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Chapter 32

I stared down at Leo as he bounced on his tiny feet, I was holding my hands out to catch him if he fell but I knew he wouldn't. The amount he had grown and developed in the last two months still amazed me.

I had expected his growth to be quick, but seeing it for real is a completely different thing. I just thanked god that I had a photographic memory to recall his childhood whenever I wanted to.

He wasn't a baby anymore.

At first the transition into 'mother' had been hard, I'd felt out of place, and guilty, constantly worried I was doing the wrong thing, but with Demetri there encouraging me at every step, I slowly accepted my new role.

And I loved my son with everything I had in me, little Leo was my world and I would do anything for him.

The door to our room opened and in walked Demetri, as gorgeous as ever but when our son spun around and started running with his little chubby legs towards him, he became even more handsome.

The role of father had just enhanced everything good about Demetri. He blossomed with it, the Volturi's most skilled hunter turned to absolute mush around our son, baby voice and all.

"Daddy!" Leo giggled as Demetri threw him in the air and caught him. I smiled at them, always loving watching them together.

"Hello my little man! Were you well behaved for Mummy?" He asked as he came over to sit beside me on the floor. Leo immediately reached out for me and I chuckled as Demetri pouted.

As it turns out, Leo is a complete Mama's boy! I love reminding Demetri of that fact every day.

"He was perfect, just like Mummy. Aren't you little man?" I asked Leo as I kissed his forehead, he immediately stood up at sloppily kissed my forehead and patted my head.

"You're perfect Mummy" Leo stated seriously and I kissed his cheeks and tickled his stomach.

"Thank you baby" I smiled and leant against Demetri as Leo got comfortable in my lap for his afternoon nap.

Demetri started to kiss my neck as we waited for Leo to settle. Once his eyelids had won the battle I picked him up and placed him in the middle of our bed. I put pillows around him just in case he wriggled around in his sleep. He usually stayed pretty still, but you could never be too sure.

I watched as his chest rose and fell with every peaceful breath he took. His rosy cheeks held a tiny smile as he slept and I still couldn't believe he was real. We had recently cut his hair so his black strands were above his eyes. I could already tell he would be handsome when he was older, he was the cutest thing right now.

AS I was staring at my sleeping son I felt strong arms wrap around my waist and a strong chest press into my back. I heard and felt him sigh against my neck and I gripped his arms.

"How's Felix doing?" I asked.

"He's killed five already, he's just not patient enough to stay gentle the whole time. It's ridiculous trying with him, I don't know why Aro and Caius keep insisting." Demetri growled into my neck as his arms tightened. He didn't want his friend to go through this and neither did I.

It seemed like almost half the male population of the guard had been sent away in order to conceive children. Aro and Caius had gone mad with this concept of adding to their guard with more 'human' vampires that can easily blend into society.

They were breeding children for war and I found it disgusting. The only thing keeping me here was my family, I couldn't leave now. Not when everything was happening at once. I needed to be smart about when I chose to leave. When it was safe to take Leo and Demetri with me, and anyone else that wanted to escape this hell.

I had been able to safely talk to Emmett on my trips to the city. It was too risky to email him so I went to different payphones around the area and called him from there. We talked to catch up but mostly talked about what the guard was planning. I knew it would be a long process, but once Caius had enough children he would train them as they grew up and attack anyone he felt posed a threat as soon as they were ready.

I knew that meant the Cullen's would be attacked first and I wouldn't let that happen.

It would be a few years before the right time to escape would come around. I would have to wait for Leo to be grown, so he could understand why we were running from everything he'd ever known.

Demetri's arms squeezing my waist again brought me out of my thoughts.

"Hey, you with me?" He questioned as he turned me around to look into my eyes.

The way he was able to read me was amazing, and I knew I couldn't just pass my troubled look off as nothing.

I sighed and spoke my mind, "There's been three hybrid's born already and they don't get love Demetri…I …I" I stopped and looked down, but he wouldn't let me look away. His finger underneath my chin stopped me from avoiding his eyes.

"What? What do you want my love?" His eyes softened and his voice was so lovely that it coaxed the answer out of me.

"I want to look after them, they need parents, they need to grow up knowing what it's like to be loved and to love someone in return. I'm going ask Aro if they can stay in our room. I mean, we have enough space and we don't need to sleep so we won't get tired." I rambled and pouted my lips slightly.

