In the human world, Lee Ariex has just now getting out of school for the summer. Lee is Tan Boy, wears a Red Jacket, Black Shirt, Green Pants, White Scarf, and a Yellow Hat. He is now running home from school for the summer, when he sees a kid by his door. He had Red Hair, Purple Shirt, Red Pants, and Sandles. He was holding a emerald colored book.

"Who are you? And why are you here?" Asked Lee shocked at the fact he was staring at him.

"My name is Dinemo. Believe it or not, I am from a different world. I have reasons to believe that you are my partner." The kid answered. Lee was confused.

"O...k?" was all Lee said. Then Dinemo just gave him the emerald colored book.

"Read what you can read in this book." He ordered. Lee looked and flipped threw the book till he found something he could read. Before he could read it though, Dinemo pushed him to the ground.

"What the hell was that for?" Lee asked in confusion. Dinemo just pointed at the small fire that quickly disappeared.

"Them!" Dinemo said pointing at 2 kids. 1 was about Dinemo's age. He had red spiky hair, blue shorts, blue shirt, and black shoes. The other kid was about Lee's age. Had a bandanna, black shirt, yellow pants, and red and silver shoes."Who are you?" asked Lee kinda in shocked.

"OH! We haven't officially met," said the taller kid, "I am Roy. And he is Blaze." Blaze and Dinemo just stared at each other with cold stares.

"I'm geusing your not friends with him?" Lee asked Dinemo who was clenching his teeth.

"We're here to burn your book!" Blaze yelled. "So that I can become KING!" After he said that, he laughed a corny evil laugh.

"You will never become king Blaze!" Dinemo yelled.