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Chapter 2

Kyle in the pool of tears

"This is really starting to seem familiar" sighed Kyle as he slowly drift (in what he suspected to be) forward. "Stupid Mr. Hat... he didn't have to laugh so hard" Kyle muttered,looking over his right shoulder. Mr. Hat had already disappeared from sight but his laugh still echoed though his ears.
"Drowning in Mr. Hat's tears... now that would be quite the humiliating way to die."

Kyle gazed up at the Grey sky above. Purple-tinted clouds floated lazily across it, giving the illusion of a dome-like shape.
"Hm, now that can't be right. Maybe I'm just getting seasick.." Thought Kyle as he leaned lightly over the mouth of his temporary boat.
Just then he heard the sound of a familiar voice singing a little way off to his right. Kyle began paddling , getting nearer and nearer to the source: at first he thought it must be his brother, but then he remembered the tone of Ike's voice, the voice that floated on the water was shaky and sad. Much different from his brother. Soon he got close enough to make out the owner of the somber melody.

"mouse ears...? " Questioned Kyle as he gently floated closer towards the trembling silhouette. " Maybe I could ask him for directions..." (Kyle thought it weird for a person to be wearing mouse ears, He thought it stranger for a person to be wearing them out in the middle of the sea.)
Drifting on a beaten up wood door was someone he knew well.

"TWEEK?!" Shouted Kyle as he leaned against the side of his glass ship (almost tipping the boat over in disbelief)

"GAH!" Shrieked the shaky coffee addict, almost falling over the edge of his raft in shock.

"Whoa! calm down Tweek! Just wait a second. I'll be right there!" Stated Kyle,quickly paddling towards the quivering blond. Worry and fear for his friends safety filling his chest.
Abandoning his glass boat for the solid raft Kyle quickly rushed to the helpless blond(who was now waist deep in his soon to be cold watery grave)

" Ngggh! I DON'T WANNA D-DIE GAH!"wailed Tweek, desperately grabbing at the whatever was available. "I'm not gonna let you die! Stop flailing around" Replied Kyle grabbing Tweek by the arms and pulling him back up onto the raft.

Kyle waited patiently as the terrified Tweek calmed down.

"So how'd ya get all the way out here Tweekers?" Asked the redhead, lowering his voice to a hushed tone. A sudden jerk from the blond signaled an impending outburst.

"Nggh h-how do you know My, ngh, nickname?!" He gasped dramatically, Pulling at his unkempt mess of hair.

" Oh, I'm sorry It's just... calm down already..!" Replied Kyle frantically. "Do... do you like cats...?" He asked curiously, only to have the coffee nut leap back in horrifying terror.

"GAH! C-CATS?!" he shrieked " Oh sweet Jesus! No! I've N-Never liked him, ngggh Oh god this is way too much pressure, ngh" He stated, tugging furiously at his poorly buttoned vest. " ngh oh man, I ne-never liked him, It- I- and then he.. OH GOD I don't like him!" he continued, Face flushed a stunning red from ear to ear.

" Whoa, whoa you gotta chill out man, I promise no more cat chats." said Kyle in a soothing tone.

"urk. We- we're almost there." squealed Tweek pointing his finger a little way off to Kyle's left.

"Almost where?" asked Kyle truly baffled.

"Ngh to shore."