I needed to do this, this is what was right. If I let those children grow up like this, it would just make it easier for Aro and Caius to turn them into killing machines.

I was sure I could convince Aro, I had been practicing with Jasper's powers and I was pretty confident I could encourage Aro to accept my proposal.

This step needed to happen, the children needed to grow up into good people, then when we were ready I would take them away from here. They needed to understand that most of the people inside this castle were not to be trusted. Especially Aro and Caius.

"If you would have asked me to do this a year ago I would have called you crazy and said no, but after having Leo, and experiencing how amazing it is to be responsible for another tiny person, there's no way I'm saying no to you. Those kids will live with us, whether Aro wants it to happen or not" Demetri said slowly starting to smile at me as my own smile grew at his words.

"Really?" I asked and Demetri nodded his head making me grab him by his jacket and bringing him into a kiss.

We pulled away, both breathing heavily and smiling at each other.

"Thank you, so much Demetri. I'm going to convince Aro now" I jumped towards the door and turned back to smirk at Demetri as he laughed at me.

"Convince? Ashleigh?" His voice was curious but also wary. He knew how risky it was to physically use ones powers on any of the three founding members of the Guard.

"Don't worry Demetri, I've been practicing, he won't know I was even in is head" I backed out of the room showing Demetri what I hoped was a reassuring smile and turned down the hallway to Aro's office.

"Come in" I heard Aro call in response to my knocking on the oak doors of his office. He smiled at me as I entered and took a seat in the chair facing his desk.

"Ah, Ashleigh! How are you my dear? I hope Leo is doing well?" He exclaimed with fake interest. I really had no idea how I ever thought he was a genuine person.

"Hello Aro, I am well and so is Leo, I am hoping you are doing well also" I kept with the niceties, mentally preparing my powers. I was going to manipulate his emotions in the least obvious way that I could.

He leant forward on his desk and placed his hands flat on the desk.

"I doing fabulously, now why don't you tell me why you've come to me today my dear? It's obvious something is on your mind" His voice was grating my ears but I remained focused and slowly started manipulating his emotions. He was going to be feeling very understanding and agreeable in about two seconds.

"Aro, I wish to move all of the children into my room, I am already raising Leo and it makes sense to keep them all together. It would create bonds between the children and we would be able to keep all of them under mine and Demetri's supervision at all times." My facial expression remained kind and compassionate, not the desperate need I felt on the inside.

Increasing the influence of my manipulations I waited for his response.

After a few tense seconds that I felt would never end, Aro nodded his head and leant back in his chair.

"I do agree with you Ashleigh, the children must bond with each other, it will be very important so they can work together in the future." He was convincing himself. I knew he was talking about the children having a bond so they will fight as a team in the future. He thought I was on his side, he didn't know that I was suspicious of him. He had no reason to doubt my loyalty.

"I completely agree, they will become great members of our guard if they start creating their bond with each other now. Do I have your permission to move the children into my room?" I knew no one else would care, the fathers of the children didn't want anything to do with them. So far Demetri was the only one to have any sort of paternal instincts towards his child.

"Yes, you may move them now. They will know you and Demetri as their parents. You have now officially adopted them, they are your responsibility. I hope you realise this Ashleigh" Aro stated and I internally jumped for joy.

Nodding my head I agreed with Aro and raised from my seat.

"Thank you Aro, I will see to it they grow up strong." I was about to leave when Aro called me back. I paused and panicked, no, he wasn't saying no now was he? I hadn't stopped the emotional manipulation yet. He should still be compliant!

Taking a deep breath to calm my facial expression I gripped the door handle but turned to face Aro again. He was walking towards me with a piece of paper in one hand and a set of keys in the other. I raised an eyebrow in question and waited for him to speak.

"Here, if you are going to raise all of those children without raising any suspicion within our community, you'll need to have a secluded area. Take the children to this house, we own the property around it, so no humans will be anywhere near that area. The children can grow up there and life in the castle can go back to normal. I know some are not happy there are children within these walls." He smiled at me and handed me the document with a map and directions to the property.

I held out my hand to accept the keys, making sure our skin did not touch.

"I did not expect this Aro, but thank you. We'll be in the house by nightfall." I nodded my head with a slight bow and quickly left them room, running back to Demetri and Leo.

