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Hitman Interviews

Target 1: Vongola

Tsuna: "Hello, I am Sawada Tsunayoshi. You know, that main character who pisses you off because he whines, cries and complains without going complete badass until episode 26 but returns to a whinny brat again? Well yea, that's me and today I'm gonna show you how we picked the cast of the Vongola team. First we have (looks at the papers) Ryohei!"

Tsuna: "Why should you be in Vongola?"

Ryohei: "EXTREME!"

Tsuna: "Next!"

Tsuna: "Why should you be in Vongola?"

Lambo: "Duh, cause I'm the baby. The audience will find me cute and adorable. They'll love me for making your life miserable and they obviously hate you for 2 whole seasons, And plus I bring up ratings and have the most important role in the show for season 4."

Tsuna: "Are you always this smart?"

Lambo: "Duh, it's called acting, dumbass."

Tsuna: "NEXT!"

Tsuna: "Why should you be in Vongola?"

Gokudera: "I'll be cool for 2 episodes before I start kissing your feet, the ground you walk on, and stealing all your left socks."

Tsuna (Looks at his left foot and sees no sock): "NEXT!"

Gokudera getting pulled away by his sister: "Wait, Juudaime!"

Tsuna: "Why should you be in Vongola?"

Yamamotto: "I like baseball and my dad is coincidently the last samurai and if you search up my name on Google you'll find Japanese models."

Tsuna: "You're in."

Tsuna: "Why should you be in Vongola?"

Chrome: "I'll kiss you then have an instantaneous sex change, making you and the viewers feel very, very, very awkward. Either that or I'll reveal your sick twisted viewers."

Tsuna: "NEXT!"

Rokudo: "Put Chrome in, or I'll kill you." (Flashes creepy award winning smile.)

Tsuna: "Okay… but we have to kiss right?"

Rokudo walks away.

Tsuna: "Right?!"

Tsuna: "Why should you be in Vongola?"

Hibari: "I'll bite you to death."

Tsuna: "Isn't skin kind of nasty?"

Hibari: "It really does but the producers force me to say it or they'll kill my adorable pets."

Tsuna: "Aren't you supposed to be badass?"

Hibari: "Not really, I enjoy naps of the rooftops while the birds chirp."

Tsuna: "Hibari, if you don't shut up, you'll summon the fangirls. NEXT!"

Tsuna: "Why should you guys be my alter dying egos?"


Hyper Will Tsuna: "I'm sexy, look at my eyes."

Tsuna (To Reborn): "This is totally a thing, I want the sexy one."

Reborn: "Well, since no one else interviewed for those roles, we'll have to give all of the rejects the gig."

Tsuna: "Damn it, that means."

Gokudera running to Tsuna: "Juudaime!"

Tsuna: "Security!"

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