Hi there, this is my first attempt to writing a DBZ. fanfic. I'm usually putting my stories in originals in sci-fi, fantasy or poetries. Hopefully out of all the DBZ. I have seen, I can get the Characters right but if I don't, oh well. I do not own anything of Dragonball Z nor do I want to. I like being an original and it's wrong to steal peoples writings they work so hard on may you make money for it or not. The ages in this story are Trunks 25, Goten 24, Marron 22, Pan 17, Bra 17 and their friends Laysha 17, Isis 17 and Jace rest of their friends are in their teens and twenties. And all the adults and their friends are ancient. Oh yeah one more thing Bra and Pan are not going out with Goten and Trunks.

This story takes place in a time of peace. The earth hasn't been threatened for years and life been well for the Z fighters and their families but sometimes things are not always what they seem. Sometimes the war is not always on the outside but the inside.

When hearts are attacked

Chap 1.

"Take this Trunks!" Shouted Goten, "ka-me-ha-me-haaaaaaaa!" And Trunks blast back at it and the force of his blast was just as strong as Gotens. It was like a tug a war between them. And the force of Gotens blast was starting to push Trunks back and he becomes a super saiyan then the same started to happen to Goten and he becomes a super saiyan. Then Trunks jumps out of the way of the blast then disappears and reappears behind Goten and kicks him into the wall of the gravity room.

"You have to do better than that Goten, if you want to keep up with me!"

"Yeah right Trunks!" "That was a lucky shot!" "Bra and Pan can kick harder than that and don't have to go super saiyan to do it!" Then they both charge at each other in full force and started fighting in the air.

At Capsule Corp Bra, Pan and two of their friends Laysha and Isis were over and they all were studying for their economics test. They had just finished doing it. "Girls!" said Bra, "if we don't pass this test tomorrow, there is something wrong with us!"

"We have been studying this for three weeks." Said Pan, "we'll do fine."

"I hope so." Said Laysha, "I get so nervous it doesn't matter what kind of test it is."

"Well I myself am tired and glad we are finish studying." Said Isis, looking out the window staring at Trunks with Goten coming out of the gravity room and he notice her staring at him and gives her a wink. Then Goten slaps him up side his head.

"Ow…Goten!" "What did you do that for?"

"Don't even go their bro!" then Isis turned around from the window.

"Let me show you girls my dress I just bought for my party Friday night!" Said Bra, excited running to her closet.

"Oh my gosh!" "Where did you buy this dress?" "It is hot!" said Laysha, fanning herself.

"Where else." said Bra, "from Ashas designer clothes in the mall." "It was on sale for fifty bucks."

"That's not a sale." Said Pan.

"Oh yes it is…This is a two hundred dollar dress!" Down stairs in the living room bulma was talking to two of her old friends from high school.

"Lena and Terry." "I still can't get over how good you two look." Said Bulma, smiling. "It's like you haven't aged a bit."

"Us?" Said Terry, "Bulma. The last time we saw you was at your wedding and you still look the same."

"What is your beauty secret?" Asks Lena.

"Well, said Bulma, "the same stuff I have been doing for years. Spas, facials, eating right, exercise." Then Vegeta walks in the room.

"Hi Vegeta," said both Lena and Terry, Waving at him. He sighs.

"Woman!" "I need to see you in the kitchen!"

"Vegeta!" I have guest!"

"Tell them to go home!" Said vegeta, walking out of the room.

"Excuse me." Said Bulma, "Vegeta!" She yells for him walking fast out the room.

"What is wrong with you?" "You were very rude just now!"

"You have been with them every day since they arrived last week!" Said Vegeta, in anger. "And I'm tired of it!"

"Look vegeta!" "I have not seen them since our wedding!" Shouted Bulma, "you know my high school reunion is coming up!"

"Bulma!" yelled Vegeta; "You have seen them since the wedding!" "Remember!" "We were all together with that imbecile Kakarot and his annoying wife!" "And I am aware of your reunion!"

"Vegeta!" "That was two weeks after our wedding and it was there last night here before they went back home to college!" "of course I was going to see them!" "When you was sparing earlier, did you get hit real hard upside your head?"

