Hi everyone! So this is the final chapter of Camp TV. First I want to say this has been my first fanfiction, and my first role play! I had a lot of fun writing it, you are all creative writers as well, and gave me great characters to work with, and you provided me with the ambition to continue writing this fanfiction. I had so much fun, so thanks to you guys who have stuck with me and your characters all season, constantly reading, and reviewing my story. I started this in June, i think and now it's nearing the end of February. It took a good eight months, but it was so fun to write! Maybe, i'll write a new roleplay, but for now I am going to continue writing my TDI story, Bless The Broken Road. But, I have another story coming up soon. - I already have the first chapter written on my laptop. But, we'll see where this all goes.

Now I am rambling, but THANKS SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING. From the very bottom of my heart, you all rock :) 3 Much Love, Johnna

"Last time on Camp TV! We endured our final two challenges with Alex, and Logan. At the end we had our past ten contestants vote on who should win the cash prize. Crazy enough, we resulted in a tie! We decided on final challenge to determine our winner! Will it be Logan, or Alex? Find out right here, right now! On Camp TV!" Chris announced dramatically to the camera.

He turned to the twelve contestants. Logan had his arms crossed against his chest, and Alex had her hands on her hips.

"So what are we going to do for a final challenge? It's pretty dark out now, and I do not want to spend another night here, I rather split the money." Alex said.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. I am not splitting the money, alright?" Logan faced Alex.

Alex rolled her eyes, and looked back to Chris.

"Lucky for you guys, I had an idea in mind," Chris formed a smirk.

"Great, we're not going to like this." Logan dropped his arms.

"How do you know?" Alex asked.

"It's that smirk thing he always does." Logan pointed to Chris's face.

"Yeah, sort of like the one you do." Alex pointed out.

"Hey, my smirk is a signature thing! I'm always using it!" Logan said pointing to his mouth.

Alex rolled her eyes, and turned to Jemi who was sitting in the back with the rest of the cast.

"How do you put up with that?" Alex asked, pointing to Logan.

Jemi shrugged, and smiled.

Chris hummed, waiting for Alex and Logan to focus their attention back to him.

"I have decided that the final challenge will be a game of man-hunt!" Chris threw his arms in the air.

"Man hunt?" Alex repeated.

"Makes sense, it is like nine o'clock at night. It's totally dark enough." Logan shrugged.

"How are we going to play with only two people?" Alex asked.

"You're not. The past ten contestants are going to seek you two out! Whoever is found first is our runner up, and our last one hiding will be our winner!" Chris explained.

The ten losers cheered, excited that they would get to play one final time.

"I'm going to do a coin toss, whoever wins the toss gets a two minute head-start." Chris pulled out a coin. "Call it." Chris said flipping it up in the air.

"Tails." Logan called.

"Heads." Alex said.

Chris caught the coin, and flipped it over before peeking at it. "Tails wins."

"Yes!" Logan cheered.

"Wait, can someone explained what Man Hunt is?" Helena asked no one in particular.

"Man Hunt is a basic game of hide and go seek at night. I'm giving our final contestants twenty minutes to find a hiding place." Chris answered.

"Oh, so basically what we did earlier this season." Riley clarified.

"Lame challenge." Sam called out.

"No one asked you!" Chris shouted.

"Aw come on Chris, where's your creativity?" Sam continued.

"Twerps got a point." Lola sided.

"You two are so lucky you already lost this competition." Chris muttered.

Sam snickered to himself.

"Alright, Logan you can go get your head start now. Alex you can sit down, and wait until I give you your time."

Logan took off sprinting, and Alex plopped down next to Ronald.

"Okay so what's a good way to kill time?" Alex asked casually.

Ronald chuckled, and put his hand on her knee.

"Still trouble in paradise?" Alex asked peering over Ronald's shoulder, to see Marissa sitting as far away from Jace as possible. With her shoulders tight, and her arms crossed.

"Heck, yes." Ronald snorted.

Alex gave him a disapproving look for his laughter. "Sorry." Ronald mumbled.

"Do you think I can work my relationship magic in a minute and twenty seconds?" Alex asked standing, and beginning to walk toward Marissa.

"You have relationship magic?" Ronald teased.

