Love, Lust, and Lessons

Author: Dee

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended nor disrespect towards the persons depicted in this story.

Becca kicked her hotel room door shut behind her, carrying her shopping bags over to the dresser. She had spent the day at the mall going store to store while Jeff was busy at an autograph signing. The few times she caught his eye, he actually blushed from the attention he was getting. She found it adorable to see him feeling awkward in his element. 'What is this?' she narrowed her eyes on the large extravagantly wrapped box lying in the center of her king-sized bed. 'Maybe something from Jeff?' She sat beside it, pulling the envelope from beneath the ribbon and removed the card.

We have the night off and decided to take you somewhere special. Inside the box you'll find the outfit we bought you for the occasion. Be dressed and ready to go by 9 PM. We'll come get you!

Chris and Jeff

'I didn't realize Chris was in town,' Becca placed the card aside, pulled the box on to her lap and lifted the top off. 'Oh my God,' her eyes went wide when she looked over the contents. 'What are those two up to?' she wondered as she pulled her outfit out.

"Do you have your key?" Chris asked Jeff after knocking again on her door and getting no answer.

"Yeah, man," Jeff dug into his back pocket, fished out his key card to Becca's room and opened the door. He shook his head when Chris preceded him in, obviously in a hurry to make their appointment, before Jeff walked in behind him and shut the door. "Becca, you here, baby?" Jeff called out when they found the main bedroom empty.

"In here," she answered from behind the closed bathroom door.

"You ready?" Chris stood a few feet from the door, his arms crossed over his chest. "We need to head out so come on already," he smirked when the door slowly opened and Becca came out to stand awkwardly in front of him. "You going to let us see how it looks before we get there?" he cocked his head, barely restraining his grin when she opened her leather coat and let it fall to the floor.

"Holy shit," Jeff said in astonishment, his eyes wide with appreciation.

"Nice," Chris nodded his head, walking a circle around her, inspecting every inch of her. "Very nice," he smiled, tilting up her chin to look in her eyes. "Put your coat back on and let's go. We'll tell you the rules in the car," he had to stifle his laugh when her blush spread from her face, down her neck to her chest.

"Do you understand everything, baby?" Jeff took her hand in his, ducking his head down to look in her eyes. He had watched her face pale and then color with embarrassment more times than he could count in the last 20 minutes while Chris went over the rules of the club. He knew his girl was adventurous but this was taking it to a whole new level but he couldn't deny his excitement when Chris suggested it. "Becca?" he palmed her cheek, turning her face towards him to meet her eyes.

"I understand," she whispered with a short nod, trying to avert her eyes from his concerned look but he wouldn't let her.

"We can go back if you're not up for it," Jeff said softly, feeling her tremble ever so slightly against his side.

"I'll be fine," Becca said after a moment of staring into his green eyes. He had a way of making everything better, easier when he met her gaze. The time they had been together, she found herself feeling more and more for Jeff and could see the same in his eyes.

She traveled with him; sharing a room with him in each city they had a show. On a few occasions she'd go to the arena to watch him perform but normally she'd wait for him in their hotel room, strangely anxious for him to return as quickly as possible. Their sex life was beyond incredible. Jeff was a vigorous and attentive lover seeing to her every need before he came. He was a rare find and one she would be forever grateful for but especially now when she felt the limo come to a stop. She burrowed into his side when the driver lowered the privacy glass and told them they had arrived at their destination.

"Excellent," Chris smirked, reaching for the bag beside him on the seat. "We have some accessories for you to wear, a condition of the club rules," he pulled out a gold collar; it was encrusted with sapphires and diamonds, and secured it around her neck. "Looks perfect on you just like I knew it would when I saw it," he grinned, pulling out two leashes, handing one to Jeff. They attached each to a ring on either side of her collar and exchanged a grin when they saw her swallow heavily. "Let's go inside, pet," Chris opened the door on his side, tugging on her leash until she followed with Jeff right behind her.

Sinful Desires was a club for gentlemen and their female property. The interior of the club was extravagant like the clientele they catered to. There were several high backed sofas with coffee tables before them; each table had an assortment of toys for the men to use on their pets. Servers worked the floor, pushing around carts loaded with more toys and drinks. Everywhere Becca looked there were women either kneeling on the floor in front of their master while he talked to another man or the men were making excellent use of the sofas, some taking their pets and some sharing them with their friends.

