Sorry its bee awhile since a wrote more to this story. So this is after the whole battle from the last chapter.

Lee and Dinemo arched out of the swamp with Dakote and Gakote for they knew the way out. They were all happy that they deafeted another mamodo but Lee felt sorry for Dinemo as he had to battle with such a close friend. Dinemo wasn't showing it trying to still look tough as usual.

"Finally, the airport!" Lee shouted as they finally got out of the swamp. Lee ad Dinemo got the soonest flight home and slept through it. As they got off though they saw the familiar team Blaze and Roy. "What are you doing here?!" Lee asked him.

"Simple: since our 1st battle was interrupted, we want to have another." Roy told him remaining calm.

"We accept." Dineom told them staring at Blaze with anger. Blaze stared back. The 2 teas went to the park because it was Sunday and nobody came on Sundays. They both stood in ready positions waiting for the first to strike when suddenly Blaze and Dinemo charged at the other. Blaze quickly jumped over Dinemo and jumped off his back before he could counter causing him to fall into the grass.

"Is that your best shot?" Blaze asked him not at all worried.

"Nope! SANTROO!" Lee yelled for Dinemo to create a giant sandstorm. This time, it was more powerful. When it cleared, Blaze's book was in the air. "Now, GET IT!" Lee shouted ad Dinemo jumped for it as Roy chuckled.

"LAVABLO!" Roy shouted and Blaze fired a blast of lava from his mouth knocking Dinemo into tree. When the book fell, Roy caught it. Lee and Dinemo were in deep shock.

"You can cast spells without holding the book?" Dinemo asked.

"I memorized every spell i the book. As long as the book is near by, I can cast spells without it." Roy explained. "Now to END THIS! BURDRAGON!" he chanted as Blaze transformed into his fire dragon. The giant dragon of fire raced toward Dinemo and Lee.

"As they say: fight Fire with ROCK!" Lee yelled.

"Who says that?" Dinemo asked ticked off by what Lee said.

"Whatever! DRANAKE!" Lee chanted and Dinemo summoned his snake completely made of stone. The stone snake rushed at the dragon of fire creating an explosion with left the entire park covered in boulders and flaming grass. Both the book holders and mamodo were incredible hurt. "Wanna call it a draw?" Lee asked. Roy just nodded his head and walked off with Blaze following all at the same time glaring at Dinemo with him staring back.

"So what do we do now?" Dinemo asked as Lee just shrugged.


Yes the story is over...for now. I will continue it on a different story. Until then, thanks for reading.