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I was sitting around the campfire enjoying the night air when Emmett decided to get up and search for more firewood. I watched my older brother get up and disappear into the trees.

Our parents always loved us getting out into nature, they thought it was good for both Emmett and I.

My mind drifted back to the first campfire that I had tried to build. I think I was about seven. I smiled at the memory. It had ended in disaster. I hadn't stacked the logs at the right angle so they kept falling down. But when I finally got them to stand and tried lighting it I didn't remove my hand fast enough and my sleeve had caught on fire. Father had quickly extinguished the flames by wrapping my arm in a towel. Luckily I wasn't that badly burnt but my arm…

…the memory was cut short when I heard a scream not far from our campsite.

I shot up and started running towards the screaming. I knew that voice but I was desperately wishing I was wrong. It couldn't be Emmett. What was happening to him to make him scream like that?

I was pushing my way through the trees, not caring that the branches were whipping at my bare skin and pulling on my clothes. I had to get to Emmett. The noises were getting louder, I kept running, trying to catch my breath as I gulped air down my throat. Why had Emmett come out this far?

The trees slowly opened into a little clearing but I only stepped two feet out from the safety of the trees.

I gasped when I saw it.

The grizzly was huge, easily one of the biggest I had ever seen. He was standing over my brother who was desperately trying to crawl away. His clothes were torn and he was badly bleeding. I must have made a noise because Emmett turned his head to face me.

His face was covered in blood from the huge gash on his forehead. His eyes were pleading. But, how could I help him. How could I get the bear to stop attacking him?

I was so frightened! I had no idea what to do. I took a step forward, as if I could try to scare it away somehow. I had to try something.

Once again I looked into my brother's eyes and saw his pain. His lips started moving but I couldn't hear a thing over the bear's growls.

"Run!...Run!" Emmett shouted at me. Before I could turn around something moved in the bushes to my right.

I stood still, completely stunned, as I saw a woman emerge from the cover of the trees. Her long blonde hair blew across her face but she pulled it behind her ear in one swift movement. She walked over to the bear and Emmett. I was about to start yelling at her but it was too late.

The bear sniffed the air and looked at the woman. It growled at her, barring its teeth.

The woman wasn't scared at all. Her legs bent slightly at the knees, she looked as if she was about to pounce.

And then she was gone, and reappeared on the other side of the small clearing, holding something brown in her hand. I couldn't believe my eyes, she was holding the bears leg!

I looked over at the bear which had completely forgotten about Emmett and started hobbling towards the woman. She had torn off its leg!

I didn't understand what had happened, my eyes couldn't adjust in time to see her clearly. The only thing that gave me any clue was the bear's cries.

My breathing was deep and I couldn't form a sentence. I tried calling out when I saw her standing over Emmett. With one fast but careful movement she whisked Emmett up into her arms, with ease, even though Emmett was twice the size of her, and ran away.

I tried yelling at her when she turned around and started walking off but she didn't notice me at all.

My eyes travelled to the ground, pieces of the bear were scattered everywhere. My legs started running in the direction of the woman. I had to get Emmett back, and I had to thank her for saving his life.

Finally words were forming in the back of my throat and I started shouting out into the forest, hoping that the blonde woman would come back. I must have searched the entire night because the sun was slowly starting to rise.

I finally found the campsite, from there I was able to find my way home. I ran as fast as I could. Crying the whole way. I told my parents about the bear but I didn't say anything about the woman. They would have thought I was crazy!

No-one would believe me about the woman.

Days passed, I got no sleep because all I could do was think about Emmett. Was he safe or dead? Did the woman take him to a doctor?

The funeral was pointless. There was no body, there weren't any answers and for me that was the worst part. Not knowing if he was alive or dead.

Everyone missed Emmett and my life was never the same without him. Every night I thought about him. If he was okay, where he was now, if he was thinking about me? I desperately wanted him to be alive.

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