Elevator Ecstasy

(Author's Note: I do not know any of the wrestler's in my story nor do I have any connection to World Wrestling Entertainment. This is purely a work of fan fiction brought forth from my imagination. I hope you enjoy it.)

It was my first time in such an expensive hotel. I was in Phoenix, Arizona on a business trip for my company. Finalizing some deals with a couple of the local companies here. After putting my stuff away in my hotel room I decided to go out and walk around a bit. I stepped onto the elevator and hit the button for the lobby. Of course the elevator had to go up first and pick up more people. It stopped just two floors above me and as the doors opened my mouth went dry. Entering the elevator car with me was three of my favorite wrestling super stars.

I swear my heart stopped as I watched Paul Levesque aka Triple H, Chris Irvine aka Chris Jericho, and none other than Jeff Hardy enter the car. The temperature in the car warmed considerably…well for me anyways. The doors closed and it was Jeff Hardy's deep voice that I heard first as he turned to me.

"Hi," he said with a smile.

I tried to fight the blush that came up my body, but lost the battle horribly. I stuck my hand out, met his eyes and returned his "Hi," though I introduced myself by adding my name to the greeting.

It was at this moment when the elevator came to a sudden stop and the lights went out. There was a collective groan from all of us inside the car. The emergency generator lights came on inside the car putting a blue glow on us. Paul grabbed the emergency phone in the car, but without power there was no dial tone.

"It's dead," he relayed to us. "Did either of you bring your cell phones?"

Both Chris and Jeff shook their heads no. He turned to me and I was already shaking my head no in response to his upcoming question. Another groan rose from all of us.

We all stood in silence for a bit, before Jeff turned back to me.

"So Rebecca, What brings you to Phoenix?"

Paul and Chris both turned to look at me too and it was at that moment that I felt like I was about to be interrogated. I took a deep breath relaxed my shoulders and spread my arms placing one hand on each of the railings going along the walls of the elevator car.

"I am here on business. Though I am hoping to go out and have some fun after the deals are done," I smiled trying to look relaxed and apparently failing as the men kind of stepped back a little, I assume to give me more breathing room.

"So you come to Phoenix much?" Jeff asked.

"No actually it is my first time here. But it's not hard to find a cool hang out. All I have to do is follow the cute guys and I usually end up at some club having a blast." I grinned as I said it and watched their faces light up with their own grins.

"Oh really, and what kind of clubs do you usually end up in?" Chris asked.

"The ones that don't have enough seating and the dance floor is packed with lots of sweaty, girls and guys who have had way too much to drink but are still fun to watch. I enjoy it all except for the not being able to sit part. After dancing for a while my feet need a rest."

It was at this point when I realized that if we were going to be stuck in this elevator then my feet needed a reprieve from my high heeled shoes. So without another thought I stooped down to undo the straps so I could slip them off. I'm not sure who it came from but one of the guys let out a little whistle.

"Could I possibly help you with those?" I looked up to find Jeff stooped down in front of me.

A wicked grin crept across my face as I stood up in front of him, "Sure. Where do you want my foot?"

He changed positions so that he was kneeling on one knee and had the other knee at a ninety degree angle. He patted his knee and said, "Right here."

I smiled as I realized that I would have to hike my skirt up just a bit to get my leg up that high. Doing so would give him a little bit of a peep show, but who cares. So I hiked my skirt up a little more than was necessary and gently placed my right foot on his knee. I looked up to find both Paul's and Chris' eyes moving over my body taking in every detail that they could. I took it upon myself to remove the small suit jacket that went with my skirt and laid it across the railing next to me. Doing so revealed the white short sleeved blouse I was wearing. I could feel their eyes on me; even Jeff's who had not yet begun undoing my shoes.

