Pokemon Diamond & Pearl's Platinum Destiny

Chapter Eight: VS Aipom

Dawn Pearl

"Finally!" I yelled stretching my arms out, standing in front of the Floamora town sign. I walked through the sign with Twiggy by my side and that's when it hit me. I looked left then right and saw the same thing over and over.

"NOOOOOOOO!" I couldn't help shrieking and falling to my knees on the only dirt road here. My guardian, Twiggy, nudged me to see if I was okay but I kept my face in my palms.

"Are you okay?" A concerned girl in a green dress and white apron asked me lending me her hand. I merely looked up and thought to myself, 'It can get worse!' I started tearing up and the girl asked me 'what was wrong?'

"You're wrong!" I answered after looking at her and responding off my impulses.


"This town and you it's just so, so,…. COLORFUL!" I cried looking at the town where even the dirt looked clean and golden brown. Flowers covered the entire area where the buildings and the only dirt road did not touch. Achilleas, Bellflowers, Dandelions, Daffodils, Daisies, more and if that wasn't I even saw one Garcedia that seemed to be walking through the gardens of flowers. "This place looks like my mom's dreaded back yard!"

"Oh you don't like flowers?" The girl asked me.

"No I find them horrible," I exclaimed slightly over exaggerating. "My mom would always make me tend to those 'precious pearls' of hers it made me sick."

"Well, that might be a problem because this town tends to inhabit extremist." She replied as if she was trying to warn me. Sure enough I saw several towns' people opening doors and peering outside, glaring, many of them wouldn't get out the houses; I guess it was because they didn't want to step on their precious lilies separating them and the dirt road.

"I would leave if I would you," The girl warned with a cheery expression that made my spine shiver. I got up and quickly made my way into route 205, Twiggy slowly followed, ready, incase any town's people attacked me on my way out.

I sighed when I made it into route 205. "Geez, that town is insanely creepy."

I felt a gentle wind blowing from the right and I decided to walk towards it. I noticed large tall and white windmills turning as I approached a honey tree standing in the grassy lanes. A building stood not too far behind it, interested I decided to walk past the tree but I was suddenly attacked by a shot of swift moving stars. I jumped backward but Twiggy jumped in front of me to receive the unidentified attack.

That was a Swift attack! I thought to myself but where did it come from. Twiggy already knew as it rotated its head to fire off a round of razor leaves at the honey tree. The golden leaves of the tree rustled and an Aipom fell to the ground.

"Cool!" I exclaimed pulling out my pokedex.


It lives high among the treetops. It can use its tail as freely and cleverly as its hands. It uses its tail to pluck fruits that are out of reach. Its tail is more adept than its real hands. It wraps its tail around a branch so it won't fall off while asleep.

"Eh-i-Pom!" The the purple monkey pokemon glared. For some reason it reminded me of someone, it didn't look as angry as it did lonely. Twiggy stood ready to fire a second round as Aipom got up on its tail that seemed to be a fat, round hand with three abnormally separated fingers.

"Wait Twiggy," I insisted moving closer to the lonely Aipom. I could feel Twiggy glaring at every move I made to make sure I was safe, this made my heart jump on the inside but I had to approach Aipom calmly so I hid my emotions away.

"Hey there," I said trying to open a conversation with the Aipom, who still felt endangered by my presence, because I could see trying to move its body down to the ground slowly as if he was getting prepared to whip its tail for a swift attack. Before it could finish Aipom, Twiggy and I heard a resonating cry for 'HELP!' from uphill where the building stood, I looked to Twiggy and he nodded in agreement as we raced toward uphill. I looked back at the Aipom to see its disappointed round wide eyes as it sat there watching us leave.

That Aipom reminds me of someone but who?

To Be Continued.


Turtwig (Twiggy) Lvl 12

I didn't want to finish the chapter where I did but in my head, Fairy Tail's second end song came on cuing me to end the chapter there. I kind of rushed through this but I really wanna get more of the story out so I can release the prequel to HG/SS's story line "Pokemon Yellow Ambitions" soon so be on the look out for it near May. Although I should probably finish R/S/E and D/P/Pt stories first before I start Yellow but I'm impatient so who cares.