance; hew own flag wrapping around her as this happened.

Seeing this and seeing that Alvida wasn't going to be a problem anymore, not that was much of one to begin with, Hyacinth jumped down and gently landing on the deck. Answering her own earlier question as she did so.

"No one important then."

As she said this, Hyacinth remembered why she had burst in the room in the first place. And seeing that the only danger in the room was now far away, however harmless to said danger may have been to both Luffy as well as herself not really mattering all that much to Hyacinth as she turned her attention back to her brother.

"Ohhhh Luffy."

This soft, almost cooing, tone caused Luffy to laugh as he could really tell his sister wasn't angry at him, just the situation they had just been in. Unfortunately, the same could be said for either Koby, or the recently awakened Pirates around them as they all started to look like they were facing death itself as Hyacinth began to make her way towards them.

Seeing this Luffy got an idea, on he knew would both calm his sister down, and at the same time get them what they needed. Also, it would prove to Hyacinth that he had listened to her when she had been training him despite what she may think.

As even if he was older and the captain between the two, he did want to make his older sister proud of him. So, with that in mind and knowing that Hyacinth was now listening to him Luffy began speaking.

"If you want her calm, I'd give her one of your boats, and some supplies to go with it. It makes all of us leave all the faster for that matter."

As he said this, Luffy gestured to himself, to Hyacinth and lastly to Koby; letting the other now just who would be leaving. Though no one seemed to care about the fact he had added Koby in, as instead of saying anything all the pirates on the ship instantly began to do as Luffy had suggested.

Anything to appease the beautiful, but terrifying, devil in front of them. The one that had beaten their Alvida-sama, and freed them while doing so. Fortunately, none of them said any of their thoughts aloud and Hyacinth, Luffy and with the temporary tag along Koby began their journey again. Hopefully, this time without the while pool being there to interrupt them.

Though as they did make their way into the ocean, with their newly gifted and slightly stocked boat, Hyacinth began to integrate Luffy slightly. Wanting to know just what had happened while they had been separated and why Koby was now with them.

Not to mention let Luffy know how proud she was about the fact he had gotten them the new boat as well as supplies. As that meant that she didn't have to break open the spare supplies she had hidden back on the island. At least not yet she didn't.

Though once she had told Luffy all of this, and had gotten the Koby's full story out of them, Luffy had to start laughing again when all she did was turn to the still red-faced, yet still oddly pale teen, and tell him.

"You really need to grow a spine, especially if you want that dream of yours to come true. If you want, I could help you there." Only to cover her ears in pain and wish she hadn't said what she had when Koby gave a near shriek of terror at the idea of her 'help'.

Apparently, he didn't appreciate her since of humor or if not that had a more vivid imagination then Hyacinth originally thought he did. Knowing this, and the fact Koby now seemed to be doing what he could to avoid her, Hyacinth suddenly got the feeling that it was going to be an even longer trip to the next island then she had first believed.

But, at the same time, Hyacinth did feel a little better about the trip as at least Luffy had enough sense to get some food along with the boat they were now on. Meaning he really had taken her lessons into heart.

Though she got the feeling if she wasn't there, or if she hadn't hammered into his head the importance of having necessary supplies on hand, he might not have done the same thing if she hadn't had been there. Making her grateful that her training had some effects after all. How much she could only wait and see in the future.

Back in the wizarding world once more

It had been almost a year since Hyacinth had managed to escape from the wizarding world, and things hadn't even begun to remotely get better for them. In all honest things were about as far as they could get from what the Headmaster, as well as those that followed him, had believed it would have been like for them when they had imagined what it would be after the war had finally ended.

Which was why they were where the were at the moment. In one of the Headmaster's hidden houses. One that he had gotten rather illegally in the muggle world, and one he believed to be hidden from the foul beast that ran the bank.

Which seemed bound and determined to milk Dumbledore for every last single knut he had, to pay back the money he had taken from Hyacinth. Which in the headmaster's mind was utterly preposterous as he felt he deserved that money. That when it came down to it, he had the right to that money, and with the fact he had been the girl's magical guardian that they had no right to get it back from him.

Sadly, the Goblins and the law didn't agree with him, nor did the retribution curse, which was what lead Dumbledore, and his band of merry little followers, to what was currently going on.

As the group were all in the small house, more of a run-down trailer than anything else. That only had at max four rooms in it, a single bathroom, the small bedroom that barely fit the bed and dresser that was in it, the living room that everyone was packed in, and the barely there kitchen that Molly was trying to make the little food the could scrunch up into a meal.