I reached up to let my hair down out of the clip I had put it up in earlier. I unbuttoned the top two buttons of my blouse which brought an audible low growl from all three of the men. It was then that Jeff slowly slid his hands up my thigh just to the top of my thigh high stockings. With a demure smile Jeff slowly slid his hands back down my leg to my shoe to unbuckle it. The feel of his hands on my leg made me roll my head back and sink into the sensation of his sweet caress. I closed my eyes and relaxed against the corner of the elevator car.

He slipped that shoe off and slowly lowered my foot to the floor. His fingers touched behind the knee of my left leg, signaling for me to shift my weight over to my right leg, I let him lift my left foot up and place it on his knee. In doing so it pushed my skirt higher. I felt Jeff slide his hand up the back side of my thigh moving just past the top of my stockings to where he should have felt the edge of my panties.

There was a definite "Fuck" whispered by Jeff as he discovered that I had nothing on under my skirt.

I smiled and raised my head back up and looked down at him…he looked up at me and I could see the first stirrings of sex come into his eyes. Perfect; just what I wanted.

"Is she as hot as she looks Jeff?" asked Chris.

Jeff just smiled and said, "Yes she is."

Chris approached us, and with a look asked if he could touch me too. I smiled and nodded my head in acceptance. He lightly ran his fingers up my arm and gently caressed my neck causing me to close my eyes. His other hand explored the opening at the top of my blouse. He leaned in to kiss me as his fingers began unbuttoning my shirt. I could feel Jeff finishing up with my left shoe. He slipped it off and slowly ran his hands back up my leg, his fingers playing around the edge of my stocking, feathering touches against my skin. I felt him slip his fingers inside the top of my stocking, and since I did not object he proceeded to slowly pull it down my leg, placing a light kiss on the inside of my thigh as it was uncovered. The touch of his lips on such an intimate place brought a soft low moan from my mouth. He completely removed it then returned to my right leg to repeat the gesture. Just then Chris finished unbuttoning my blouse, easily slipping the last button open, he spread the blouse open showing my upper body to the other two men.

Jeff whispered "Oh we are going to have so much fun." just as Paul groaned.

It was the groan that caught my attention and my eyes focused on Paul who was visibly aroused already, the outline of his erection pressing against the front of his jeans. Jeff and Chris guided me to the center of the elevator car. It was Jeff who unzipped my skirt and with a tug brought it down to the floor exposing me to their eyes.

"She isn't wearing any panties?" Paul turned wide eyes to Jeff who was grinning. "That means that you got a peek when you were taking off her shoes."

Jeff just nodded his head in response.

"Lucky fucker" Paul huffed. Then he looked at me and asked, "Did you know that he could see you?"

A wicked smile returned to my face as I nodded yes to his question. My answer brought a devilish smile to his face.

Chris came up behind me and said "Naughty Girl" as he slipped his fingers inside of my blouse and pulled it back and down over my shoulders and arms letting it fall to the floor. His hands smoothing down my back made quick work of unclasping my bra letting it slide and fall to the floor as well. It was done I was completely naked and standing in an elevator car with three guys who were ready to give me the time of my life for sure.

"Give us a little twirl naughty girl" Jeff said. I slowly turned closing my eyes as I felt Chris and Jeff's hands simultaneously sliding over my body.

I moaned and heard Paul say, "Fuck I wish I could join you guys!"

I opened my eyes and looked at him. "Why can't you play?" I asked.

"Stephanie, my wife, won't allow it. I am allowed to watch even participate in foreplay, but no actual sex" He replied.

I moved from between Jeff and Chris, holding out my hand. Paul looked at it suspiciously. "Just little tease. I won't touch anything that I am not allowed too" I told him.

"Hands off my dick, otherwise you are ok" "Do I get to touch you and if so where?" He asked.

"Yes and anywhere you want as long as you don't break your wife's rules" I replied.

It was his turn to showcase that wicked grin.

I began my tease by walking right up to him and smoothing my hands over his chest, moving around his body with my right hand still sliding over him I repeated the same gesture at his back this time going down as far as his ass, I gave in to the temptation to give it a little squeeze and a light smack before moving back around to stand in front of him again. I placed my hands at his shoulders and slid them down his body as I squatted down in front of him, pausing for just a second with my mouth so close to his hard on that an easy thought would have pushed my lips to kiss his erect body, I rolled my eyes up to see him watching me.