"I need to check her coat." Becca's attention snapped back to the here and now when she glanced at the man holding out his hand. Chris dropped his leash, moved behind her and slipped her coat from her shoulders and arms. Her eyes immediately lowered to the floor when the coat check guy ran his gaze down her very exposed body. "Very nice," the man smiled at Jeff. "Have fun, gentlemen," he nodded and went to hang up her white leather duster.

The outfit that Chris and Jeff had bought for her consisted of a white leather corset that began just beneath her full breasts and ended above her navel, a matching pair of crotchless panties, garters and stockings and high-heeled pumps. Her breasts, pussy and ass were completely visible to anyone that looked and right now, Becca felt like everyone was looking while Chris and Jeff led her to a sofa.

Antonio stared at the beauty that was led through the club; he could tell she was new due to her awkwardness. He could also tell by the confident stride of one of her owners and the loving look in the eye of the other that she would be fine in a matter of minutes. He narrowed his eyes on the two men and recognition hit him in an instant. "Simon," he snapped at one of the men that took the reservations. "Let me see the arrangements for that group over at sofa 7," he held out his hand, taking the book and skimming the page. "Did you explain the situation for the high end clientele? Did you inform them of the private rooms that are available just for people like them?" he rattled off quickly.

"Yes, I did but the short-haired blond gentleman insisted on being in the public area," Simon explained in a hushed voice. "I believe he wanted to train his property in front of the other clientele, sir."

"Lovely," Antonio rolled his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose and holding out his hand. "Give me the phone," he took it firmly in hand, calling a number from memory.

"Becca, Jeff, are you guys in there?" Paul knocked on the door, feeling frustrated after checking Chris' room, calling them and now checking their room with no sign of his friends. He had been excited about this night, looking forward to it and now he couldn't find them anywhere. "Damn it," he cursed beneath his breath, fishing his cell out of his pocket when it began to vibrate against his chest. "Antonio?" Paul asked curiously after looking at the number on the caller ID.

"Yes, Mr. Levesque, I thought since you were in town I'd be seeing you and Ms. Stephanie for sure this evening," Antonio smiled, trying to think of the best way to spring this on the chairman's son-in-law.

"Steph isn't in town with me, Antonio, and how did you know we were in town?" Paul asked while he walked down the hall.

"Well, two of your acquaintances have shown up with their young lady this evening," Antonio glanced towards their sofa, his brows shooting to his hairline when he saw the young woman's upper body lying over Chris' thighs, his mouth hungrily attacking her nipples while Jeff lay between her legs eating her pussy. "I believe they are known as a Mr. Jericho and Mr. Hardy in your business."

That stopped Paul cold in the hallway. "Tell me they are using a private room," he closed his eyes, a feeling of dread and anger building in his gut.

"They were given the options and circumstances, sir, but Mr. Jericho declined," Antonio said in all seriousness.

"I'm on my way, Antonio, and do me a favor," Paul stepped into the elevator, hitting the button for the garage floor, "have my usual room prepared," he ended the call without waiting for a reply.

Becca was in heaven at the mercy of these two gods. Chris was sucking, biting and licking her nipples, almost painfully so but the sensation of Jeff's tongue flicking over her clit, his fingers sliding in and out of her slick pussy balanced it all out perfectly. She had been nervous when they pulled her from her kneeling position up on to the sofa, feeling the eyes of the surrounding men on her but that tension fled an instant later when their mouths ravaged her body.

Chris grinned against her breast when she came from their twin assault on her senses, resituating her limp form between his spread legs and nodding his head at Jeff.

Jeff smirked at the sated look on his lover's face, unzipping his fly and crawling up her body to position his cock at her smooth, wet entrance. He drove his length into her, a soft look in his eyes belied the way he pumped his cock into her pussy. Becca tried to move her hands to his shoulders but Chris grabbed her wrists, pulling her arms above her head and placed her hands behind his neck, a not so subtle hint to hold on to him and she took it.