"So he's just going to let us live in that house? Until the children grow up?" Demetri was still amazed after I had told him about what Aro had said to me in his office.

I smiled brightly and sat on his lap, wrapping my arms around his neck so I could kiss him.

"We've got complete control, those little babies are ours" I squealed in excitement but quietened down when I saw Leo was still sleeping on our bed.

"You're amazing you know that? We should start moving all the things we need now so we can get the kids as soon as we can" Demetri stated as he slapped my but so I stood up.

"Deal" I agreed and kissed him before starting to pack our necessary things up. Every room in the mini mansion in the woods was fully furnished so we only needed to take clothes, food for the kids, and other necessities.

Working together, with one of us always staying in the room with Leo and the other running a suitcase full of items to the house we quickly finished everything we needed to do.

Finally, I picked up Leo and left to collect the other children with Demetri guiding me with a hand on my lower back.

When we got to the room, Harriet was very glad to help us with the children. Although she was a nice person, she hated children and was sick of babysitting the children. She packed up all the babies' possessions, which were mainly clothes and baby food (they didn't get toys) and helped us take them to the house. Once that was done I looked to the children that Demetri and I were 'adopting'.

There was Mason, a little blonde haired boy who had the chubbiest cheeks and cutest giggle, he was born three weeks after Leo.

Chase, who was Alec's son and a mini version of him with vibrant green eyes that anyone could get lost in and finally little Anna, with her caramel hair that was almost red that was just a week old. She was the smallest of them all.

I took Leo and Anna in my arms and Demetri held little Mason and Chase and we left for our new home.

Once we were settled in, Demetri and I fed the children their dinner and put them all asleep, we agreed to set them up in one room, each child had their own crib but were within reach of each other.

The children latched onto the love we gave them, they had never been hugged or cooed to before and it broke my heart knowing that the beginning of their lives had started in such a cold way.

The only thing that I could do was make sure they knew they were loved now.

It was only now, when I was lying with Demetri on our new bed, listening to the heartbeats of the four children that I knew I had found my purpose. I had found what I was good at, and it was being a mum. I knew Demetri felt the same, he had never felt more complete until this moment and we basked in this new found feeling.

The role of parent settled onto our shoulders nicely and I cuddled closer to Demetri's chest and kissed his chin. He lazily moved his head to look down at me and smiled beautifully.

"Thankyou, for giving me this family" I whispered, feeling my throat tighten with the emotion I felt and saw reflected in my beloved's eyes.

Demetri kissed my forehead and pushed me off of him. With a raised eyebrow I waited to see what he was doing. Usually when you say something like that you get a response. But as I watched him grab something from the pocket of his pants I remained silent.

He turned around and grabbed my left hand before raising it to his lips and kissing my knuckles. I held my breath as he started talking.

"You, Ashleigh, are my one and only love, you are my solace, my saviour, my absolute everything. I've had this ring for a while now, and I've tried planning elaborate proposals, but nothing seemed good enough for you. Nothing could express the love and devotion that I feel towards you. But right now, in this moment, I feel more love for you than I ever have, surrounded by the family that we have created, I going to ask you to wear this ring, so everyone knows the extent of my love for you…Will you be my wife?" Demetri smiled slightly at me after he finished speaking and I had no words. No one had ever spoken to me like that before. I didn't know he had it in him, and I don't think he did either.

I loved him so much and it overflowed from within my chest as I let out a breathy laugh and threw my arms around him.

I kept nodding and kissing his neck and I didn't realise he was laughing until his hands cradled my face and got me to look into his eyes. His amusement was evident as he watched me try to speak.

"I'd love to hear you say it Ash" He chuckled as his thumbs swept across my cheek bones.

"Yes! I want nothing more than to be your wife Demetri. I love you!" I said and watched in amazement as he slid the beautifully simple ring onto my finger.

"It's perfect!" I gushed as I stared in awe at my ring, plus it fit perfectly.

He pulled my face up again and kissed me.

"Thanks for saying yes" He said against my lips and I laughed again as we laid down to rest in each other's arms.

"You're a silly man if you thought I would ever say no to you" I smiled as I swept the hair from his eyes and leant into kiss my fiancé.

I sighed against his lips and felt completely content, I was ready for whatever happened next, as long as I had this man and my four children that were sleeping peacefully in the other room by my side.

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