Lady Une sat at her pondering over the letter she had just received. It was a letter from her Great Aunt Minerva McGonagall. Yes she was related to the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Commander Lady Une had light brown hair and brown eyes. She was adapted to a muggle family when she was born to keep her safe from the danger in the wizarding world. Her parents knew about wizards and witches and so they told Une that her real family were wizards and that her Great Aunt brought her to them. They said they would tell her anything she wanted to know about the world she came from they would tell her. When her acceptance letter came though she turned it down saying that she wanted to live a normal life. The letter read:

My dear Niece Ann,

I had promised your parents that I would not interfere in your life or make you return to the wizarding world but I need your help. It has come to my attention that you are the head of an organization that keeps the peace in the muggle world called The Preventors, and that you have five agents that helped obtain the peace in your world that you lost two years ago.

As such I would like them to come to Hogwarts to help protect a boy named Harry Potter. (He was the one that told me about your war as he lives in the muggle world during the summer.)He is a boy the age of sixteen and has a lot on his shoulders. From when he was a baby he was placed with the Potters when he was three days old through blood adoption by the Headmaster Dumbledore. His real family is unknown. At least no one in the wizarding world is blood related to him.

The Potters took care of him but they had to go into hiding as an evil wizard known as Voldemort was out to kill them. The one person who knew where he was too Voldemort and he came to kill them. He killed James and Lily Potter, his parents but he failed to kill Harry. As a result to that night Harry now has a lightning bolt scar from an evil curse. He has to defeat this evil wizard bent on conquering both our world and yours because prophecy says so but I am beginning to think the Albus made it up so he can control Harry. It says that the Dark Lord (Voldemort) marked as his equal.

Albus then placed him with Lily's sister, Petunia and her husband Vernon and their son Dudley. That was the worst place to put him though as he was getting beaten among other things. For the first ten years he slept in a cupboard under the stairs. Then they put him in the second bedroom in the house but this all I am allowed to tell you but believe it is much worse.

Dumbledore did that deliberately so Harry would confide in him and call him his hero. I intervened though, for the last five years telling Harry if he needed to talk to someone about anything to talk to me.

I think he found out that I was doing that so that is why need your agents' help. I have enclosed five letters one for each of them and a sample of Harry's blood just to see if you could find a match and a photo of him. I am hoping to get him out of their 'care'.

Please help us.


Aunt Minerva

Ann took out the letters and read the envelopes: Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton, Quarte R. Winner, and Wufei Chang.

That was not surprising to her they were her best agents after all, and from what she had read in the letter this was going to be a big job.

Next took out the picture of the boy, He had messy black hair and green eyes. He was wearing what looked like Hogwarts school robes. She knew that of course because she opened the letter she received and looked at all the contents of it before she sent her rejection letter.

She called someone up to her office to take the blood sample to the lab to see if they could find a match. She was hoping that they could so she could get the boy out of the abusive home her Aunt said he was in. Now all she had to is tell the former Gundam Pilots that they had special mission.


A man with brown untameable hair and Prussian blue eyes was writing up his report up about the mission he had just come back from for Lady Une. They had to find out what a new group of rebels was going to do to get rid of the Vice Foreign Minister and her peace talks.

"Enter" Heero Yuy's annoyed voice called out, he hated being interrupted when he was working.

"Hey Heero buddy whatcha doin'?" said the cheery voice of Duo Maxwell. He was a man with long Chestnut hair and violet eyes.

"What the hell do you think I am doing Duo?! I am doing our report and I was supposed to go out with Relena tonight. If she gets mad at me you are dead" Heero said still irritated and now it just was made worse by coming in there. "Jeez, I'm sorry but you know I have a short attention span when it comes to computers." Duo said.

"Whatever Duo but you didn't have to take your sweet time getting back to the rendezvous point." Heero said as he cooled down a little. Duo just shrugged and was about to say something else when the P A announced their names and their other three comrades names as well to go to Une's office so they left.


Lady Une couldn't believe that with the Family Resurrection Act (not mine I got that other stories) meaning that all of the war orphans had put in their DNA in the system.

Sally Po the doctor who used to an Alliance doctor now works for the Preventers told her that she should have the Gundam Pilots put in their DNA because she knew they hadn't put it in yet.

Une told Sally that she would call them in to do that but she was sure that they would it willingly so she resolved to tell them it was required. She then called them down to her office.


Heero and Duo should up in Une's office. Trowa Barton who brown hair that came over one of his eyes which were green followed them. A blonde haired blue eyed teen walked in after Trowa and his name was Quatre Raberba Winner the owner of WEI after his father died in the war two years ago. Finally a Chinese looking teen that had black hair and black eyes his name was Wufei Chang came in.

"You wanted to see us Lady Une?" Wufei asked.

"I did Wufei I have a very important mission for you all." She said and she proceeded to them all about Harry Potter that her great aunt told her and the wizarding world. She also handed them their letters which they opened and read them. "So let me get this straight we have to protect this kid from the Headmaster of the school?" Duo said.

"Yes Duo you do the headmaster is taking advantage of Harry. After Harry is done defeating the evil he has to Dumbledore will get rid of him." Une explained.

"There is another reason you called us in here right?" Heero stated.

Une sighed, she knew that Heero would know that she other reason they were here.

"Actually Heero yes there is another reason for you. My great aunt wanted me to see if Harry had other family so I want you guys to get a DNA test." Une commanded them

They nodded and left to do the test and look at the mission file she gave them.