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Pokemon Diamond & Pearl's Platinum Destiny

Chapter Two: VS Chimchar


I heard the alarm rang and I sprung out of bed. I look forward, towards the dresser in front of my bed where I keep my TV.

'Heh, looks like I left the TV on again,' I thought to myself listening in to the news while changing into my orange-striped shirt and blue jeans.

"Today in Jhoto, Lake Rage is now home to a rare Red Gyarados, some say this is a reaction to the nefarious…."

I left the room in excitement before the news lady could finish. 'Cool!' I thought.

"Mom, I'm going to the lake to check for the mutated Gyarados!" I told her as she happily swept the kitchen.

"But honey that's in Jho….!" I heard her say before I slam the door.

I dashed for Dawn's house. 'Dawn Pearl' I read the mailbox because the houses seem the same when you run through the neighborhood. I was kind of ashame that 6 years of friendship wasn't enough for me to learn exactly where her house was.

I darted straight for a window and peered inside looking for Dawn and there she was grabbing her strudels when she spotted me.

"Dawn hurry up!" I yelled through the glass. "If your late I'm charging you one million dollars!" After that I instantly remembered that I forgot breakfast and dashed home.

In a matter of seconds I raced back into my room and saw the cookies I left. I took a couple and stuff them down. I pound my chest because I felt a pain of the food going down too quick.

"I gotta stop eating like that." Dawn finally showed up at my bedroom door after what seemed like hours.

"Hey Dawn, Joann got you wearing the skirt again?" I asked her thinking her mom would want her to be more girly but I liked Dawn the way she was. "Come on, to the lake! One billion dollars if you're late!"

I raced down the stairs and heard my mom about to whine about my breakfast. 'Don't tell me you had cookies for breakfast again?' I mocked to myself mom's usual compliant.

In the mere moment of running I looked back to see if Dawn was keeping up which she wasn't but before I could change the direction of my eyes I bumped into some big dude knocking me on my back.

"Careful son," I heard the geezer in the blue vest say. I noticed that I accidentally made him drop his suitcase which was on the dirt road open with paper scattered everywhere.

"Lucas would you get that for me?" The old guy asked in a gruff and rude tone.

"Y-Yes sir!" I heard a weak and pathetic voice respond from behind him. I looked at the ground and noticed three pokeballs.

"I'll help you," I said picking up papers and slipping two pokeballs under my knees.

"Here you go," I said putting the paper into the suitcase with the other pokeball.

"Thanks," the boy in the red hat said picking up the suitcase then running to catch up with the old guy who was already in the grassy areas away from the neighborhood entrance.

Dawn finally caught up with me and asked, "What happened?"

"Oh I kind of bumped into that old dude," I said getting up and slipping the pokeballs into my pants. I dusted my off pants off and told her, "But who cares, about that, to the lake."

"Right, I'll lead this time." She offered and I nodded thinking that my plans have changed now that I got pokemon.

As Dawn lead the way to the lake she starting asking questions, "Why are we going to the lake?"

"I heard about pokemon mutations going on in the Jhoto region and it made me think about the lake guardian." I lied finally realizing that the news lady said Jhoto region and Lake Rage.

"That's all?" She asked and I thought she was catching on to my lie so I answered instantly.

"I'm gonna catch it." I grinned at the thought of having a legendary pokemon as my first.

She laughed then said, "How, you have no pokemon."

"You'll see," I said as we enter the lake entry through the forest and the place just lit up to our eyes.

"Wow!" We both said in unison of amazement, this place always looked so beautiful it made me wish I had time to look at it. I took another second to look at the vibrant green leaves blowing on the trees which surrounded the sparkling lake.

I started walking into the grassy areas ahead of us and felt that I stepped on an annoying rock, "Jun, wait!"

"Don't worry Dawn, we'll run if any pokemon attack." I promised her, kicking the rock into a pokemon dam at the foot of the lake which broke down and scattered into the lake.

'Stupid dams,' I thought to myself, mad that the lake was ruined by the logs drifting on it.

"Jun…" I heard Dawn but before she could warn him a lot of brown rats ran out of the broken dam and surrounded Dawn and I.


"Crap!" I said thinking how me and Dawn are back to back with this many rats on around us.

"Jun, what are we gonna do!?" I heard Dawn panicking which made me have to act fast.

"Dawn promise me you won't be mad!" I said looking for a quick answer while taking the pokeballs out of my pocket.

"Mad for what, we're gonna die!" She yelling kicking one of the rats who got closer to her.

"Right!" I said throwing up the two pokeballs. Dawn looked up and saw the pokeballs release two pokemon.

"TUR-TWIG!" The green turtle with a twig on its head announced its presence.

"Chim-Char Chim," The reddish-orange Monkey with the fire tail stuttered.

"Whoa," We both gasped.

"Chim…" The monkey whimpered but the turtle stepped forward and nudged the monkey.

"Twig-Tur-Twig-Tur-Twig!" The turtle asserted telling the monkey to stand up and fight. Well, that's what I saw through my eyes.

The monkey stopped shivering and yelled it's battle cry, "Chim! Chim-Char!"

The turtle moved to Dawn's side where the rats were angry because of Dawn kicking them and confused with the new allies on our side.

"When did you get a Turtwig and Chimchar?" Dawn asked.

"Oh, that's what they're called!" I awed in the new information and ignoring her question in my excitement.

"Chim-Charrrr!" Chimchar spat rounds of small pebble shaped flames at the rats in front od me.

"Tur-Tur-Tur!" Turtwig rotated its head rapidly and released thousands of spinning leaves.

"Wow, they're beating the Bidoofs!" Dawn cheered in awe of Turtwig.

"Oh, they're called Bidoofs!" I awed again by more new information.

The Bidoofs retreated into the waters while I and Dawn teased them for their cowardice, making faces and patting our butts.

Quickly after the battle Dawn looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Don't tell me you stole those pokemon," She said cornering me into silence.

"Well, Jun Platinum!" She demanded saying my full name to warn me of trouble.

"Come on, Dawn let me explain." I completely gave in to her.

-To Be Continued-

Okay two-fourth of the chapter was a repeat but I wanted to get Jun's side of the story out and plus it made a better explanation of how he got the pokemon instead of seeing it through Dawn. Also, I wanted to show Jun's way of thinking, how he responds to in some situations through my eyes and his lack of focus. I chose Bidoof because the Starly story has been used so I switched up the story.