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Chapter 1 focuses mainly on my first goal while chapter two does my second~! Hehe~

Part 1: Misty's Dilemma

Misty fell to her knees when she reached the sign on the road. After nine days of travelling from the Cerulean City Gym, through the horrible Mt. Moon and Viridian Forest, she was finally, finally, at her destination: The Indigo Plateau. Under any other circumstance she would have cried out in happiness at reaching a location after making such a tedious trek to it, but this situation was different. Even the sign reflected her circumstance. It usually read:

'The Indigo Plateau!

The highest Pokémon authority!

The ultimate Goal of Trainers!'

But now had a large, bold note glued over the usual greeting, causing the sign to read:

'The Indigo Plateau!

Gym Leader Conference!



"This is so horrible" Misty muttered to herself as she rose to her feet without taking her eyes off the sign. She was familiar with the bold handwriting on the notice. "Agatha." She said, quickly covering her mouth when she let out the woman's name. She looked behind her to make sure no one was around. Agatha had a knack for showing up at times when she's mentioned.

"Azu?" a small voice came from her bag. Her Azurill dug itself out of her pack for fresh air and grew excited at the sight of Misty, despite how tired the girl looked. "Azu!" the creature cheered, hopping out of the bag and into her arms.

"Oh, you're awake!" Misty smiled, hugging her companion "I really wish you would have stayed with Tracey at the Gym. This isn't a pleasure trip." She felt a shiver run down her spine when she spoke the words.

It was indeed the exact opposite of a pleasure visit to the Indigo Plateau. It was, once again, time for the yearly Gym Leader conference; an event that was set in place by Agatha and the other members of the old Elite four to 'toughen up' up the techniques of the Gym leaders in the Kanto and Johto regions. Agatha was the one in charge of overseeing the event and made sure everything went smoothly with an iron fist.

"This would actually be a good thing to attend if she didn't call us at random." Misty thought to herself as she rose and began a steady walk down a path that would lead her to Pokémon League Village. "And my sisters usually go to these things and only send me when they know they're getting partnered with someone like…"

Misty shivered at her thoughts again. The conference's main way of improving gym leader's techniques was through pairing a Gym Leader up with one that has a battle style they can learn from. The last time Misty attended the conference she was paired with Saffron City's Sabrina, who turned the girl into a doll and went over battle simulation after battle simulation using the plastic Misty and Pokémon dolls. Misty hated to admit that, after her emotional scars healed, she was better at using Starmie's psychic attacks. Her sisters had faired much better when they attended the conference, being partnered with Whitney of Goldenrod City and spending the entire trip shopping and drinking Miltank milk-shakes.

"What's going to happen to me this time?" Misty sighed, finally reaching the paved walkways of Pokémon League City. The place was fairly busy; even through the Indigo League Conference was months away. She felt fairly nostalgic, remembering the time she spent in the small city with Ash, Brock, Pikachu and Togepi years before. "Now where is this place supposed to be?" she said, snapping out of her thoughts "I think Daisy said-"

"HAUNT!" A creature shouted, appearing so close to Misty's face that she could feel its breath on her nose. Its wide, triangular eyes, sharp purple teeth and disembodied hands took Misty and Azurill by such surprise that they couldn't help but shriek.

"EAHHHHHHH!" The gym leader yelled, unintentionally tossing Azurill out of her hands and falling to the ground. The blue creature was too petrified to feel pain when it crashed o the ground. The shrieking girl got several stares from the surrounding population."EEEEEEEEEEKK!"

"Haunter?" The Pokémon looked from the terrified girl to the frozen Azurill confused before erupting into a laughing fit at her reaction. The laughter instantly snapped Misty out of her terror. She'd recognize that Haunter's chuckle anywhere.

"Don't sneak up on me!" Misty yelled at Sabrina's Haunter, raising herself and her Azurill off the ground. "After all these years you're still playing jokes-"

"Haunt, Haunt" The creature waved away her sentence with its detached hands, much to Misty's annoyance. It opened its mouth wide and its hands flew inside it, searching around its insides. It produced a letter with the Marsh Badge imprinted on it.

"This is for me?" she asked as Haunter nodded eagerly and handed her the message. "G-Great." Her voice was full of dread. Did this mean Sabrina was her partner again this year? She hesitantly opened the message:

'There has been a Location Change, Cerulean Gym Leader.

Follow Haunter.

Lateness will not be acceptable.


"Well this is going how I expected." Misty sighed, placing the letter in her pocket with the hand that didn't hold Azurill. She looked up to see Haunter drifting away excitedly, uncaring if the girl was following it or not. "W-Wait! You're my guide!" Misty shouted after the creature.

"Haunt!" The Pokémon chuckled before speeding off to the new meeting building. Misty had no choice but to chase after it.

Misty and Azurill spent a good twenty minutes chasing after the creature through the busy streets and narrow alleys of the city. After a while the girl began to question if following her guide was the right thing to do. Haunter did have a history of pranking people and probably took its guide responsibility as nothing more than a game.

"This-This is insane." Misty huffed as she and Azurill leant against a shop wall to catch their breaths. She returned Azurill to its Poké Ball to rest as Haunter appeared before her again, surprising several people as it materialized.

"Haunt, Haunt." The Pokémon happily chuckled, pointing at Misty.

