Magneto spun slowly in his chair, contemplating his next move. Suddenly, a woman appeared in the doorway. Falling out of his chair in shock, he asked shakily, "Magda? Is that really you?" His until recently thought to be deceased wife frowned, "Erik, how could you?" "What?" he asked, still trying to get over the fact that his wife was still alive. "How could you lock up Wanda in an asylum?" "But….what?" "You heard me." "I…." he started, but he was interrupted as Wanda and Pietro strode into the room. "Hi Dad," Wanda smirked. "Guess what? I got my memories back, and I found out that Mom is still alive."
He gulped and moved over to the farthest corner. "Wanda…calm down," he began, but was once again interrupted, "I like Mom better." "Well, that's understandable, but…wait, why aren't you trying to kill me?" Wanda sighed, "Mom said I couldn't." He breathed a sigh of relief, "Well, she's right…" "You didn't let me finish," Wanda piped up. "She said I couldn't because she wanted to herself." Magneto's mouth dropped, "What?!" Pietro grinned evilly, "It turns out that she's a mutant too." Suddenly there was a flash of light and Magneto vanished. He opened his eyes to find himself in a cell. "Oh look," a guard said, "it's the new patient."

Back at his base:

"Wanda, I told you to let me handle this," her mother exclaimed.

Wanda laughed, "I'm sorry, I couldn't resist."

"Where did you send him?" Pietro asked.

"To an asylum."

Their mother frowned, and then chuckled quietly, "Well, you disobeyed me, but I do respect your use of irony."

"What were you going to do to him?" Pietro questioned.

"Oh, I was just planning on turning his bones to dust, or something gruesome like that."

The End