"Has Jeff broken in your ass yet, pet?" Chris whispered in her ear, feeling her shiver against him before she silently nodded her head. "Well isn't he on top of things? But that's good cuz I definitely want a taste of that myself," he chuckled softly, drawing her earlobe between his teeth while Jeff thrust steadily into her body, rocking her against Chris' hard length that was trapped between their bodies. "Definitely want some of that," he growled when her ass bumped repeatedly against his cock.

"Who said you could have it, asshole?" Jeff gritted between clenched teeth, the feeling of her tight heat gripping his length forcing him to rein in his urge to cum. He always made sure he got her to cum at least twice before he allowed his release to take him. "She's mine, I just share her with you from time to time," he gasped, looking up into Chris' dejected face and hid his grin. "There's got to be something of her that I keep to myself, man," he darted his eyes back to her face, meeting her dazed eyes with a smile.

"Oh, come on, Jeff," Chris began but Jeff's piercing green eyes snapping up to his blue cut him off.

"If you want it, Chris, ask me for it, don't just tell her you're gonna take it," Jeff growled out, his hips slapping the cradle of Becca's thighs when his anger drove him on to claim his woman. "Cum for me, baby," Jeff gasped against her parted lips, her eyes fluttering open to see his intense gaze and an instant later, her body went rigid, quaking with her orgasm. "Fuck, Becca," he groaned, throwing his head back, the tendons in his arms standing out as he jerked his release into her quivering depths.

Paul stood across the club behind a pillar, watching the sordid little affair going on between his three friends. 'Well Jeff and Becca just came, that is obvious,' he thought when the young Hardy threw his head back, jerking his hips into her body. He watched Chris scowl before he said something to Jeff, who nodded his head while he pulled out of Becca's pussy, tucked himself back in his pants and flopped to their side. A grin tugged at the corners of Paul's mouth from his impeccable timing. Chris had instructed Becca to roll over on to her knees, her chest pressed into the leather sofa and her bare ass in the air. Paul quirked an eyebrow when Chris grabbed a bottle of oil from the table, situated himself behind her and worked one well-oiled finger into her tight asshole. 'Oh no he isn't,' he thought with a wicked grin, waving over Antonio. "I'll be retiring to my room and would like you to send security over to their sofa. Have them make up any story that's plausible but get them all into the room before he does what I know he wants to do," he pointed at Chris, who added a second finger into Becca's tight passage.

"As you wish, sir," Antonio inclined his head, waiting for Paul to slip away before he waved over his security team.

"You are still so tight, pet," Chris purred from behind her, working those two digits into her body at a steady pace. "I guess Jeff hasn't hit it enough times yet to keep you stretched open but I'll fix that," he rose to his knees behind her, pulling his fingers free and unzipped his slacks. "I'll break you in properly," he gripped his hard length in his hand, ran the oil over his silk-encased steel and positioned the head at her puckered entrance. "Yes," he grabbed her hips in his hands, pulling her back while he pushed forward and breached her ass. His eyes rolled up into his head while he eased in, taking several deep breaths when he was fully seated within her, only to turn his head to the side when he heard a throat clear. "What?"

"Club security, sir," the larger one spoke up. "We need you two gentlemen to gather your property," he tilted his head towards the unresponsive Becca, "and come with us."

"You've got to be kidding me," Chris growled low in his throat, angry that he was interrupted but especially now.

"Now, sir," the guard reiterated in a deeper tone.

The room they were led into was dark with random candles lit around to cast shadows along the mirrored walls. A bed of furs was situated in the center of the room with four stone columns surrounding them. Dark burgundy curtains draped between the columns and a few adorned the mirrored walls to keep the reflections from being overwhelming or distracting. Chris and Jeff darted their eyes to their guards when they slammed the door closed behind them, Becca jumped between them.

"Well, hi there," Paul stepped out of the shadows, surprising all three of them. "Don't anyone say one word or we'll have problems," he darted his steel eyes over his two friends, the anger there for them to see as he moved to lie down on the furs. "Becca, I want you to be a good girl and take off Chris and Jeff's clothes for me. Now, sweetheart, do as I say please and do remember the club rules," he cocked his head at her, seeing her swallow heavily as she moved to do his bidding. "Chris, I assure you in this room I am the King of Kings, so much so that the club doesn't allow anyone else to use it so I suggest you shut your mouth and let my pet follow my instructions," he cut off his friend when he went to speak, smirking when his teeth clacked shut.