Fire and passion began to creep into his eyes. I switched direction and moved back up his body gently squeezing his thighs, skipping the off limits area with great regret. He placed a hand on my shoulder when I was standing before him again, and turned me around to face Jeff and Chris who were staring, both had their shirts, shoes, and socks off and their pants were unbuttoned.

"Watch them" Paul said his mouth close to my ear. His hand on my shoulder, he began an assault on my body in a way that even I couldn't have predicted.

It started with a caress on my neck followed by the feeling of his warm breath and a touch from his lips to the same spot. This made me lean in against him; laying my head back and to the side on his shoulder, giving him free reign over the sensitive area. Again, he kissed my neck following it with a quick wet lick, while his hands went down to cup and knead my breasts. His forefingers circled the very tips of my nipples causing them to harden instantly.

My hands snaked around to squeeze his butt and pull his hips closer to my body so I could feel the hardness of his arousal pressed against my body. Meanwhile, I was watching Jeff and Chris, as they had stripped down to their underwear. Jeff was wearing black men's trunks that rested just slightly below the crest of his hips and Chris was wearing blue silk briefs. I could see the outlines of their semi erect cocks, both promising bigger things to come.

Chris was the first to slip his thumbs inside his waistband and lower the blue silk exposing his body, much to my delight. He looked so majestic standing there, the powerful lines of his body promising pleasure to whomever he wanted to give it too. Paul kissed and nuzzled my neck, forcing me to turn and look at Jeff. The teasing smile on Jeff's face caught my attention. I watched as he stretched his arms up over his head, bringing them back down he placed the back of his fingertips on either side of his neck he slowly drew them down his neck, meeting in the middle of his chest. His hands continued their descent, following the midline of his upper body until he was just below his belly button. He smoothly transitioned to the front fingertips, and moving his hands apart, followed their own path to showcase his narrow hips. His thumbs slipped inside the waist band of his trunks and oh so slowly slid them down his strong legs, bit by bit exposing his body to me. As he straightened back up, my breath caught in my throat and I had to lick my lips. Jeff looked like a dark god whose power was only to please. The flat plains of his body almost begged to be caressed and explored. I felt like I was watching the ultimate woman's show. I watched as they both kneeled before Paul and me with their knees apart facing us.

They watched intently as Paul moved to a squatting position, his legs spread wide to support his stance as well as his upper body leaning against the wall. He pulled me down to his lap, making me straddle his wide spread legs, opening me to Jeff and Chris' eyes. He pushed my bottom forward a bit and pulled my upper body back against his chest. His left hand slipped between us and gently began massaging my clit, while his right hand caressed my breast leaving his mouth to kiss, lick, and nibble on my neck. The attention he was giving my body drew the moans out from deep within my throat. His fingers slowly slid back towards my opening…teasing but not entering me. My lips parting slightly as my breathing quickened.

"I want her mouth…such sexy fucking lips…I can't wait to have them wrapped around my cock," said Chris.

My eyes closed and I made small whimpering sounds as Paul gently bit my neck at the same time that he slid two fingers deep inside me. Masterfully he found my G spot and rubbed his finger over it making me cry out in pleasure. I could feel the building orgasm vaulting to the surface as I watched Chris and Jeff sliding their palms over their own hardening bodies. Watching them touch themselves, just inches from each other, set my body on fire, it was all I could stand. I dug my fingernails into Paul's thighs pushing my body up just a bit and quickly coming back down making his fingers slide in and out of me. He let me move as I wanted to, my body tightening each time I slid back down over his fingers.

"Mmmm Paul…"

"Yes…I know you feel it you naughty girl, cum for me," he coaxed. "I want you soaked when Jeff fucks you. I'm going to be licking the taste of you off of my fingers as I watch them take you," Paul whispered to me.