Alex turned around and stuck her tongue out at Ronald, and sprinted over to Marissa.

"Hey Marissa." Alex sat down next to her.

"Hey Alex, congratulations on making it so far." Marissa gave her a warm smile.

"Thank you. So, I couldn't help notice that you and Jace have been-

"Oh, don't get me started." Marissa cut off.

"Alrighty." Alex mumbled to herself. "Well, maybe you should just talk to him…he says he really misses you." Alex gave a convincing smile.

"Really?" Marissa's expression softened.

"Totally, just think about it, okay?"

"Sure." Marissa smiled.

Alex got off the bleacher, and walked past Ronald, giving him a thumbs up, and jogged over to Jace.

"Hey best friend." Alex grinned.

Jace draped his arm over Alex's shoulder, "So, our master plan worked. Get all three of us on this cheesy, lame-o television show, and get one of us to win. Sweet."

"Yeah, see I'm not sure if that was the original plan, Jace."

"Okay, we wanted all three of us to be in the finale, and we didn't expect all of this drama, and romance, and crap." Jace laughed.

"Yeah, that sounds familiar." Alex laughed slightly. "So, Jace."

"So…Alex." Jace echoed.

"What's up with you and Marissa?" Alex asked.

"Man, she is so complicated. One day everything was cool, and we were making out and stuff. Then she started talking about relationships, and junk. So I was being honest when I said, this relationship might not last. Then she got all mad, and we haven't been the same since."

Alex pulled back, and slapped Jace's arm.

"Dude!" Jace said in shock.

"Dude? You don't say that!" Alex cried.

"What? She wanted me to be honest!""Well, duh! But, you're really suppose to say what she wants to hear!"

"Why don't you chicks come with instruction manuals?"

"Why are you dudes such morons?" Alex throwback.

Alex sighed, "Just talk to her. I told her you missed her, and just…fix this." Alex pleaded.

"Whatever." Jace huffed.

Chris glanced at his watch, and shouted to Alex.

"Time! Alex, start your game! You have limited time to find a hiding place!"

Alex ran off the bleachers, and into the woods in hopes of finding a hiding place.

Logan ran the entire surface of the island at least once. He ran across the beach, and slid to a stop, the sand skidding underneath him. He found a tree that was high up enough to climb, and he would be able to watch to see if anyone was on the ground.

Logan jumped up and grabbed the lowest branch, and flung himself up. He hoisted himself up on the next branch. Then he kept climbing until he was close to the top. He could peek through the leaves, and branches to see down.

Logan heart foot steps coming. He assumed time was up, and now the game was on. Logan tried to remain as invisible as possible. He was Riley and Seth walking together, avoiding the tree altogether.

When Riley and Seth were out of sight, Logan let out a breath. He could finally breathe again.

The best Alex could do was run into Chef's kitchen, and squeeze herself into one of the bottom cabinets, in the corner. The cabinet she hid in had never been opened before. It was filled with cobwebs.

Alex could swear she felt something crawl up her leg. She did her best not to squirm, not to scream, and not to cry. It will be worth it, you will win, and you will win the cash prize, and you will never have to face this hideous place again. Alex thought to herself over, and over.

Alex heard the kitchen door slam open, she heard it hit against the wall. She cringed, and silently prayed that no one would notice she was in the cabinet.

"C'mon, Marissa!" It was Jace.

"Don't 'c'mon' me! You're the one who would not listen to me! It's like the first time I mention the word relationship, you panicked like a little kid, and wouldn't give it a shot. Give us a shot, Jace." Marissa sounded half desperate, half upset.

"Marissa, you know that is not how it was suppose to go down!"

"Oh, it wasn't?" Marissa challenged.

"It wasn't! You know that! Marissa, please. I want to make this work." Jace pleaded.

"Why? You didn't want to make it work a week ago." Marissa folded her arms.

"That was when…nothing. Forget it." Jason grunted, and started looking around for anyone hiding in the kitchen.

Marissa's expression softened, and she laid her hand on Jason's arm. "That was when what?" She asked.

"When…that was when I realized I actually could lose you. A lot sooner than expected." Jace answered.

"I didn't know you felt that way, Jace." Marissa's voice turned into a small whisper.