"Of course not woman!" Said Vegeta, "Bulma!" "I could care less about those women in there…I am hungry!"

"Their names are Lena and Terry!" Shouted Bulma, "You've seen them both before we got married when I was going out with Yamcha!" "I introduce them to you by name and by their names you will call them!" then Lena walks in the kitchen.

"Bulma." "Terry's office paged her…so she had to go."

"Okay Lena." "Do you mind sitting here in the kitchen?" "I have to fix vegeta something to eat before he dies of starvation!" Bulma gives vegeta an angry look.

"Sure, I don't mind." She goes and sits in front of vegeta and they both stare at each other.

"Lena, Do you know if Cody and Lisa are coming to the reunion?" Ask Bulma, as she starts cooking the food.

"Now you know the ex proms king and queen will not miss out on this." "I just saw them on my way over here." "They told me to tell you hi and they will be calling you."

"Great!" Said Bulma.

"I don't see the purpose of a reunion." Said Vegeta, seeing people you have not seen for years nor want to see."

"That's what so special about it Vegeta." Said Lena, seeing what people have done with their lives over the years." Like Terry and me we left this city and went off to the same college, graduated and came to south city and became senior executives with two awesome corporations." "Bulma was suppose to come along also, since she had the same plans to go to college with us."

"We three were inseparable in high school." Said Bulma, "we had all these plans map out for our lives." "Even down to the men we were going to marry."

"So I assume you had plans to marry that weakling Yamcha?" ask Vegeta, smirking.

"Yes I did Vegeta." Said Bulma, smirking back at him. "But lucky for me you came along and stole my heart." "My plans for leaving here for college was shot anyway." "That college did not have some of the main courses I needed for what I was going for, so I just stayed here and went to college." The phone rings.

"Hello!" Said Bulma, "okay Tate…Calm down…I'm coming right now!" she hangs the phone up. "I have to go to the office!"

"What's wrong Bulma?" ask Lena, "I can't explain right now!" "Sorry Vegeta, you have to serve yourself!" "Bye!" She runs out of the kitchen.

"I can't believe that woman!" said Vegeta, angry shaking his head. "She always does this!" "Can't they do the job with out calling her…She has morons working for her!" "If I was in charge and that imbecile Tate called me crying on the phone, I would go over there and destroy him…then destroy the fools who cause the problem!"

"You are definitely not a people person are you Vegeta?" Ask Lena.

"What!" Shouted Vegeta, staring back at her.

"You're still the same old Vegeta, as I knew you thirty years ago." Said Lena, smirking.

"You know nothing woman!" Said Vegeta, trying to take all the food off the stove.

"Let me help you with that!" Said Lena, getting up and walking towards him.

"No!" Said Vegeta, "I don't need your help!"

"Yeh right!" She starts taking some of the food out of his hands and sits it on the table. She starts serving him. Then finishes and sits down in front of him and he starts staring at her.

"What? Ask Lena, "Why are you staring at me like that?"

"Woman…You never change!" Said Vegeta, smirking at her. Then Goku walks in the kitchen.

"Hi Lena and Vegeta… Food!" Shouted Goku, drooling at the mouth noticing the food on the table. Then he sits down at the table and starts eating like a mad man.

"Kakarot!" Yelled Vegeta, "this is my dinner!" "Go home to your crazy wife and eat there!"

"I did eat at home already!" said Goku, stuffing food down his mouth. "But I'm hungry again!" Goku was about to take the whole platter of chicken and dump it in his mouth whenVegeta snatches it from him.

"Why are you here kakarot?"

"Oh yeah!" Said Goku,"I wanted you to come spar with me in the virtual world."

"So, you're ready to get beaten up again so soon Kakarot?" said Vegeta, smiling at him. "Maybe slamming you through the ground wasn't good enough!"

"You cheated Vegeta! and you know it!" Said Goku, wiping his mouth with his hands.

"What ever Kakarot!"