This sent the girl off the edge "Stop fooling around idiot!" she yelled, causing Haunter to visibly shrink before her. The Pokémon held up its hands in defense at Misty's threatening appearance. "Now tell me where the heck is this meeting place!?"

"H-haunt." The Pokémon pointed to the indigo plateau coliseum.

"Of Course it'd be there." Misty shook her fist in aggravation. Haunter began another laughing fit as the girl began a mad dash towards the stadium.

Of course she ended up being late.

"Unacceptable!" Koga fumed at the coliseum entrance, causing Misty to cower "The path of the Gym leader, Such as the path of the Ninja, is one that must be etched in prompt timing!"

"Y-yes!" Misty said with a bow, completely oblivious to whatever point the ninja master was trying to make. "I-I'm sorry for the lateness!"

The older gentleman examined the girl's face for sincerity. "Hmm. You'll get off with a soft punishment this time." Koga said as he drew a small sword from his sleeves, making Misty flinch. She closed her eyes when he swung the sword down and whacked her firmly on the top of her head. "Do not take this discipline lightly. Next time Agatha will deal with you. Now be off, child."

"Yea, yea." Misty thought as she rubbed the top of her head. She hurried through the coliseum entrance and, after several blind turns and help from an on duty Nurse Joy, she finally found her way to an open arch that lead her too a buzzing auditorium packed with a large number of individuals. The people in the room, all gym leaders, chatted happily as they awaited an announcement from an old woman on stage. Misty slipped into an empty seat inconspicuously, thankful that Agatha was too busy in conversation with Champion Lance to notice how late she was. She eased back into her chair in an attempt to finally get a bit of rest, but had no such luck.

"Quite down!" Agatha slammed her cane onto the ground, causing the entire auditorium to become deafeningly silent. Misty swore she heard someone sniffle at the sound of Agatha's voice. "You've all heard of your partner for the conference! I expect to see some growth out of all of you!" She eyed the audience and frowned at them. "Well? What are you all still doing here!? Get to work!" with another slam of her cane to the stage floor, the Gym leaders in the audience began to scramble in search for their partners.

"Oh Great." Misty thought as she hopped up and joined the newly formed confusion. She had no indication of who she was partnered with. "Maybe I should just ask Agatha…" she shuddered "Never."

After a moment of blindly looking into the crowd she decided to stand still and let her partner find her instead. She soon found out that this wasn't the greatest idea, as she had the habit at jumping to conclusions a lot.

"Erg! Please not him." She thought as the colossal, muscular form of Vermillion City's Lt. Surge headed in her direction. She let out a relieved sigh when the man simply gave her a thumbs up and passed without a second glance. Her calmness was short lived when Olivine City's Jasmine approached her. "Not Jasmine!" she screamed inwardly. Although she was usually depicted as meek by others, Jasmine was a fierce leader that was known to make her partners work hard until they could lift as much weight as her Steelix could. Another sigh of relief escaped Misty when Jasmine shook hands and left the room with Forrest, the Pewter City Gym leader with a striking resemblance to Brock.

"You seem like a wreck~" A voice said, wrapping its arms around Misty's neck, completely taking the girl off guard. She quickly leapt out the person's grasps and turned to see Gym Leader Whitney. "Guessing your journey here was as rough as mine?" she said pointing to her tangled hair, courtesy of Falkner and his Pidgeot's crazed flying.

"Whitney!" Misty's eyes sparkled as she grabbed the girl's hands. "Please tell me that this means we're partners!"

Whitney let out a sigh of defeat "No, sorry. Agatha paired me with Chuck when she learned I got defeated by five black belts last month and-." As if on cue, the Cianwood City Gym Leader, Chuck, appeared in a flash, delivering a fierce kick to Whitney's back, causing the girl to crash face first into the ground in front of Misty, who couldn't believe her eyes.

"What's this!?" Chuck asked Whitney as the bruised girl stayed on the ground, nearly knocked unconscious. "You let your guard down Whitney! That's five rounds in the ring with Machoke!"

"W-what!" Whitney stuttered as Chuck grabbed her hand and began pulling the girl towards the room's exit. "B-but we barely had time to rest-"

Chuck's hearty laugh cut her sentence off "There is no rest in my training! When I'm done with you you'll be as buff as me!" Misty cringed at the thought of Whitney with Chuck's body as the girl was dragged towards the room's exit, paralyzed at the training that awaited her.

"W-Whitney!" Misty called out, remembering her circumstance "Do you know who I'm partnered with during the conference!?"

"That'd be me!" A chipper voice chirped from behind her. Misty turned around swiftly, eager to see the body the voice belonged. It only made sense that, seeing how her day was going, her lips would unintentionally meet with the tan, cold, hard mouth of a Caterpie. Misty was frozen when she realized what was happening.

"Woops." The green haired boy holding the Pokémon said "Guess I shouldn't have held him so high to your face for a hello." He lowered the Pokémon in his hands, causing it to leave Misty's lips with an audible 'smooch'. "We've met before! I'm Bugsy, from Azalea Town. Hope you remember me." The boy continued, outstretching a hand towards Misty with the intention to shake hers.

"I-I" Misty stuttered, looking at the wiggling Caterpie in Bugsy's arms. "I-I just….." The scream that released from Misty's mouth echoed throughout the entire coliseum with enough force to shatter the sound barrier.

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