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"Welcome! To our final episode of Camp TV! I'm your host Chris Maclean, and I want to thank you viewers for sticking around this whole season! We've got a lot of episode in today, so let's get this started!" Chris Maclean grinned as he spoke to the camera, happy that the season was almost over.

"First follow me to the field, where we get to meet our original ten contestants, sitting in the bleachers!" Chris walked past the bleachers, and the camera filmed the ten contestants who were voted off weeks ago.

The campers were separated into groups, according to who they wanted to win.

Seth, Riley, Ronald, Jace, and Lola were rooting for Alex to win. Sitting on the right side of the bleachers. Where Jemi, Hunter, Helena, Marissa, and Sam were sitting on the left side, rooting for Logan to win.

"As you can see we broke our contestants up according to who they would like to see win." Chris looked at the former contestants and grinned to them.

Most of them rolled their eyes, or scowled in return.

"Here are our final two contestants! Logan, and Alex!" Chris announced, and the two came out, and appeared in front of the bleachers, looking slightly excited, and slightly nervous.

The ten former contestants gave scattered applause.

Alex turned around, and grinned when she saw her two best friends supporting her, sitting in the bleachers. She had missed them so much.

Although, she was confused why Marissa and Jace weren't sitting together, she figured they would be rooting for the same person, since they had grown so close.

"Feel free to have a ten minute break, while we cut to commercial and set up again." Chris said walking off set.

Logan ran up to his bleacher, and embraced Jemi in a hug, and began to kiss her.

Alex ran up to her side of the bleacher and sat with Ronald and Jace. Ronald kissed Alex on the cheek, and he held her hands as she sat next to her.

"Jace! I haven't seen you since….the beginning of the game!" Alex exclaimed.

"I know! Who knew one of us would make it this far?" Jace acknowledged.

"So there's something I wanted to ask you." Alex began.


"What's up with you and Marissa?" Alex asks.

"I don't want to talk about it." Jace crossed his arms, and pouted.

Alex and Ronald exchanged looks, "I'll fill you in later." Ronald whispered to Alex.

Logan broke his kiss with Jemi, and sat down next to Sam, and they exchanged fist bumps, and he passed a high-five to Marissa who sat behind him.

"I have all of the confidence in the world in you, Logan." Jemi promised.

"Hey, thanks babe. I think it's going to end well." Logan smiled.

"I can't believe how crazy this show is. I mean, no offense but who knew you both would end up together?" Helena pointed out.

"Yeah, you guys hated each other in the beginning." Hunter laughed.

"Yeah, like remember when Logan started out liking Alex?" Marissa began laughing.

Logan's face turned white, then turned red, before turning back to its original skin tone.

Jemi gave Logan a confused look before remembering what happened in the beginning of the season.

"Oh yeah, I remember that. Briefly." Jemi mumbled.

"Yeah, me too." Ronald butted in, shouting from the other side of the bleacher.

"Eavesdrop much?" Marissa asked.

"No one asked you, Marissa!" Jace shouted from across the bleachers to her.

"Well, no one asked you, Jace!" Marissa fumed.

"This is becoming strange." Alex said.

"No, we're use to it by now. For some reason they have been at it for a while." Riley said to Alex.

Seth nodded in agreement. "None of us really know what's going on. But, I can't say any of us have really cared, either." Seth shrugged.

"Yeah, pretty much." Riley shrugged.

Chris came back, with a new smirk on his face, and the camera began rolling again.

"We're back! On Camp T.V! Logan, and Alex! Where are those two losers?" Chris mumbled the last part to himself.

Logan and Alex heard their names and exchanged looks from across the bleachers, and joined Chris onto the field.

"We will now begin our final challenge! It will be a triathlon! There will be three rounds. Round one, you must go for a run around the entire circumference of the island! Whoever comes back first wins that round."

"The entire island! That's like…five miles!" Alex exclaimed.

"Yeah, I know." Chris blinked.

Alex groaned, and crossed her arms.

"What's the matter? Girl can't run?" Logan challenged.

"I can run. Probably way faster than you can, with your lungs disgusting from your cigarette addiction." Alex shot back.

"I quit smoking! Shut up.""The only reason you 'quit' was because you can't find anything to satisfy your nicotine addiction." Alex said.

"When did you get this mean?" Logan was baffled.

"When I wanted to win." Alex answered.

Chris chuckled, "Okay, save it for the competition! Round two you will both stand on platforms on Lake Wawaknackwa, and try to knock each other down using ten foot long poles as your only weapon. Whoever falls in first loses, last man standing wins."

"Hear that, Alex? Last man standing." Logan smirked.

"He didn't mean it that way." Alex snapped.

Logan only narrowed his eyes at Alex.

"Finally, your third round you will explain yourselves to past contestants why you should win the show, we will have a final bon fire ceremony." Chris explained.

