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Naruto: The Next Keyblade Master
Sora File 1: The Apprentice

An old man walked down the large hallway, his ebony cane clacking against the stone floor. Clack, clack, clack. He could feel it in his bones; darkness was coming to the worlds again, but this time, it was far beyond his reach. Clack, clack, clack. He stopped and looked out the window that he ambled towards. It was bright outside, the sun was shining, the hedges were nicely trimmed, and he saw his grandson playing with one of his life-long friends.

Another old man approached the old man at the window, his silver-white hair behind him. He was also wearing one of the royal robes of the castle and as soon as he was close enough, he bowed.

"How many times do I have to tell you, you don't have to do that?" The man with the cane said, causing the man bowing to chuckle lightly, responding that it was because he wanted to, causing the older male to sigh lightly, and chuckling at the antics of his old rival-turned-friend.

"There is a reason I was looking for you old friend," Riku said as he stood up, causing Sora to look away from his grandson and towards his friend with a curious look, also adapting a serious look to his face as his friend spoke.

"How is the portal coming along?"

"It is nearly complete; it will take only an hour or two before its finished, maybe a little more."

"Excellent," was all he said as he turned away from the old man.

He was running, again. Just like yesterday, and the day before that. Running was the only way he could keep himself alive, especially since the mob chasing him were always in the dozens. Ducking into an alley close to his apartment, he found an unlocked door before heading inside, waiting for a few minutes to catch his breath and see if they were following him. Seeing that they weren't, he slumped to the floor and started breathing heavily. That was too close for comfort…why do they want to hurt me so much? I haven't done anything to them…he thought to himself as he slowly made his way to his apartment. Opening the door, he went inside before turning around and closing it, making sure to lock it not that it would matter…he thought bitterly to himself as he headed towards the shower, cold as always. As he was heading to bed, he suddenly found himself staring at a man wearing a black cloak, an ebony cane in his hands. For several seconds, they both just stared at each other, several things going through the boy's head.

Who is he?

What is he doing here?

Is he here as a friend…or as a foe?

Finally, the man spoke, it was a soft voice, and sounded very gentle, and very wise, "What is your name?"

The boy looked at him, confusion written all over his face. "My name is Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto," he said as the man slowly nodded. "And your name is…?" he asked, leaving the question open-ended so that the man could answer.

The man removed the hood on his cloak, revealing grey, spiky hair, along with a kind face. "Sora. My name is Sora."

Naruto stared at him. "Nope, never heard of you," he said as Sora chuckled lightly at Naruto's actions. Calming the boy down, he asked Naruto to sit down. As he did so, Sora sighed.

"It's not surprising that you haven't heard of me. You see, I am from a different world," Sora said as he paused and looked at Naruto. Naruto looked back at Sora as if he grew a second head. Sora recognized that…or at least his darkness, Roxas, knew that look. Nevertheless, the look of disbelief was on Naruto's face. "Here…I think it would be easier for me to show you rather than tell you," Sora said as he placed his fingers on Naruto's head. As he did so, a light emanated from his fingertips and was what entered into the boy's head.

Seconds passed as Naruto watched the Keyblade Master's life pass before his eyes. Several heartless, Nobodies, Kairi, Roxas, Ansem, Riku, Donald, Goofy, among many others, passed before Naruto's eyes before he came back to the present. The last thing he saw in his vision was the fact that Sora was looking for an apprentice, someone to take up the fight against darkness. When he was done, Naruto bowed to the man hastily, "L-l-lord Sora, you have the wrong person. There's no way I could wield a Keyblade…I-I'm just scum. The villager's punching bag as well as the outcast of this village. I'm not…not worthy of an honor such as this…" he said as Sora hushed him and asked him to pick himself up off the floor. An apprentice never bowed to his master now did he?

"I did not choose you for your status young Naruto; rather, I chose you for your heart. Now then…sleep. Everything will be explained in more detail there," Sora said as Naruto looked at him oddly before Sora sighed and placed the same finger that he did before on his head, the old man disappearing as Naruto's body hit the bed, his mind already somewhere else completely.

"-your eyes, damnit; open your eyes Naruto." Sora shouted as Naruto slowly opened his eyes.

"What happened?" Naruto asked as he shakily stood up, taking in the surroundings before his eyes went back to Sora, who looked as if someone reversed time for him, not only making him look younger, but also in black clothes. The magical clothes made by the Fairy Godmothers' after Castle Oblivion. Naruto thought to himself, before looking down at the glass window pane of a girl with a simple summer dress on.

"I don't know to tell you the truth. However, before you ask where we are, this is the inside of the Heart, a place where only Keyblade Masters and starting Keyblade Masters can enter. This place helps them start the path…the path of a lifetime," Sora explained as Naruto listened.

After Sora was done explaining, three pedestals rose from the ground. As Sora faded from view, so that Naruto could make the decision alone, he offered Naruto one piece of advice:

Choose Wisely Young Naruto…

What did he mean? Naruto thought to himself, the memories of when Sora went through this didn't help Naruto out much either, especially since this scene from Sora's memory was fuzzy at best. Going over to the first pedestal, a plain white sword laid on top of it. As he picked it up, a powerful and prideful voice entered his mind.