"Behind those columns on the floor, you'll find some restraints," Paul said softly, when Becca had finished stripping Chris and Jeff of all their clothing. "Bind their hands behind the column, pet," he inclined his head when she glanced up at him through her full lashes. "Do you two realize how dangerous it was to your careers to take her out on the main floor of the club?" Paul asked while he stared at his nails, seemingly uninterested in their responses. "We have enough press. We don't need the elitists out there calling the media on your ignorant asses to keep the attention off of them when they sneak out the back," he explained while Becca clicked the handcuffs in place on Chris' wrists and moved to bind Jeff. "Hence the reason the staff tried to talk you into a private room but no, you wanted to take her ass out there for everyone to see your conquest," he narrowed his eyes on Chris before he held out his hand. "Come here, pet," he called out to Becca, taking her wrist and pulling her down to her knees before him. "You look incredible in this outfit," he whispered to her with a smile.

"Thank you, my Lord," she smiled softly, keeping her eyes lowered as per the rules of the club.

"I was looking everywhere for you three tonight," Paul spoke up, stripping his shirt over his head and tossing it aside. "Can't begin to tell you how disappointed I was when I couldn't find you and how livid I was when Antonio called to tell me you were here in the main club no less," he stood up, drilling his eyes into the top of Becca's head. "Take off my pants, pet," he grinned when her eyes darted up to his for a split second before her hands went to his waistband.

Becca tried to keep the tremor out of her hands as she unzipped his fly, pushing his slacks down his muscular legs for him to step out of. Her eyes remained riveted to his large, impressive erection standing proud against his abdomen. He knelt before her, taking her waist in his hands and moved her to lie on the furs in just the right spot for Jeff and Chris to have an unobstructed view. "The reason I was looking for you tonight is cuz Steph gave me permission to be with you," he whispered, running his fingers over her nipples until they hardened into tight peaks. "How perfect that our first time gets to be here in my private room of pleasure with those two helpless to do anything but watch as I fuck you into these furs," he said loud enough for his friends to hear while he ran his hand down to her dripping folds, tracing a finger over her smooth skin before delving inside.

Jeff watched with wide eyes as Becca's body arched from every push of Paul's thick finger into her pussy, his teeth biting on her hardened tips. He knew his woman wanted Paul; he was forbidden fruit, off-limits to her and now she had been given her chance. It was a matter of minutes until she came from the combination of his mouth on her nipples and his fingers fucking her pussy.

"Hold your legs open for me, pet," Paul grinned down at the gasping Becca, watching her shaking hands move to her knees. "I want you wide open for me so that I can fuck that sweet pussy of yours," he knelt between her legs, holding himself up with one strong arm while he rubbed the head of his cock over her slick opening, pushing in to the hilt on the next pass. "Jesus," he gritted out of clenched teeth from her tight heat that gripped him. "So fucking tight, precious, so hot," he growled low in his throat, pumping into her at a furious pace.

Becca couldn't hold back her cries of pleasure if she tried, he felt so good filling her beyond completion, almost to the point of pain but she didn't care. She had wanted to feel him for so long and now she finally got to know what the man was like.

Jeff and Chris pulled against their restraints, their aching hard ons weeping from their need. This primal display of power that Paul was putting on dug beneath their skin, making them sweat just from the sight of it and both men were desperate to cum, especially Chris since he was interrupted before he got his chance.

Paul could see Becca was having a hard time holding her legs up under his assault. He took pity on her by draping her legs over his shoulders, pressing her knees to her breasts while he pistoned his cock into her pussy. "You feel perfect, Becca," he groaned while his pelvis slapped against the cradle of her thighs. "Jeff is a lucky man," he darted his eyes to his friends, chuckling when he saw their angry erections throbbing from neglect. "That looks painful, guys. Guess you know how I felt every time I had to sit by and watch you tap this," he smirked, his eyes lighting up before they clenched tight. "Son of a bitch," he gritted out when Becca clamped down on his penetrating length, her whole body convulsing when her orgasm swept over her like a tidal wave.