"Sounds good." Logan said.

"Sounds awesome!" Alex snapped her head toward Logan's.

"Great, the race begins in three…two…one! Now!" Chris blew his blowhorn, and it made a loud sound stretching across the island.

Logan and Alex took off in speed hoping to win the race.

The former contestants stood up, and watched the two run for as far as they could, until they could not be seen anymore.

"This one is in the bag for Logan," Jemi said to the others on her side. "He told me he use to do track in high school." She said as-a-matter-a-factly.

"Really?" Seth asked in disbelief, from the other side.

"Well, I mean…he said he would do track team. That is if he showed up." Jemi said incoherently.

"Right." Riley snorted, and exchanged looks with Seth.

Alex was running as quick as she could. She felt like she had been running for three hours. Still, she wasn't winded. She was use to running, just not this far. She had no idea who was ahead, her or Logan. She lost track.

She jumped over a log that was in the way, and kept running. She ducked under a tree branch that was in the way. She knew she was almost done running the island, she swore she heard voices coming near.

She kept running as fast as she could. Then she fell.

"Oh…ow." She groaned, her face in the mud. She slowly got up, and groaned in disgust, and wiped the mud off her face as much as she could. It was unsuccessful, but at least she could see where she was going, and she began running again.

Logan was still running, he started sweating, so he unzipped his leather jacket. He was winded, and he was having trouble breathing. Logan stopped, and put his hands on his knees, he was hunched over. He stopped to breath.

"You got this, Logan." He whispered to himself.

He took another breath and began to run again. As he was running he saw the back of someone. The back of Alex.

This sparked Logan's energy, and he began running faster. Alex screamed in surprise when Logan ran fast past her.

Alex began running faster, trying to keep up with him. They were nearing the finish line. They could hear their friends loud, and clear. They could see the red ribbon stretching across, whoever making it there first sure to break it.

They were now neck in neck. Closer, closer….and closer. Then, someone one ran past the ribbon. Logan.

Logan collapsed on the ground, once he hit the red ribbon. Alex stopped running, and caught her breath. She walked past the finish line, and fell onto the ground, and frowned, looking up at the clouds.

Everyone went to congratulate Logan, except for Ronald, and Jace who went to pick up their best friend.

"Thanks guys." She mumbled.

"We're always here for you." Jace promised.

"Yeah, even when you're down." Ronald smirked.

"Shut up, no puns. Puns suck." Jace said to Ronald.

"Dude." Ronald raised his eyebrow.

"Dude." Jace confirmed.

Alex started laughing. "I swear when I spend too much time apart from you two I totally forget how to reconnect."

Chris blew his blow horn again, "Okay everybody! Round two begins in ten minutes! Round one goes to Logan! We'll be right back, on Camp T.V! Stay tuned!" Chris said to the camera.

The camera shut off, and the crew went to the lake to set up.

"I'll be right back, I have to go change for the next challenge." Alex said, retreating to her cabin.

Logan received high-fives all around, and he kissed Jemi on the top of her head, and jogged back to his cabin to change.

Logan and Jemi stood on their platforms, opposite of each other on Lake Wawaknackwa. The water was its usual disgusting, and mucky color. They held their ten foot long poles, which were pretty heavy.

"Round two! Back here on Camp T.V! I'm your lovely host, Chris Maclean. I've been here all season, and I am partially sad to see it come to an end! But, we are on Lake Wawaknackwa, with Logan, and Jemi standing opposite of one another, holding ten foot long poles! The idea is to fight, and whichever contestant is standing last, wins this challenge!" Chris explained.

Chris glanced back at Logan and Jemi, who were both determined.

"Ready, in three! Two! One! Go!" Chris shouted, and blew his blow horn, creating the awfully loud sound.

Alex immediately aimed at Logan's knees, trying to knock him over that way. Logan went to try to jab Alex in the side, but she used her pole to block his move. The ten other contestants were cheering on their favorites by the dock.

"This one is totally in the bag for Logan," Jemi said confidently to no one in particular. "He has the balance, and the skill."

"Yeah, he totally has it. Plus, Alex is looking pretty weak holding that pole." Sam said in agreement with Jemi.

Everyone focused back on the game. Logan hit Alex in the side, and she slid to the side, nearing the edge. She let out a small scream. Logan hit her again, and she was closer than before.

He held the pole out one more time, and when Logan thought he was going to win, Alex used her pole and hit Logan in the 'no mans land', let's just say. Logan let out a painful, upset groan. He dropped his pole, and it rolled off the platform, and into the water. Logan winced. He squeezed his eyes shut, and lost balance, falling off the platform.

Alex dropped her pole, and jumped up and down successfully.

"I won! Whoo!" She shouted, and jumped into the water, excitedly.