This is The Gift of the Warrior. Choosing a power such as this will make your offense your top priority. Your strength shall be unsurpassed. Is this gift going to be your greatest asset? It asked before Naruto placed it back on the pedestal, signifying that he hadn't chosen it. Sora did say to choose carefully, after all.

Moving over to the shield, which had a golden background with a pale yellow in the middle, Naruto carefully picked it up, as another voice entered his mind; this one a proud and dedicated person.

This is the Gift of the Guardian. Those who choose this as their shining quality will be able to withstand a lot of pain; you would be able to defend your friends and loved ones with ease. Do you want this to be your greatest attribute? The voice asked before Naruto put the shield back on its resting place.

The last choice was a rod, a blue and purple stick with three circles on the top of it, the smaller circles making the center one seem as if they were attached to make them look like ears. Picking the rod up, Naruto heard an energetic voice enter his mind.

This is the power of the mystics! Your abilities in the magical field would be unstoppable and no one would be able to get past your great spell-casting abilities! Pick me; you know you want to…It said as Naruto chuckled lightly to himself as he put the rod back down on the pedestal from which it came from.

Hm…Each choice sounds ideal to me…almost as if I have to make one stronger than the others…but which should I choose? They all sound like great choices…Naruto thought to himself, sitting down on the glass. I know Lord Sora picked the sword as his shining attribute, and it does sound quite tempting, and with the battles I will most likely be in, the Sword sounds like the right choice; however, the Shield sounds a lot like something I would do, protect everyone at the cost of myself. There's also the Rod and its magic, which sounds a lot like ninjutsu…gah, all these decisions…Naruto thought to himself before finally coming to a decision.

Moving to the shield once again, he took it off of its pedestal before hearing the voice again. After doing so, he wasn't sure if this was right, but he said yes. After doing so, a neutral voice sounded all around him, telling him to pick one of the remaining items; this would be his weakness. Knowing that he would need his strength for the coming events and battles, he moved over to the Rod, quickly picking it up and confirming that magic would become his weakness, silently hoping that his jutsus wouldn't be affected by this choice.

Once done, the pedestals disappeared and the glass floor suddenly broke underneath him. He landed on a second platform, this one having a different girl, and she, too, was in a beautiful dress. Suddenly, a heartless appeared. It was only a Shadow heartless, but still. "This will test your abilities at fighting," Sora said as Naruto charged the Shadow and dispatched him quickly, ramming his shield into the heartless before cutting it in half with the pointed half of the shield. After he did this, the floor below him broke into shards of crystal and light.

The new floor had a pattern of diamond and other shapes on it in a pattern on the outside perimeter, but in the middle was a cage and in the middle of that cage was a piece of paper with the kanji for seal on it. Behind the cage were two red eyes, pulsing with energy and a row of teeth. At this, Sora reappeared and looked at the cage in awe. "That's new…" he spoke aloud as the eyes turned to him immediately.

Who are you? And what in the blazes are you doing here?!

"I'm Naru—"

Not you; I know who you are, Uzumaki Naruto. I was talking to the person beside you.

"I am Sora. One of the many Keyblade Masters, and I am here to train my apprentice," Sora said as the eyes in front of them widened as the voice repeated what Sora said.

Keyblade Master?

"Ah, so you have heard of the Keyblade before, haven't you?" He asked as the two eyes moved up and down, indicating that this 'thing' was nodding in the affirmative.

"Hey!" Naruto shouted, as the red eyes looked at the boy. "You said you know who I am, but who the heck are you?" he asked as the eyes closed for a moment before reopening them. Once he did, the eyes looked at him in pity…or was it guilt? Slowly, the eyes headed closer to the cage, revealing a fox with orange-red fur.

I am the reason why everyone hates you. I am the Kyuubi no Yoko, sealed into your body when you were just a babe.

"What?! That's impossible…the Yondaime Hokage killed you and died in the process!"

That…is what society wants you to think. Besides, someone as strong as me couldn't be killed. After all, I am a Keyblade Master. Total silence fell over the trio before Sora finally broke it by asking one very important question:

"If you are a Keyblade Master, then why not unlock this seal that binds you?"

If I did that, the boy would die within an instant! I'm the only reason he stands before you now! My powers give him a faster regeneration rate, and without it, he would die within an instant; correction, would already be dead.

"Now that I'm making him my successor…why don't you leave now? He'll be able to protect himself once we're done here." he said as the Kyuubi shook his head.

If you are training him, then he is still not ready. I mean no offense, Keyblade Master Sora, but sometimes training alone cannot help. Two heads are better than one after all…and my kit will most likely get caught in over his head and need some help in the future.

