I'm taking the 100 themes challenge...for no apparent reason.
For some weird reason I found 107 themes instead of 100, but never mind. I shall try my best to do 107, then. The themes are:

1. Introduction, 2. Love, 3. Light, 4. Dark, 5. Seeking Solace, 6. Break Away, 7. Heaven, 8. Innocence, 9. Drive,10. Breathe Again, 11. Memory, 12. Insanity, 13. Misfortune, 14. Smile, 15. Silence, 16. Questioning, 17. Blood, 18. Rainbow, 19. Grey, 20. Fortitude, 21. Vacation, 22. Mother Nature, 23. Cat, 24. No Time, 25. Trouble Lurking, 26. Tears, 27. Foreign, 28. Sorrow, 29. Happiness, 30. Under The Rain, 31. Flowers, 32. Night, 33. Expectations, 34. Stars, 35. Hold My Hand, 36. Precious Treasure, 37. Eyes, 38. Abandoned, 39. Dreams, 40. Rated, 41. Teamwork, 42. Standing Still, 43. Dying, 44. Two Roads, 45. Illusion, 46. Family, 47. Creation, 48. Childhood, 49. Stripes, 50. Breaking The Rules, 51. Sport, 52. Deep In Thought, 53. Keeping A Secret, 54. Tower, 55. Waiting, 56. Danger Ahead, 57. Sacrifice, 58. Kick In The Head, 59. No Way Out, 60. Rejection, 61. Fairy Tale, 62. Magic, 63. Do Not Disturb, 64. Multitasking, 65. Horror, 66. Traps, 67. Playing The Melody, 68. Hero, 69. Annoyance, 70. Sixty-Seven Percent, 71. Obsession, 72. Mischief Managed, 73. I Can't, 74. Are You Challenging Me?, 75. Mirror, 76. Broken Pieces, 77. Test, 78. Drink, 79. Starvation, 80. Words, 81. Pen And Paper, 82. Can You Hear Me?, 83. Heal, 84. Out Cold, 85. Spiral, 86. Seeing Red, 87. Food, 88. Pain, 89. Through The Fire, 90. Triangle, 91. Drowning, 92. All That I Have, 93. Give Up, 94. Last Hope, 95. Advertisement, 96. In The Storm, 97. Safety First, 98. Puzzle, 99. Solitude, 100. Relaxation, 101. Moonlight, 102. Home, 103. Revenge, 104. Stuck, 105. Comfort, 106. Reward, 107. Scarred

Gotten from Addy490. Thanks. To make things more difficult for me, I'm going to try to link one theme to another! So there will probably be a mention of the next theme somewhere in each one-shot. Enjoy.


The forest was abuzz as usual. Pidgey flittered through the trees singing their songs of the day, leaves and bushes rustled as Rattata scurried about, immersed in their day-to-day activities. Light filtered through the densely-knit patchwork of leaves, creating patterns on the floor.

Footsteps echoed on the dirt path, worn from years of routine use. A young Absol edged into the forest. He was handsome, with a gleaming white coat and a horn as black as night. Uncertainty, however, flashed in his eyes, alternating with nervousness.

Soon enough, a crowd of Seedot, Nuzleaf and Rattata were gathered around him. "Welcome to our forest!" They chanted, over and over, in welcome. "Where do you hail from?"

The Absol fidgeted, growing fearful. He hated new beginnings, hated having to bother with telling everybody about himself, about everybody squabbling to know who the stranger was. Why did he have to be rejected? Why couldn't he remain with his clan?

I was too kind, he remembered. The Absol looked up, and saw the same Pidgeys that he'd been tasked to kill, the tasked that he'd failed. And was driven away because of.

He considered running away, considered attacking the annoying Pokemon. The Absol just wanted a place to stay, a place to rot away into nothingness.

The Clan had deserted him. There was nothing left in life for him.

So why bother with the introductions?

A Swellow flitted through the trees, landing in front of him. Rustling her wings in welcome, the Swellow grinned at the Absol and asked. "Welcome, stranger? Where do you come from?"

The Absol turned away. "It's not your problem."

"Of course it is!" The Swellow cried. "It is a friend's duty to help friends in need."

This startled the Absol. Since when were they friends? Here they were, two strangers, and the Swellow was declaring him a friend. Warmness spread through his heart, a heart that was forced to freeze by his unfeeling clan mates.

For that was the nature of the Absol. Normal Absol, at least. For them, it was kill or be killed.

"I…just need a place to stay."

"Well then, you're welcome to stay here! What's your name? I'm Feather!"


And it was over and done with; the introductions of the day. The Pokemon around him heard it, and expressed their heartfelt welcome. The Absol nodded; everywhere he looked had smiling faces and warm words. A berry to give, even.

This marked not only his introduction to the forest, but his introduction to a new kind of emotion. Previously his clan mates were all about loyalty to the clan, and upholding its reputation as the rulers of their forest. Here, no one ruled, no one suffered. It was one big happy family.

This marked Solaris' introduction to true happiness, true friendship, true love.

It kinda sucked a bit but nevermind, practice makes perfect. I hope.