Hey readers, Johnna here! This is my first Total Drama Island roleplaying story. I've read a few, and I see how it works. So I can write to the best to my strengths. I'm looking for six boys and six girls, to be entered. When I find a decent amount of entries I will pick the twelve characters. I have a few rules first and below is the application -

- You can enter at least three characters

- Please keep them original

- Please do not have any of the characters related to past TDI/TDA characters

- When I find the characters I like I will create a new chapter listing them all, and the third chapter post will be the start of the story.

Disclaimer: As some of you may know Camp TV was the original title for the Total Drama series. I do not own this title or this show idea in anyway possible. I just wanted to make that clear just in case I had to.

Alright, here is the application form

Application Form:

Name (First and Last)-

Nickname (if any)-





Hair (style and color)-


Skin Tone-




Other (Birthmarks, Freckles, Piercing, Tattoos, etc)-



Swim wear-

Formal clothes(or party clothes)-


Accessories(if any)


How does the character act when they first arrive/greet the other campers-

What is she/he like around friends?-

What is she/he like around people they don't like?-

Things they like-

Things they dislike-

Weak points-

Strong points-



Why are they scared of this?-


Paired up?-

If yes what kind of person-

Will they be in denial?-

How do they flirt?-


What is their family and friends like?(I may be using this for future references)-

Any medical conditions?-

Does your characters swear?-

Challenge suggestion-

Audition tape(you do not need to include this, but when I read the way you write the character, I can understand the way you want the character.)