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Silence. No noise, no flashing colors, and no haunting faces engraved into my mind. Just the darkness, but it felt different this time. This time, it wasn't holding me it's captive. I just didn't want to leave the black just yet. The black was my own protector in the real world. In this world, should I say, where he was back.

Silence is golden.

A groan broke the silence - one that wasn't my own - and I frowned inwardly as it caught my attention. I could tell it hadn't come from one of my captors - after I'd passed out, I remember them carrying me somewhere, and ever since then, I hadn't heard them again. I wasn't sure where I'd gone, or what they'd done with me, but I didn't care, because I was still alive, and they weren't around.

There was a sudden shuffled footsteps, but I could tell they weren't my captors. It was different - less harsh, softer - confused. Confused? Maybe I wasn't the only one who was confused, after all. But why would anyone be here with me - it was only my captors when I'd first woken up, no one else. Who else was unfortunate to be on his bad side?

With a soft sigh, I forced my eyes open, blinking wearily. I heard muffled voices, but instead I focused on my surroundings. It was still dark, with four walls made of solid rock on all sides. There were no windows - well, there was one hole in the far wall where a small rock had fallen out, allowing some light inside, but it was barely as big as my fist. Not much hope of escape coming from there.

To my right, there was a "door", much like the old castle jails used to have, with thick iron bars across the top half, and the bottom made of the same rocks that the rest of the walls were. With much surprise, I realized that we were indeed in a cell, or to be more specific, and old castle dungeon.

What in the world...?

A short cough drew my attention away from my discovery, and I turned my head around to spot three young men taking up the other half of the cell, now staring back at me. One had a black eye, and the other two had him sitting in between them protectively. I squinted, hardly able to see their faces in the dim light. I knew them from somewhere... why did I know them?

"Umm... hello." My voice sounded forgien and cracked, even to my ears, and I winced as I spoke, wondering if it sounded as bad to them as I heard it. They didn't flinch, or draw back, however, instead only regarding me curiously. I frowned, knowing I must look like a mess. Who knows how long I'd even been in here?

"Hi." The one on the left said, and I tried to push myself up (lying there, with all eyes on me made me uncomfortable), but I failed miserably, giving a short gasp as I fell back against the hard stone floor. Maybe I shouldn't have tried that...

"What happened to your eye?" I asked the middle one, and he glanced at his two friends uncomfortably, as if deciding whether to answer me. The one on the left nodded, and finally the middle one turned to face me. What was up with these three boys, acting so strangely? It was as if they were afraid to talk or even look at me. Was I really that terrible looking?

"I got into a fight." He spoke slowly, although his tone indicated that it was much more than just a measly fight. I decided not to press the issue, however, seeing as though there were other things that were much more important. Like maybe figuring out a way to escape.

"Oh." I spoke softly, my voice a little stronger now, and I moved my arm up, rubbing my sore forehead. The one on the left seemed to notice, and spoke up, eyeing me worriedly.

"Are you okay? What happened?" He asked quietly, and I frowned, unsure. What had happened? I could only remember bits and pieces, and everything was clouded over, faint, drawing away with each passing moment. There was walking alone, and then noticing him and running... I winced, squeezing my eyes shut at the pain that enveloped my head.

"I don't remember." I replied hesitantly, refusing to meet their eyes as I spoke. I don't remember? I didn't even want to think about how that must have sounded to them. "Why are you guys here?" I asked instead, hoping they wouldn't ask about what I meant.

"We honestly don't know." The one on the right finally spoke, and I turned my attention to him as he shrugged. "I'm still shocked they managed to get past the security guards." At this, I frowned, wondering if I was being as unclear and confusing as they were. They seemed to finally notice that I didn't understand, and the middle one spoke again.

"Wait - you don't know who we are?" He sounded surprised, and I frowned, shaking my head slowly. All three boys exchanged shocked glances, and now the middle one turned to me again. "Haven't you heard of the band JONAS?" He asked, and I nodded, confused as to what JONAS had to do with any of the boys sitting in front of me, but playing along with them anyway. "Well... we're kind of the Lucas Brothers, of the band JONAS. Hi, I'm Joe, and this is Kevin -" He motioned to the boy on his left, who smiled, raising his hand in my direction, "And this is Nick." The one on Joe's right - Nick - nodded in my direction.

Maybe if I hadn't been so nervous about him, then I would've been more surprised, or shocked, even. But instead, I simply nodded, accepting the fact that I was stuck with Joe, Kevin, and Nick until I figured out what in the world was going on here.

Well, crazier things have happened than me being stuck in an old castle dungeon, captured by my worst possible enemy, with the Lucas Brothers.