Hearing his words pushed me over the edge and I could feel my muscles tighten around his fingers, the gush of the release covering them….my loud cries of ecstasy filling the elevator.

"Mmmm now that's our good little girl," he said as he slid me off of his lap. "Crawl to them and ask them to fuck you good and hard. I want to hear you moaning and screaming as they take their turns with you."

I did what he asked. I crawled over to Jeff and Chris, and to Chris I said, "You want me to suck your cock or are you going to fuck my mouth?"

"Oh I'm going to fuck that sexy mouth of yours. I'm going to make you take it all," he answered. I smiled and nodded in agreement.

Turning to Jeff I said, "I want you to fuck my pussy fast and hard making me cum over and over again."

"Oh I plan to," he replied.

Chris and Jeff moved apart to make room for me between them. I positioned myself between them, spreading my knees wide to make room for Jeff. He knelt behind me, in between my legs, but sat back on his calves. He pulled me back and down to him so that I controlled the pace of him entering me. I sat up so that I was hovering just above his lap. I felt him hard and erect, anticipation dancing through his body as the tip of his cock pressed against the entrance to my body. I began to lower myself down, taking him into me oh so slowly drawing out the moment as long as I could. His width made me whimper as I slid my pussy down over his cock, feeling him stretch me open with every inch. His hands seized my hips as he lifted me about halfway off of his cock and then forcefully pulled me back down onto him several times, making us both cry out.

When I sat with my ass firmly pressed to his body, his cock buried deep inside of me, Chris advanced on us and made his move. With a small caress of his finger on my jaw I opened my mouth for him. I heard a low growl come from him as he pulled me forward just a bit. Taking him into my right hand, I licked up the underside of his now fully erect cock ending with a kiss on the tip before sliding my mouth down over him. My left hand came up to massage his balls, rolling them around between my thumb and fingers. I could feel Jeff's hands still on my body. His left hand keeping a firm grasp on my hip while his right hand slid up my back gently rubbing it. I felt him lean forward and kiss the lower part of my back sending shivers up my spine. My body shook with the feel that his kisses created in me. I moaned as I worked my mouth and tongue up then back down over Chris, sending vibrations over his cock as I kept trying to take him all in but never quite making it. Pulling back off of him until just my lips brushed his tip again I pressed my lips together and slowly forced them back down over his hardness, giving him the sensation of pushing into something tight and wet.

"Mmmm do that again."

I did as he asked not once, but twice. His hands came down to entwine themselves in my hair as Jeff continued to rub my back. I purred with the feel of Chris' hands in my hair. On the second descent he didn't let me stop, he pushed my head further down his cock, making me gag as my lips touched his body. He pulled back just before it became too much for me. He used my hair to pull me on and push me off of his cock, each time taking pleasure in forcing me to take him all the way in making me gag each time. As his pace quickened I discovered that breathing was a luxury. The domination that he was displaying at my mouth exciting me even more, causing my pussy to tighten more around Jeff's cock.

"I'm going to cum in your pretty little mouth and I want you to swallow it all," Chris said.

His grasp on my hair tightened, holding my head still. He began thrusting faster, literally fucking my mouth…forcing me to take his cock down my throat as I heard him groan loudly. His cock seemed to grow even larger in my mouth until I felt his cum shoot down my throat. I drank him down just like he wanted me too. After what seemed like minutes he pulled out of my mouth and on shaky legs moved over next to Paul who was watching it all take place. Chris sat down on the floor his breathing ragged and shaky as well. "That was fucking amazing," he managed to say.

Jeff pulled me back against him and whispered, "My turn. I want you on your knees, now!"

He pushed us up and forward from our sitting position as I leaned forward with my arms out to catch myself. He pushed my upper body down so that it looked like I was bowing down, with my head turned towards Paul and Chris to let them see the expressions as they crossed my face. Jeff slowly began to move in and out of me as one of his hands slid up my back and slowly returned to my hip leaving light scratches in its wake. His hands grasped my hips a little tighter as he alternated between fast, deep, hard thrusts and slow teasing strokes, causing us both to moan and growl with the occasional whimper from me. My eyes slowly opened to see Paul and Chris watching my expressions.

