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Important notes: 1. Itachi did not kill his family 2. Itachi married Naruto gave birth to twins one boy one girl 4. Sasuke secretly wants naruto 5. Not really sure what is going to happen till I write it :0

Itachi had just gotten home from a mission and was happy to be going home to see his beloved and there children. When he walked threw the door he dunked seeing a frying pan coming his way.


naruto looked up at Itachi and laughed. "Oh sweety that was an accident didn't really see what I was doing" he chuckled

Itachi smirked "well now I'm going to have to punish you"

"oh really what do you have in mind" suddenly a cry could be heard from the back round naruto looked at itachi "hm maybe next time" he replied before walking out the room. Itachi followed him where he saw naruto pick up their little boy Akithiko (means bright prince). While Naruto had Akithiko Itachi picked up Asami (means morning beauty). He then looked at the girls great big beautiful eyes which looked like her mothers. He smiled remembering the day they were born. The funny thing was they were only expecting one.


Itachi was laying on the couch reading a book when he heard a crash in the bedroom. He dropped the book and ran to see what was going on. When he entered the room he saw a lamp on the ground and Naruto clenching the sheets in pain. "Naru-chan is it time"

all naruto could do was glare at his husband for a moment as a very painful contraction hit " WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK" Itachi was not the type of man to flinch but this made him. Never in the 2 years that he had been with the blond did he raise his voice like this. Feeling a little lost he said " stay here I'm going to get lady Tsunade" the next thing he knew there was a pillow thrown at his head "WHERE IN THE HELL AM I GOING YOU JACKASS AHHHHH I HATE YOU" naruto cried out. Taking this chance itachi disappeared to the get Tsunade. When she was filled in on the situation she gathered her tools and ten minutes later they were at the Uchiha home

" Itachi I need you to help me get his clothes off I can see his progress" Tsunade yelled over Naruto's screams. After about 12hrs. And several insulting names Naruto gave birth to two very beautiful children whom were named Asami she was the oldest and Akithiko the baby boy.

Flashback end

"Tachi hello you there you got spit up all over of your shirt" naruto said

"Naruto you say something"

"Asami spit up on you" itachi looked down and saw well spit up. "Damn it" naruto shot him a glare for his language in front of the kids. He sat his little princess down and was about to change when she started to cry he picked her up and walked out. While being lifted she giggled. Naruto laughed and shouted "Daddy's girl" itachi smirked and gave a "hmn" when he came out just in time to see sasuke come in. "Don't you knock"

"aww dear brother that hurts"

"what do you need"

"To see my niece nephew and my sister in law"

"I'm not a girl" naruto yelled from the nursery.

"Couldn't fool me. Dobe don't get your panties in a bunch" sasuke then turns around next naruto reaches for the nearest object which happens to be the baby monitor and throws it at sasuke hitting him in the head. "Owww your going to pay for that" naruto just laughed. Before sasuke can do anything Itachi stands in front of him giving the famous Uchiha glare. Sasuke just rolls his eyes muttering under his breath about stupid foxes and older brothers. Then thing they heard was a large boom.

Itachi naruto itachi naruto itachi naruto Akithiko Asami Akithiko Asami Akithiko Asami

not sure where it came from yet just sounded good