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Hitman Interviews

Target 3: Acrobaleno

Tsuna: "Okay, Hitman Fans, Happy Thanks giving week! We're back for another chapter with the cursed babies the acrobalenoes!"

Haru: "Today I'll be helping Tsuna because reborn is going to be interviewed along with the otner acrobalenoes."

Tsuna: "Wait.. What? When did this happen?"

Haru: "Every since Haru's Dangerous Interviews got canceled."

Tsuna: "Did you know why you were canceled?"

Haru: "Not really."

Tsuna: "Because your show was nothing but a load of bull, not to mention you were nothing but a fan girl taking up precious screen time that viewers would be viewing their hitman reborn instead of watching 12 minutes of Reborn then 10 minutes of you messing up the manga!"

Haru: "Well, what do you want me to do about it?"

Tsuna: "Get off my show, now."

[Haru runs off crying]

Tsuna: "Okay today replacing Haru who was replacing Reborn is Kyoko!"

Angry Fans: "What!"

[Kyoko enters with her infamous giggle]

Tsuna: "Alright lets bring in our first baby, Colonnello!"

Colonnello: "Sup, maggots!"

Tsuna: "Hey Colonnello, we noticed that you weren't with the original acrobalenoes what made you run into the cursed light."

Colonnello: "Well, the lights were pretty, maggots."

Tsuna: "Colonnello, you do know you're not really 5 years old right give us a serious answer."

Colonnello: "That is my answer, maggots."

Tsuna groans in disappointment: "So pretty much you're an important character that Lal Mirch needed to have more screen time."

Colonnello: "Yeah, pretty much, maggots."

Tsuna: "What do you have to say Kyoko?"

Kyoko giggles.

Tsuna: "Thank you, next!"

Tsuna: "Hello, Skull, how are you doing to today?"

Skull: "This is my chance to get everyone to respect me!"

Tsuna: "Umm, sure, go luck with that. Next!"

Tsuna: "Viper, I have one question?"

Viper: "Hurry up I'm not getting paid enough to be here."

Tsuna: "Okay, Are you sure you weren't suppose to be a girl?"

Viper: "What's that suppose to mean?"

Tsuna: "Well, it's the way you wear your clothes, your voice, I mean I know you're suppose to have a babies' voice but the first time I heard you I thought you were a girl."

Viper: "But what's wrong with my clothes?"

Tsuna: "To tell you the truth, you look like an amateur striper undercover, I'm just saying I don't know what's under that coat of yours and being a striper would explain your greed for money."

Viper: "Why you…!"

Tsuna: "I'm sorry you gotta go, Hyper Tsuna would you please escort him or her out please."

Hyper Tsuna releasing an X-Burner: "Sexy."

Tsuna: "I'm sorry fans, that's all he says. Next!"

Tsuna: "Fon, I know you got as many fans as Hyper Tsuna, Hibari and possibly Bel but I have one problem with you."

Fon: …..

Tsuna: "You, Xanxus, Hibari, and the 1st cloud guardian have the same haircut, what the hell is up with that?"

Fon: …..

Tsuna: "Are you were listening to me?"

Fon: …..

Kyoko: "Umm, Tsuna that's I-Pin's doll."

Tsuna: Are you serio…. Hold on Kyoko did you just speak?"

Kyoko: "Yea,"

Annoyed Fan: "About time!"

Tsuna: "You're not allowed to talk all you do is that annoying laugh that annoys viewers and I love for no reason at all."

Kyoko: "Why would you want me to laugh the whole interview?"

Tsuna: "Because that's the reason I love you! But now that you talk I'll need you to leave."

Kyoko walks to the door: "You're an idiot!"

[Kyoko leaves]

Tsuna: "Sorry fans, I can't do this anymore, I'll let my slave finish this now."

[Tsuna leaves, Gokudera enters]

Gokudera: "Hello everyone, right now let's bring in Luce."

Luce: "Hello, Hayato."

Gokudera: "Hey Luce, here are a couple questions from the writer of these skits. #1: Do you know that the way the characters say your name in the show means milk in Spanish?"

Luce: "I guess, but is that important?"

Gokudera: "Question #2: The writer noticed that you were still pregnant when you turn into a baby. How did the delivery go? Was Aria smaller than an average baby? Did you show up on Murray being called a whore because you were 5 years old and pregnant? How hard was it being a parent if you're only 4 years older than your daughter?"

[Luce cries and runs off stage]

Gokudera: "Well wow that went great, next is Verde."

Verde: "Grettings Vongola Storm."

Gokudera: "Hey Verde, we got a couple complaints for you, first all the fans think you're a douche. Second the writers of Family Guy are here to sue your ass for trying to steal the roles of Stewie Griffin as the evil genius baby."

Verde: "What?"

Seth MacFarlane: "We found you, you swagger jacker!"

[Verde runs and Seth MacFarlane runs after him]

Gokudera: "Okay now for the grand finale, Reborn!"

Reborn: "Hey Gokudera."

Gokudera: "Well, that's all, see you next time!"

Reborn: "What about my interview?"

Gokudera: "Reborn, I don't wanna get pwned."

Reborn: "I thought so, now for the behind to scenes look at Tsuna and Kyoko."

-Behind the Scenes-

[Tsuna opens the door to Kyoko's room]

Tsuna: "Kyoko, I'm sorry for… WTF is going on?"

Kyoko and Hyper Tsuna were kissing in the room.

Kyoko: "Tsuna, I didn't want you to know."

Tsuna: "How long has this been happening!?"

Kyoko: "Since episode 77 when I saw his sexy eyes."

Tsuna: "I can't believe this I quit!"

Will Tsuna will cancel Hitman Interviews? Does anyone really care? Find out on the next Hitman Interviews or not.


"They found us out it's time we moved into action."

Xanxus, Hibari, 1st Vongola Cloud guardian: "Right We'll bite them to death."