"Yeah well, whatever." Then Jason walked out of the kitchen, and back onto camp grounds.

Marissa sighed and sat on one of the counter, and her feel dangled in front of a cabinet.

"What am I going to do." She mumbled and she ran her hands through her hair.

Alex was absolutely still, she held her breath for twenty seconds at a time to be absolutely sure no one would find her. Knowing Marissa was still in the room scared her more than ever.

Alex heard Marissa get off the counter, she froze. Then she heard Marissa's foot steps leave the kitchen, and the door slam shut. Alex could breath again, she felt only a little better.

Logan relaxed himself in the tree, I have this in the bag. Logan was a little smug. He leaned against a tree branch, with his legs propped up and laid across.

"I can't believe this stupid, good for nothing TV show!" Lola stormed through the camp, with her fists clutched tight.

"Why, because you're not in the finale?" Seth asked raising an eyebrow, crossing Lola.

Riley was holding hands with Seth.

"No, I hate it because it's stupid!" Lola snapped.

"Awesome, reasoning, really." Riley said sarcastically.

"No one asked you, Riley. You and you're freaking ridiculous silver streak. What is that, really? It looks awful. I keep telling you, you should go to a real hairdresser."

"That's it, you're so lucky I was already eliminated, because that was the only thing keeping me from killing you-let go of me Seth, let me at her- no Seth- augh!" Riley argued with Seth, trying to get him to let go of his grasp on Riley.

"Riley, chill out." Seth said.

"Why? I'm not afraid of her!" Riley tried to pull away from Seth gripping onto her arm.

"Yeah, Seth. She isn't afraid of me." Lola mocked.

"Shut up!" Riley snarled.

"Wow." Seth said.

"What?" Riley asked, still squirming out of his grasp.

"I didn't know you could be so…vicious. Kind of hot." Seth smirked.

Logan from his spot in the tree, began snickering.

Riley scoffed, "Wow, real nice Seth you-wait. Did you guys hear that?" Riley stopped.

Logan froze. He held his breath. He squeezed his eyes shut.

Seth dropped Riley's arm, and Riley let out a loud scream and jumped on Lola.

Logan's eyes popped open, and looked down to see Riley pulling at Lola's hair, and trying to scratch her eyes out.

"Girl on girl fight…hot." Logan said quietly to himself.

"It's so dark out right now, I don't think we're going to find, like anyone!" Jemi said to Sam as they walked through the beach again.

"I know I can hardly see anything." Sam said, as they stepped out of the sand, and back onto the dirt ground.

Sam and Jemi continued walking, and they heard distant sounds of yelling, and screaming.

"Tell me you hear that." Jemi said to Sam.

"I hear that." Sam agreed.

They exchanged looks, and both ran in the direction of the shouting. They ended up finding Seth watching Riley and Lola fighting each other, on the ground, pulling one another's hair, screaming, shouting, and kicking.

Sam skidded to a stop, and took in all that was happening.

"Dude! What's going on?" He asked in shock.

"They're uh…fighting?" Seth answered.

"Nice." Sam smirked.

"You two are both such pigs!" Jemi spat in disgust, she cautiously, grabbed Riley by both of her arms, and pulled her back as fast as she can.

Riley was standing on her two feet again, Jemi was still holding her back.

"Riley! What the hell!?" Jemi cried.

Riley didn't say anything, Lola picked herself up, and dusting the dirt off of her. Lucky for Lola, she was left unscratched, unharmed.

"Nice try, Riley. But, you are so going to regret that!" Lola threatened, and walked out of the scene.

Jemi looked at Riley, and let go of her.

"Okay, what just happened?" Sam asked.

"Nothing, Lola is just a stupid prissy-

"Yeah, we know." Jemi cut her off.

Sam shrugged, before speaking. "So, you guys got a lead on anyone?" he asked.

"I thought we had a lead on Logan before…but, since we ran into Lola I don't know anymore." Seth answered.

"Well, let's try to follow that lead and see where we go. I can't wait to go home tonight." Sam sounded exhausted.

"No!" Jemi cried. "Not Logan, try to find Alex, instead. Or just give up, we can't find Logan."

Riley rolled her eyes. "Whatever, Jemi. You do what we want, we'll do what we want."