She swam back up, and grinned, and continued cheering. Logan swam back up, and shook the water out of his hair. His spiked hair was now flat, and fell in front of his face. He ran his fingers back, and pushed his hair back.

"Round two is complete! Now go change up, and get ready for round three!" Chris said.

The former contestants were back where they started, they were no longer separated, they sat with one another. Alex and Logan presented themselves in front of the peanut gallery.

"Alright, Logan, Alex you each have thirty seconds to explain why you should win the money! Then we will cast some votes and name a winner!" Chris clapped his hands together, and faced Alex.

"Oh! Okay, I guess I'm going first." She shrugged, not knowing what to do.

Alex took a deep breath, and composed herself quickly.

"Alright, hey everyone! It's great to see you guys again…I guess I'm sort of nervous." Alex began awkwardly. "If I do win, I am definitely using the money to pay for my brother to having a surgery my family and I have been trying to get for him for a very long time. He is my first priority."

Alex was about to continue, but Chris interrupted. "Time's up! Logan your turn."

"Step aside." Logan said cockily to Alex, who only gasped in response.

Logan gave a sarcastic smile, "What's up guys? So, if I win I want to give each of you all something special. Maybe a new watch for some of the guys, yeah? Some diamond necklaces for the ladies?" Logan shrugged.

"Are you kidding?" Alex interrupted.

"What? It's like five hundred thousand bucks, I can afford it." Logan said.

Alex rolled her eyes.

"I mean, I guess I'll donate some of it to charity, or whatever." Logan shrugged.

"Times up!" Chris interrupted. "Okay, you guys cast your votes! Enter our confessional cam one final time!" Chris grinned, and pointed to the confessional cam only a few feet away from them.

The former contestants formed their own line, casting their votes.

Ronald was at the end of the line, and Alex went up to him.

"So, are you going to tell me what's up with Jace and Marissa before it's too late?" Alex asked.

"Oh right, I guess I'll fill you in now."

"No time like the present." Alex chimed.

"Last week on the island, Marissa wanted to spend some 'quality alone time' with Jace, and well you know Jace-

"-he didn't want to do it?" Alex interrupted.

"He didn't want to." Ronald confirmed. "So she got kind of catty. She started complaining about how he doesn't listen to her, and how he gets all controlling-

"-yikes, she played the control freak card." Alex winced.

"-so then he yelled at her, and she yelled at him. Then they started arguing about how Jace would pick his best friends

"-that would be us."

"- over her. So now she's on Team Logan, and well Jace is obviously voting for you." Ronald finished.

"Oh my gosh, that's kind of messy." Alex crossed her arms.

"Yeah, well they'll get over it."

"Okay, I think I have to go now. I probably can't be seen 'fraternizing' with past contestants." Alex joked.

"Okay see ya." Ronald kissed Alex's cheek, before she jogged off.

Everyone sat around the bon fire, for one last ceremony. Chris didn't have his usual marshmallow plate, but he had a jar of little slips of papers, with names on them. The names of whom would win.

"Campers, we are at our final bon fire ceremony. I will now read each vote, and see who the winner of Camp TV is." Chris began.

Chris fished through the jar of votes, and pulled out the first piece of paper. "Alex."

Alex grinned, and her nerves loosened a little.

"Next one…Alex again." Chris read.

Logan cringed a little, Chris pulled out the next name. "Logan."Logan let out a relived sigh. "Alex." Chris read the fourth vote.

"So far that's three for Alex, and one more Logan. The next vote is for…" Chris pulled out the next vote. "Logan.""That's three Alex, and two Logan. We have five more votes. The next one is for…Logan, again." Chris said.

They were now tied, three for three.

Logan and Alex exchanged looks. Chris fished his hand into the jar for another vote.

"…Logan." Chris read.

"Three votes left." Chris told them.

"I think I'm going to be sick." Alex moaned quietly from the nerves.

"Alex." Chris read his next vote. "The next vote goes to Alex, again. Now there is one final vote in this jar. It can either declare Alex winner, or end in a tie." Chris told them.

Everyone was on the edge of their seats, Alex and Logan exchanged looks again, and kept their eyes on the final piece of paper, with the last vote on it. Chris slowly reached in the jar, and pulled out the last vote.

"and the final vote goes to…Logan." Chris read.

There was no reaction at first, from anybody. Then someone began clapping, then everyone began clapping and cheering. Everyone began congratulation them both. Alex and Logan were the only ones who didn't react.

"Wait, wait! Hold up. What does this mean." Logan said standing up.

"Yeah, there is no way we can end in a tie." Alex said standing up.

"Are we suppose to split the money? Because I doubt you're going to give us each five hundred grand." Logan said in disbelief.

Chris laughed at that. "Okay, everyone calm down." Chris said, putting his hands up. "There's only one way to settle this." Chris paused. "One final challenge."


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