"Wait a second, when did I become 'your kit?'"Naruto asked as Kyuubi explained that when he was sealed within him, the Kyuubi somewhat adopted him as his own. Sighing at that, Naruto just shrugged and agreed to it; seeing that it was better than an annoying bastard stuck in you after all. As he was thinking this, several stairs materialized to the left of Naruto, and at the end of that was another door.

"Naruto, take those stairs and go through the door, into the final room and to your final challenge. I would like to talk to my fellow Keyblade Master," Sora said as Naruto started to shake his head, before realizing how futile it was and trudged up the stairs to where his final battle would take place. As he opened the door and went through it, the door closed and disappeared, along with Naruto.

Sora turned back around to face Kyuubi. "Now then, you and I have much to discuss about our apprentice…" He said as the fox agreed.

Naruto appeared in front of a circular platform, several smaller heartless surrounded the boy. Those weren't what scared him, the thing that scared Naruto the most was the enormous pillar of darkness in the middle. As it grew and expanded the fear in Naruto's heart started to make itself known. It stood half as tall as the Hokage tower, and had a huge heart-shaped hole in its chest. However, he quickly squashed his fear when the name of this particular heartless came to his mind through Sora's memories.


Trying to reach for more information, he found out that it was blocked by Sora. It makes sense after all…this wouldn't be a challenge if I knew all the answers he mused to himself before one of the smaller Shadows jumped at him, causing him to react and bring the shield to take the impact of the blow. Shifting his position, he drove the end of the shield into the Shadow, causing it to dissolve into nothingness. Darkside thrust his hand down towards the place that Naruto stood just a few minutes ago. Rolling out of the way, Naruto saw the pool of dark energy on the platform; he waited to see what it would do. However, all it did was create more of the smaller Shadows as he brought his hand back.

Naruto quickly dispensed the minions before Darkside once again brought his hand down to smother the boy. Naruto did a back-flip and before the great being of darkness could do anything else, Naruto jumped onto the hand and headed up to it. If it was possible, the shield on his arm would have emitted sparks. As he reached the head, Naruto swiped his shield at him. After that, all he could see was Sora looking at him again, wearing the cloak and leaning on his cane once again.

"You did well my boy," Sora grinned at Naruto's confused look. "Darkside is one of the many Heartless that dwell within a Keyblade User or a Keyblade Master's heart. Now that you have vanquished him, I want you to summon your Keyblade." Sora said as Naruto asked him how to do that. "Reach into your heart, and find the power," he said as Naruto thought on it before closing his eyes and looking into himself. Once he did that, he felt his chakra and something else. Focusing not on his chakra but the other thing that he felt, and started pulling on it and soon, a small orb of light appeared in his hand and before long, that orb extended into what looked like a blade; the Kingdom Key Keyblade appeared within Naruto's hand.

"Yatta, I did it!" Naruto grinned excitedly as he pumped the air with his fist.

Chuckling at his antics, Sora pulled out a cloak identical to the one he was wearing except for one thing: its size. Handing it over to the youth, Naruto stopped his antics. "This is a gift for excelling my expectations young apprentice. This cloak will grow as you grow, and it is very stealthy. I realize that stealth is very important to your culture, so this should help. I also have a mission for you: Darkness is coming, but it is still far off, so prepare yourself. Find your Kairi; find your Riku, because it will be your friends that save you first. Good-bye my student, Kyuubi will teach you everything else you need to know," then Sora faded away, disappearing as if he was never there.

Naruto replaced his Keyblade in the realm of his heart, and put on his new cloak. It looked just like the one Master Sora wore. After making sure his cloak was secure, Naruto came out of his room; it was rather funny, he went in as a five-year-old boy with five years of experience, but came out as a five-year-old with seventy-nine years of experience.

A cloaked figure walked into the Academy room, and everyone looked at him with curiosity in their eyes as he sat down in one of the empty seats near the back. Several thoughts were roaming through the classroom, but the questions that the class was thinking were these:

Who was this guy?

Where did he get that cloak?

Why did he carry himself like that?

It was true, the boy in the cloak carried himself with the experience of a man who had lived his life, but this boy could be no older than five. Iruka stood up and did roll-call a few seconds after the mysterious boy came in.


"Here." The pink haired girl cried out.

"Shikamaru?" Silence, "Shikamaru?"

"How troublesome…"

That was good enough, "Hinata?"


Iruka went through the list and finally he came upon the last name.

"Naruto Uzumaki?" He said and all that greeted him was silence. It was odd since usually Naruto would stand up and loudly acclaim that he was here, almost as loud as Sakura could be. When no answer/shout came from the male blonde…

"The dobe didn't show up." Sauske, the aloof Uchiha said.

"Then perhaps you need glasses, teme." The cloaked figure said.

Everyone looked at him. "N-n-Naruto?" Hinata whispered to herself.

"Because I am here." The figure removed his hood, showing the spiky blond hair, the whisker marks on his cheeks, and the azure eyes.

Iruka slapped his head. "Then you should know not to wear your hood up during class."

"But Iruka-sensei! It makes me look cool!"

"No buts."




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