"Oh my god she has the best 'fuck me' eyes I have ever seen" said Paul, as he gave his fingers a quick lick, tasting where they had been. Just as he did that an orgasm caught me off guard and I screamed with the sensation of it bursting through my body.

"That will teach you to lose focus on me," Jeff growled, his hand coming down hard to smack my ass. "Get up on your hands, now!" he demanded. I did as he asked. He reached forward and grabbed my hair with one hand and using the other hand to push down on my lower back creating an arch and changing the angle that he was fucking me at. "Tell me…Who am I?" he asked as he slowed his thrusts.

"Jeff" was all I could say.

"No" He replied as the hand that was on my back came down to smack my other ass cheek. Again he asked, "Who am I?"

Being the smart ass that I am I answered this time by saying "God?"

I felt another smack land almost directly over the last one as he said "No. When you look back on this moment, the position you are in, the smacks that have left handprints on your ass. What name will you give me when you think of me?" I understood what he wanted this time and I gladly gave it to him.

"Master," I said.

"Mmmm now that's my girl," he crooned as he picked up his pace making me cry out again. His hand still in my hair and the other returned to its position on my back. It wasn't long before his fast then slow pace had me spilling over the edge again…just a small one this time building up to the finale so to speak. "Fuck," he growled as his hand slipped from my hair and pushed me back down, both hands returning to my hips. The forcefulness of his actions sent me spiraling into that finale, cumming hard on his cock, muscles convulsing around him, my body's release washing over him. His pace quickened and this time he didn't let up, succumbing to the sensations that he was experiencing. He moaned as he spilled himself inside of me, filling me with his cum. After a few minutes, he slowly pulled out of me, turning me to face him. He placed a soft lingering kiss on my lips.

"You are incredible! Mmmm I want to keep you with me. Would you let me keep you?" He asked.

"Is he serious?" I asked looking at Chris and Paul.

They both nodded their heads yes. At the obviously confused look on my face Chris explained. "Jeff is probably the only guy who isn't married, but doesn't indulge in the women who claim to be his biggest fans 'groupies,' and to my knowledge has only had one other girl stay with him as a constant companion. As a side note she left him for one of her ex's."

My only thought to that remark was that she was insane!

"And right now I have never seen such a complete look of happiness on his face since that girl," said Paul.

I glanced back at Jeff who was still awaiting my answer. "I truly make you that happy that you would want to keep me with you no matter where you traveled too?" I asked him.

"Definitely" he replied. A thought hit my mind and it brought a smile to my face.

"Uh oh…she has that smile on her face again" said Chris.

I nodded and said, "On one condition, that if you choose to share me it is only with Chris and if Paul wants to watch then he can. But under NO circumstances will you give me to anyone else."

"Agreed," said Jeff. He looked at Paul and Chris, "If it's ok with you guys?"

Together they nodded and said "Of course" and "for sure" in unison.

"Then it's all settled," I said.

We got up and dressed…Jeff and I using the wet wipes I had in my purse to clean up. Just as I got my hair back in its clip we heard the power surge back on and the elevator began to move again.

"Do you have business to attend to right now?" Jeff asked.

"Nope I was just going out for a walk."

"Good then you can come to lunch with us and keep the crazy fan girls away," he smiled.

"So am I supposed to act like all three of you are mine?"

"Yes," Paul said.

"Done," I said.

With that the elevator doors opened and we walked out looking like an entourage that had just been doing something naughty. Many people stared at us as we walked through the lobby and out of the hotel doors. Paul caught us a cab and we all piled in…Him in the front, Chris, Jeff, and I in the backseat. It was then that I reflected that today was going to be a great day!

To be continued…

End Chapter One