They couldn't even go to the Burrow anymore as that too had been taken by the goblins for reparations. Oh, the screams Molly let loose when that happened was something everyone in the group remembered and avoided bring up if only to save their own hearing. Something that had only been made worse when certain members of the family refused to support the woman the way she wanted; the way she expected them to.

An annoyed sound cough dragged the Headmaster out of his head about the woes he was having. Or at least from the trail of thoughts his mind had taken when he was thinking of how hard it was to find a place for him and his group to meet up and reminded of the fact that yes, he was currently in one of those meeting.

Sighing Dumbledore looked out at his order, his followers, and couldn't help but wonder how did it all come to this. How had things gotten so bad? Truly, how had things gotten so horrible that his once numerous group had been cut down to so few member?

Members which he couldn't seem to replace after losing them. And if he was being honest members, he would rather have then the majority of what he was now left with. It was as if the group itself was curse in some way.

There was Molly, who had come back from the kitchen unable to get a meal together, and not from the lack of trying either; as there simply wasn't enough food in there to do anything with. She had lost nearly all the previously red hair on her head, and what little did remain on her had had long since turned a withered grey color.

She had also lost an eye, as well lose of feeling in her hands, in a potion explosion. And with said eye, she lost all trust anyone had in her potions as well. Making it so no one would ever want to buy them from her; losing her one of the only sources of income she had. More so then ever since her husband had left her when Hyacinth will let it be known Molly had been drugging him with her potions.

Not only that but the rest of her family, besides the two that were right along side her for the last year, had all refused to even look at her, let alone talk to her. Something that had really gotten started when the will Hyacinth had put out, had gotten published letting lose some truths that Dumbledore, as well as the rest of his order, never wanted out.

Then there was her only son and daughter who followed along with her into his order, and who still followed him. Despite everything he had done to the twice damn Potter girl. Though that might have been because they were right there beside him doing the same thing; these two were Ron, and Ginny.

When it came to Ron, he had really suffered a lot in the last year and as such he was about half the person he had been before the war; quite literally at that. As he had lost his wand arm, along with his wand, to a giant spider right in the beginning of the year.

Which made his dream jobs of being either a Keeper for the Cannons or an Auror go right down the drain before he could even think of applying for either of them. Not that, that stopped him it just caused him to be laughed out of the offices of both places when he still did attempt to try; and not only because of his lack of arm either.

And things had only gotten worse for him since then. As he had been with his mother during the potion explosion that cost her so much and had been hit by it even harder than she had. Because of this he had lost three fingers on his remaining hand, had a permanent limp in his right leg, and was completely blind in his right eye.

Not to mention because of the fact he had been eating when said potion explosion had occurred and ending up swallowing some of the ruined potion Ron had found that he could no longer taster, or enjoy anything he ate any longer.

Worst yet, it wasn't that that the food he ate was now tasteless as he found it rather repulsive tasting now. But because of the damages he had taken he had to eat more than ever to help the little magic he could to support his body better.

Leading to him gaining several pounds of weight and working his way to being rather obese. Something that was only further helped by the fact that Ron was still as lazy as ever and refused to exercise unless he absolutely had to. Something that didn't look like he was going to change anytime soon; no matter how much he wheezed when simple going up a set of stairs.

As for Ginny she hadn't gotten off much lighter than her brother when it came to her own luck. And because of this, she while not ended up physically crippled like her brother had been, at least physically visibly crippled, she still ended up pretty damaged.

All by her own fault, with a little help by the curse. Though most by her own stupidity and refusal to change herself for the better when given the opportunity. As she ended up becoming well known in Hogwarts for all the wrong reasons, and particularly popular among the males in Hogwarts for those same reasons.

It all came to blow when she ended up pregnant in her seventh year and ended up trying to blackmail the male, she had been with at the time to marry her because of this. Stating it loudly and clearly in the Great Hall in an attempt to cause a big enough scene to ensure said marriage happened.

Only for it to come out not only was it not the male in questions son to begin with, but Ginny herself had dosed the teen in question, a rather wealthy if slightly dark pureblood, into sleeping with her in the first place. The teen's family ended up getting involved and by the end of it all Ginny in an attempt to shift the blame forced an abortion on herself.

Only to mess that up horrible and make it so not only could she never get pregnant again. But she had also not only mess up her magic to a degree that she was nearly as squib. Not only that but she had also made it so that from the waist down she was practically numb. Making it so often time she didn't know when she had to use the restroom and had to end up to her utter shame wear an adult dipper at all times.