Jeff's wild eyes went from his lady to Paul, somewhere in his rational mind he was amazed that his friend managed to hold off his release. It took every ounce of restraint he had to keep himself from cumming when her pussy clamped down on his cock like that. This was Paul's first time with her and he could see him struggle for an instant before he was in complete control once again.

Chris was panting heavily through his parted lips, he was aching to cum, to take her like Paul just did but his friend saw to it that it didn't happen. He was strung up here, forced to watch while his cock leaked precum seemingly nonstop on his abdomen. He clenched his eyes, trying to focus his vision since his blood flow was concentrated in his southern region at the moment. He heard Becca moan and snapped open his eyes to see Paul flip Becca over on to her stomach.

"Let's see if Chris had a chance to prep you enough for me, sweetheart," Paul grinned almost wickedly at his friend when his mouth fell open. "Oh yes, I am," he nodded his head at Chris, grabbing a bottle of oil from the floor. "Maybe next time you'll think before you act," he poured a generous amount in his palm and slicked up his already cum soaked cock before thrusting two thick fingers into her ass.

"Think about what? Not being so public about our wants and needs? Giving a shit what those pricks out there think of us?" Chris spat while his eyes remained riveted to Paul's fingers sliding in and out of his desired prize.

"No, Chris," Paul shook his head, gripping Becca's waist in his large hands, "thinking about me before you run off and do your own thing with her! I seem to recall we started this together but you two have thrown me off to the side since I have rules to follow. Well, now you have rules too," he cocked his head with a grin and drove his thick shaft into her tight ass. "Shh, pet," he said through a hoarse throat when she cried out from his invasion, rubbing her lower back while he eased forward despite his incredible need to take it forcefully. "Relax, precious," he gasped through heaving lungs, allowing her to grow accustomed to his size while he remained still but fully seated within her.

"I'm ready, my Lord," she said shakily, adding the Lord part to keep in character but also to please Paul while he handed out his lessons to his friends. All thought ceased a second later when he gripped her waist tight and pulled her back into his penetrations, a cry tearing from her lungs on each inward thrust.

Jeff stared at Paul taking Becca in the most primal way possible, the intense look on his friend's face and the unbridled passion mixed with pain on his lady's. Intense jealousy ate at Jeff's insides while he watched him dominate his woman yet at the same time, it excited him to the point of wanting to break free of his bonds, push Paul aside and finish her off. He tore his eyes from the act, glancing at Chris through hazy eyes and could see his friend was in bad shape. His cock was an angry purple and bobbed in sync with each of Becca's cries of mindless passion.

The pressure she applied to his thrusting shaft was intense, bringing him to the brink many times but he held off waiting for her to go over first. He wanted to hear it, that deep guttural cry that he'd torn from Steph's lungs more times than he could count. She was like a rag doll in his hands, completely limp and boneless while his hands held her up and pulled her back into each of his thrusts. 'Jeff must be better at this than I thought cuz she's held out longer than I dreamed,' he thought while he picked up the pace.

From their position, Jeff and Chris could see Paul's cock pull all the way out of her ass and slam back in. They could see her boneless body completely at his mercy and her slick juices dribbling down her thighs. Jeff knew that Becca had cum several times during his anal penetration of her, probably so slight that Paul hadn't felt it but Jeff had experience with her, he knew how her body reacted to every stimulation. 'It won't be long now,' he thought. 'Thank God cuz I don't know how much more of this I can take,' he panted with a shake of his head.

Right on cue, Becca went rigid in his grasp, her body arching while her head went back and a cry of intense release ripped from her lungs. Paul gritted his teeth, pulling her back into his thrusting hips a few more times before he buried himself to the hilt within her and growled out his orgasm, jerking his hips as he flooded her backside with his seed. He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her with him as he flopped on to his side, still buried within her while his cock twitched with each shot of the last of his load.

