Okay, okay, I know what people say about FlippyXFliqpy(better known as Evil Flippy) They say it can't work since it's technically masturbation. Well guess what, I also love FlippyXFlaky, but how the hell would that work out?! If Flippy tried to . . . you know, mate with her, wouldn't he get impaled on her needles? Hmmm?

Thus I'll also say that I support what I dub Mindfuck pairings such as YugiXYami/Atem(Yu-gi-oh) for one.

See, pairings don't always make sense and yet we still support them. And besides, if you use your head you can find ways to make the pairings work. Okay, I'm done ranting, but remember, I use logic when I speak my mind on stuff.

Warning! This is a FlippyXFliqpy(Evil Flippy) fic, which will contain yaoi, slash, or just plain guy on guy action. If you don't like this kind of stuff then don't read. Flames will be used to roast marshmallows.

Flippy and all the other HTF characters are property of Mondo Media, I only own this fic.

Note: Flippy might seem a bit out of character later on, but we don't know how he would really react to things without his dark side taking over now do we? Evil Flippy might be out of character as well.

"Come on Cuddles, why won't you tell me what's so special about Sniffles' new creation?" Flippy asked. He had no idea how the yellow rabbit had talked him this far.

It had been barely eight in the morning when Flippy had awaken to Cuddles pounding on his door, rather than being civil and ringing his doorbell. The banging had almost caused him to flip out, to him it had sounded like gun shots. But luckily, he had managed to rein Fliqpy, his demon side, back into the depths of his mind quick enough to prevent an early morning bloodbath.

Cuddles had chittered on and on about some awesome machine Sniffles made, but he had skimmed around the details. All Flippy knew was, to quote Cuddles, "You just have to see it to understand what it is!".

"Nu-uh, my lips are sealed." The rabbit replied, skipping ahead.

When they arrived at Sniffles' house Flippy was shocked. "Is that . . ." Sitting in the grass was Petunia, her fur was mussed and she looked dirty with grass clippings clinging to her fur. 'But she can't be dirty! Petunia starts hyperventilating if the labels on her lotion are lined up crookedly.' He thought to himself.

"Hi Flippy," said skunk said. She waved at him. "Sure is a beautiful day, isn't it?" The green bear just stared. "Um Petunia, do you realize you're dirty?"

Petunia grinned sheepishly, "Yeah, but it doesn't bother me anymore."

" . . . ?" Flippy just stared. Cuddles suddenly began to pull the male towards Sniffles' door. "You'll see." he said. He presses the doorbell, which made Flippy shoot him a dirty look. "Oh sure, ring his bell, but when it's me you beat the door like the house is on fire."

Sniffles chose that moment to open the door. "Oh, good you brought Flippy." he said, gesturing for them to come in. Flippy and Cuddles followed the anteater to where a large machine stood. "What's that?" Flippy asked.

"That," began Sniffles, "is my latest creation. You saw Petunia outside, right?" Flippy nodded. "Well, you see, this machine is designed to get rid of extreme quirks. Like for example Petunia's Ocd, sure she'll still have a fit if she gets really dirty, but now she tolerates filth much better." He smiled.

Cuddles nudged Flippy, "What's even cooler is what he did to Disco."

"What did he do to Disco?" The bear asked.

Cuddles laughed before saying, "He got rid of his extreme ego. And here's the cool thing, both Giggles and Petunia told me he's almost attractive now that he's not acting like such a Fabio wannabe."

Flippy couldn't help but chuckle. "By the sounds of it this machine can do quite a bit. I want to hear more." Cuddles elbowed his friend. "I assure you that you don't want Sniffles to go into one of his intellectual rants, Flipp-" Too late, the anteater had already sat down and made a coughing sound.

"Ahem, I'm glad that you're interested in my latest creation. Now as for what it does. This machine is capable of balancing neurons and even replicating them. In a way it clones the positive bran cells while eliminating the ones that cause problems. Such as Petunias severe Ocd, the negative neurons that caused it were located and over half were destroyed before they were replaced with newer, positive neurons and the same goes for Disco's vanity."

Flippy tried to process all of this, but could only grasp a little bit. "Huh?"

Sniffles sighed, but dumbed his speech down before repeating. "It takes bad parts of your personality and makes them good."

"Oh." Flippy replied. "Can I try it?"

The anteater shrugged. "Go ahead, just pick whatever you think your flaw is."

Flippy looked at the knob, on it were many different health conditions. He began reading each one to himself.

Until he came to one that referred to having alternate personalities.

'That describes me perfectly.' he thought. 'Could it . . . could it really get rid of him? Sniffles says it eliminates bad cells and replicates good one.' He nodded. "Okay, now what do I do?" He called to Sniffles, the anteater gave him a displeased stare. "See that circle, stand inside it, and then hit the button on the wall to your right. But first you have to take off anything metal or it migh-"

"Here I go!" Flippy shouted, completely oblivious to the last part of what Sniffles had said. He stepped into the center of the circle, turned, found, and hit the button.

At first the machine reared to life, Flippy felt a small tingling sensation. It was going good so far. 'Soon I'll be rid of him forever.' At least he hoped he would, even after killing his evil side, the male had returned, perhaps like him and his friends his alternate ego was in a way alive. The tingling grew stronger, but they weren't too bothersome.

So far the machine was working well, but then it started sparking, the switches began moving and Flippy felt a searing pain as the machine reacted to the dog tags as they were metal and Sniffles had tried to warn him about the dangers.

Then, as soon as it had started it stopped, the machine's engine gave out with a huge bang and the rest of it short circuited. Flippy fell to his knees, his whole body shuddered and pulsed, he stared at the floor, attempting to ease the headache that had suddenly began to throb in his head. A pair of lime green feet stepped in front of his eyes. He looked up and met the yellow eyes of Fliqpy.

"Looks like you failed to get rid of me once more." Fliqpy said, razor sharp teeth bared at his good side.

Sniffles came running up, fearing for both his friend and his glorious invention. "Flippy are you oka- Oh my goodness!" He pushed his glasses back, gazing at Fliqpy with concern. "This wasn't supposed to happe-" Before he could say another syllable Fliqpy had pulled out his bowie knife and gutted the pale blue anteater.

Then Flippy saw Cuddles run up. "I heard screaming, what happened, oh crap, not him! He can't be rea-" Fliqpy began strangling the rabbit, then he picked Cuddles up and started bashing his head against the wall until there was nothing but a bloody. mangled corpse. Fliqpy licked his fingers and laughed viciously.

Flippy, who was stunned, now recomposed himself enough to notice something. He saw his dark side's shadow. But his dark side hadn't had a shadow the last time when they fought. Then if he had a shadow now that would mean he was physical so that meant. 'Oh no.' Suddenly Flippy realized something that made him shiver. "Y-you're not in my head anymore."

"Yes, I'm as real as you are." his dark side replied with a menacing sneer before he turned and walked away. "Wait, where are you going?" Fliqpy waved the bear off. "Are you kidding? There is blood to be shed." He paused, and grinned at his good side. "I'll kill you last." he added.