Something that because of how unpopular she had quickly become, had gotten around the whole school, as well as in the local paper, rather quickly. And then things didn't get better for her when she did finally graduate Hogwarts, even if that was a barely passing grade, as she found her dream job shot down as not a single teem she attempted to try out for wanted anything to do with her. Nor did any of the other places she attempted to get work at.

Leaving her to stay with both her mother and brother in a despite attempt to find some form of shelter taking whatever job they could in the muggle world. Only for none of them to be really able to hold even the simplest jobs there as well. Mostly because of either their tempter, their attuites or in some cases the retribution curse kicking in.

After those three, there was the one who had joined his little group after he had lost his job and that was Fudge. He like everyone else looked a lot worse for wear. In fact, the Headmaster was rather surprised that Fudge was still alive when countless other order members had already perished because of the luck that seemed to surround them.

Then again that could be put down to the man in questions utter cowardliness and refuse to leave the safety of whatever room he was in. Though even with this the man in question still looked like he was on foot in the grave and about to have a heart attack from sheer terror any minute. The fact that he looked like he had lost an unhealthy amount of wait in a noticeably short period of time most likely didn't help with that either.

Then lastly there was the last member of his group that was still alive after the war, and the hell that came after it, Hermione Granger. And compared to the others she wasn't as ragged or physically damaged as they were, and was often harassed by them because of that fact.

Which was why she rarely met up with them, and if asked, by anyone else but the members of said group, she only did meet up with them to find out what they were doing and foil it. As she felt that was the only way she could attempt to make up for what she had done to Hyacinth in the past; make sure that they couldn't do the same in the future. It either it be to Hyacinth in some way, or anyone else.

Still even she hadn't come out of the latest year unscathed as she too had to pay back the money she had taken from Hyacinth account. And was working herself ragged in her attempt to not only do that, but also make sure that the others couldn't find a way to hurt either Hyacinth or those she had written positively in her will.

This was why Hermione was currently at this meeting listening as everyone complained about what was happening to them. As they also continued to demanded Hermione helped them, as she owed them that much in their minds, and of course as they tried to make up plans to get the Potter bitch, as they called Hyacinth, back and under their control so things can go back to how they were before.

Good luck with that, as Hermione got the feeling that would never happen. No matter what the others thought or attempt to do to make it so. But just in case she was here, and she would put a stop to any plans that looked like they might succeed.

At the moment it looked like Ron was having his usually rant, those this time he seemed to have added a bit more to it. A bit more that Hermione noticed that the Headmaster looked rather interested in, letting her know that she better pay attention to what the red-haired rat was currently saying.

"Why did that loser squib and Lonny get everything from Potter? How come we don't just find them and take it all from them? Then everything would be better right? It's not like Loony or the squib could fight us for it, and I mean we could always use the potions we were going to use on the bitch potter to make sure they couldn't do anything about it. I'd like to show Loony her place either way. I owe her for the punch she gave me when the will was read anyway."

Which reminded Hermione of the absolutely beautiful punch Luna had given Ron when he tried to protest Hyacinth will and demand Luna give him what Hyacinth had given her. It had knocked out his front teeth and badly cracked his jaw at the same time. Not to mention he had a solid black eye for a good month afterwards to boot.

Still the look on the Headmaster's face was starting to really worry Hermione. She strongly got the feeling that Dumbledore agreed with what Ron had just said. And worst yet was planning on doing just that.

Which meant that Hermione had to warn both Luna and Neville, as while she knew neither one of them was nearly as weak as Ron seemed to thing, it would be better if they were prepared for what might be coming their way. But how to get out and send that warning out without alerting the others to what she was planning on doing.

And then just as if magic itself was answering her prayers, there was a loud banging on the door before it was blasted open. It seemed like the goblins had found out about the house Dumbledore had hidden from them, and were prepared to take it to help add to everything else they had taken to help pay for the many debts the headmaster had.

Seeing this and seeing everyone else being thrown out of the house with only the cloths on their backs Hermione quickly slipped out. She had a letter she really needed to write and get out as quick as possible. With what was going on now she really couldn't waste a golden opportunity; now could she?

As Hermione was doing this, and now that he as well as everyone else had been kicked out of the house Dumbledore was starting to regret complaining about the damn thing in the first place.

As at least with that small trailer he had a roof over his head, and somewhere he could safely sleep at night without too much worry. Something that seemed to be drummed into his head by the sudden thunderstorm that decided to come and rain further on his already ruined parade.