"Fine." Jemi crossed her arms across her chest, and went the opposite way Sam, Seth, and Riley went.

Alex was still cramped in her space. Praying the challenge would be over soon.

She heard the kitchen door open again, and she froze.

"Did you see anyone come in here?" Helena asked Hunter.

"I thought I did…but, I guess I was wrong." Hunter sounded unsure.

They both exited the kitchen.

Alex let out a deep breath of relief.

Jason was still searching, and it was completely dark out now. The only light came from the moon, and there were few lights from tiki's spread out through the camp grounds.

Marissa caught up with Jace, and ran up behind him, and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Please, just hear me out." Marissa pleaded.

"I'm listening." Jace continued walking.

"This is going to be weird, for both of us, alright? We both live pretty far from one another. I didn't know you felt that way about me.""Well, I'm not like one of those sensitive guys, where I like to blurt about my feelings all of the time." Jace leaned against a tree.

The very same tree were Logan was hiding inside.

"I know, and I should have known better than to have gotten upset with you last week…truth me told," Marissa paused. "I'm afraid of losing you too." she admitted.

Jason looked up, and pressed one hand against the tree, "Seriously?" he asked.

"Seriously." Marissa nodded, and added her smile.

"Good." Jason smiled too.

"Good?" Marissa repeated.

Jason nodded his head, and reached his hand out, and pulled cupped his hand around Marissa's chin, and pulled her in for a kiss.

"Okay, let's get back on the road, and try to find someone." Marissa said pulling back.

"Yeah, it's close to midnight…well I think." Jason shrugged.

"Yeah, and…wait. Did you hear that?" Marissa paused.

"Hear what?" Jace asked.

"I think it was something moving. Or someone." Marissa looked above, and up the tree.

"It's probably an animal." Jace shrugged.

Marissa hoisted herself up, and into the tree.

She could thank cheerleading for being able to do pull-ups so easily.

She climbed up another branch, and saw a leg. She followed the body that it was attached to, and saw Logan. Who had his eyes shut tight. He was asleep.

Marissa snickered, and propped her hand onto his shoulder."Wake up, sleepy head." Marissa said.

"Who are you talking to?" Jason shouted up to her.

"Logan, I found him!" She shouted back down.

"Did you? Sweet!" Jace shouted back, and began doing a victory dance.

Marissa eventually shook him awake.

"Whoa, whoa? Did I win? Where am I?" Logan was groggy.

"No, you didn't win, Logan. Found you." Marissa shrugged.

"Shit." Logan said bitterly. "Are you joking? God, this sucks balls." Logan said angrily, and jumped out of the tree.

Marissa climbed back down to the ground.

All of a sudden, they heard Chris Maclean's voice fill through the camp.

"Congratulations! The final challenge is finished! The winner of Camp TV is Alex!"

"Where is that voice coming from?" Marissa asked.

They looked up, and saw Chris coming through the sky in a helicopter.

"Everyone meet at the bonfire pit!" Chris shouted through his blow horn again.

The twelve campers sat together in the bonfire pit.

Alex stood up grinning, next to Chris who was holding the final marshmallow.

"Congratulations to Alex for winning our competition, Camp TV!"

Everyone clapped for her, and cheered.

"As promised you will win a check for five hundred thousand dollars!" Chris cheered.

There was more applause.

"Here I hold is the last marshmallow, and it goes to you, Alex. Any last words?" Chris handed her the marshmallow.

Alex tossed the marshmallow back and forth in between her hands.

"Well, I can't believe I won. I can't believe I even made it on the show, let alone with my best friend, and my newly found, boyfriend." Alex winked at Ronald. "This whole experience as you all should agree, this has been unforgettable." There were murmurs of agreement. Alex laughed lightly. "But, I will miss each of you, so we should all definitely keep in touch, and I am so happy to have-

"Okay, wrap it up! You already won the dang show!" Chris grabbed his spot light back.

"Some things never change." Ronald smiled to Alex.

Chris faced the camera, "Well thanks for sticking with us all season! I am your host, Chris Maclean. This is Camp TV! Say bye everyone." Chris grinned, and the camera filmed all of the contestants.

Alex sat in the center, with her friends, and other contestants sitting around her, waving to the camera.