"Becca, are you okay?" he asked, kissing the back of her head after a few minutes. He grinned when she hummed and wearily nodded her head. "Good to hear, sweetheart," he laughed softly, reaching for the club phone beside him and hitting a number. "Antonio, have one of your staff bring the lady's coat to my room. We'll be leaving shortly through the back so please send the car around and thank you, my friend," he grinned, disconnecting the call and tossing the phone aside. "Time to go, precious," he whispered in Becca's ear, easing out of her body with clenched eyes before he released the breath he was holding. "Now, I'd like you to crawl over to the guys to release their restraints and return to me the same way. Go ahead," he nudged her, smiling with mischief in his eyes when she rolled on to her hands and knees and shakily crawled to do his bidding. "Don't even think about touching her when you're free or I just might consider continuing your lessons for disobeying," he lifted his brows when Chris stared hungrily at Becca, flicking his gaze to meet Paul's while he fisted his hands to get the circulation flowing again. "Get dressed so we can leave," Paul told his friends once they were released, laughing when they both groaned as they focused on Becca's dripping pussy and ass while she crawled back to him. "Like I said," Paul shook his head when they hissed, "looks painful," he chuckled while they pulled their slacks over their engorged cocks.

The two men stood there wincing in agony while Paul lazily dressed, both of them staring at Becca's exhausted form sprawled out on the furs. Their eyes darted to the door when it swung open and a guard brought in her coat, handing it to Paul with a nod of his head before he quickly exited.

"Fun time is over, sweetheart," Paul knelt beside Becca, lifting her body up to put on her coat. "Time to go home," he swept her small spent form up in his arms, cradling her to his chest before looking at his friends and jerking his head towards the door.

Jeff and Chris exchanged a look before they went to the door, holding it open to let Paul carry Becca out first before they followed. He kept her on his lap during the drive back to the hotel, carrying her through the lobby and up to their floor before he finally handed her over to Jeff. "I'd tell her if I was you, Jeff," he whispered while he smoothed the sleeping woman's hair back. "I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by her response and remember, not every woman is the same as your last one was. This one is special," he winked when Jeff gave him a surprised look, nodding his head before he kicked his door shut in their faces. "And you," he glanced at Chris' scowling face before he gave his crotch a light swat, making the man hiss like he'd been burned. "I'd go jerk that off if I was you or you're gonna be blue for days," Paul laughed all the way down the hall to his door.

Jeff carefully removed Becca's outfit, tossing the leather aside before he shut off the water in the tub and retrieved his slumbering lady. She stirred against his chest while he washed her body of all traces of the evening. "Hey there, beautiful," he whispered when her eyes fluttered open.

"Where are we?" she mumbled as she stretched her lithe form against his.

"Back in our room," he chuckled when her eyes snapped open.

"I slept the whole way home?" she blinked her eyes, looking up into his face when he lifted her from the tub and carried her to the vanity.

"You were out like a light," he smirked, setting her down to dry her body. "A bomb could've gone off and you wouldn't have moved an inch," he laughed while he ran the towel over his skin, tossed it to the floor and swept her up in his arms. "I guess between the three of us, we really wore you out," he set her in the center of the bed, laying down beside her and pulling the blanket over their bodies. "Hey, baby?" Jeff said hesitantly, drifting off for a moment until she turned in his arms to look up into his eyes. "I love you, Becca," he said on a breath, swallowing heavily when she cocked her head. "I just wanted you to know that," he lowered his eyes, unable to stand her silent stare.

"Hey," she lifted his chin, meeting his hesitant gaze with a soft smile on her face. "I love you too," she whispered, pulling his head down to softly kiss his parted lips.

"Really?" he asked her curiously, a slight blush coloring his cheeks.

"Is it so hard to believe, Jeff? You're a beautiful man who is very considerate and caring. You put your heart into everything you do or say whether you're aware of it or not. You always say what's on your mind and never hold back your feelings. Do you have any idea how rare that is in a man?" she asked with love in her eyes, the smile still on her face. It amazed her that he had no clue just how special he was and cursed the woman that made him doubt himself. "You truly are an enigma and one that I'm happy to call mine. I would love to spend an eternity finding out every single unique thing about you."

"You can get started on that as soon as we go home," he sighed in relief, pulling her into his chest and resting his chin on top of her head.

"But we are home, baby," she mumbled into his chest, feeling her exhaustion sweep back in to claim her.

"Not these damn hotels, Becca," he wrapped his arms around her back, holding on to her while her breath began to even out. "I'm off for a few days and I'm taking you home, to our home," he kissed the top of her head, smiling softly when she drifted off completely.