"Vegeta! Tell Bulma I will see her later!" Said Lena, Getting up from the table. "Goku!" Tell Chi Chi I said hi!" See you later." As she walks out the room Vegeta couldn't help but to stare at her and Goku did not notice.

About an hour later Isis was coming down the stairs to get something to drink for all the girls when she turned the corner and ran right into Trunks which the impact would have knock her straight through the floor if he hadn't of caught her in his arms.

"Well hi there. Said Trunks, smirking at her.

"Hi." Said Isis, nervous smiling from ear to ear.

"I am so sorry" said Trunks… I didn't see you coming."

"I didn't see you either." Said Isis, "I'm sorry to. You can let me go now."

"Oh yeah." Said Trunks, letting her go. "I wanted to apologize for winking at you earlier. "I was out of line… I really was just kidding around."

"Apology accepted." Said Isis, smiling at him. Then Marron walks over to him.

"Trunks! "What is taking you so long?" "Oh hi Isis. Are you okay?" "Your hair looks like the wind hit it."

"We ran into each other." Said Trunks, "if I had not of caught her, she would have been with the mole people."

"Are you all right?" Ask Marron, looking concern.

"Yes, I am fine." Said Isis, smiling. "I've got to get the drinks for the girls. Thanks again Trunks." Marron and Trunks walks away all hugged up and she watches them turns and walks away.

"I think she likes you Trunks." Said Marron, smiling.

"Who likes me?" Ask Trunks,

"Isis!" Said Marron,

"Really!" Said Trunks, being silly.

"Yes! I stake my life on it."

"Well, I am already taken." Said Trunks, starting to kiss her.

"All right you to break it up!" Said Todd, smiling interrupting them. "We all are waiting for you two!" "Can you both stop thinking about yourselves for a moment and come join us?" "If that's not too much to ask." They go back in the other room with there friends. In the morning at master Roshi's house Chiaotzu, oolong was playing cards. While Piccolo and Tien was in the mountains with Gohan and Krillin.

"Okay pig!" "Play your card or get out the game!" Said master Roshi.

"Okay old man read it and weep!" he slams down an ace on the table. "I win!" Said oolong, getting excited pulling the pile of money over to him.

"Hold it!" said master Roshi, He slams down on the table a joker and pull back all of the money to him.

"What!" Said oolong, "you cheated…There are no jokers in this game!" "We said that at the beginning of the game!"

"We did?" Said master Roshi, snickering. "It must of slip my mind!" Then Gohan and Krillin come in the room.

"Hey there master Roshi!" said both Gohan and Krillin,

"You two are done with your training already?" Ask master Roshi,

"Yeah." Said Krillin, "I am taking my daughter Marron out for breakfast." "We have not done that for a long time." "My wife is going to be in the grand opening of Hercules tenth gym."

"He's very excited about it." Said Gohan, "Eighteen and Hercule are going to fight along with the others that train in his other gyms." "In a battle royale."

"A battle royale!" Shouted the other three.

"I hope Hercules life insurance is paid up." Said oolong,

"Why isn't Videl fighting Gohan?" Ask Chiaotzu. "She didn't want to this time." Said Gohan, "every time her dad has open a gym, she would fight." "That's why eighteen is doing it." "Pan is really looking forward to seeing her grandfather fight."

"Eighteen has been doing some advertisements with Hercule for a year now." Said Krillin,"

"You're kidding?" Said oolong.

"I thought she didn't like being in the spot light." Said Chiaotzu.

"It sure shock me." Said Krillin, even right now she is out there with the others doing this mornings session for the next advertisement." "But hey!" "There is always room for change."

At Hercules home they was just finishing up the last take. "Okay!" "That's a rap!" "You guys did great!' "I'm glad that's finish!" said one of the models.

"Really!" said eighteen, "If I had to pick up another car one more time and throw it, "I was going to scream!"

"Alright!" "I'll see you at the next session eighteen…Take care now." "Bye!" then every one left the room. Then Hercule comes behind android eighteen then hugs her and kisses her on the neck.

This is good isn't it? Well, how did you like it? Looks like some things are starting to come to the surface. See what is going to happen next in Chap 2.