Paradise on Earth

(Just as a warning to anyone, there is heavy use of sexual terms and scenes, so any one under 18, you can read this, but I advise against it)

The year is 2075, earth has gone through 2 more world wars, genetic research has made humans with animal characteristics common place, and humanity is now in a state of relative peace.

The former United States of America and the other Allied powers made a pact with its enemy's (Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan) which put all of the countries at war in a cease fire, and simultaneously, all countries in the world ceased to exist, and became the United Earth Organization, i.e. all of the countries now share the same economy, the same currency, and the same laws, in order to prevent further war, but the respective divisions of the world are allowed to freely practice their religion, language, and customs. As part of the new laws instated by the UEO, countries/civilians that have nudity as part of their native dress (African tribes, native island tribes and naturists) are allowed to stay as such in any part of the world without reprimand or legal action, as long as it is for casual or religious purposes, no public sex is allowed in any part of the world. Discrimination of any kind has been abolished, and polygamy, gay and lesbian marriage is all legal. Genetic mutations as a result from the war are common, futas, people with both breasts and penis'(and some with both sex organs) are accepted by society.

There is still crime, and insurgents, but they are extremely reduced from what they were before the wars, and humanity is now entirely green, fossil fuels have been abolished, and all buildings are mad from biodegradable materials, slash and burn farming is gone, replaced by smarter and better techniques.

Now, let us get into the life of a young girl in the former United States, and see her life through her eyes!

The alarm rings out a loud, unbearable shriek, silenced by my hand as I slap it over the off button. My Name is Tora(1) Kaguya Davis, half German American, half Japanese, 14 years old.

I roll onto my bare back, and open my brilliant amber eyes, a result of my fathers genetic splice being passed down to me. But its not just my eyes, my skin is covered with black and orange fur, save for my stomach, where its white from my pussy up to the space between the top of my cleavage and the bottom of my neck, down the inner sides of my long legs, and most of my face. I have twin cat ears on top of my head (the same orange and black) and my hair on my head is a flowing mix of the orange and black on my body, which goes down to my petite fur covered ass.

My face, as I said before is mostly covered in white fur, but my face is still shaped like a humans, soft, full lips, cute tiger-ish nose, and black long eyebrows and lashes, and two black stripes on my cheeks, the only fur on my face that is black. In case your wondering, my fur does grow on my boobs, but is very thin compared to the rest of it, so you can see my taunt, perky, pink nipples very easily, and the same thing happens with my very pink nether lips. My teeth are mostly human, but my feline(2) teeth are more pronounced, and my tongue is still a human tongue. My boobs are a 36 C, fairly big, but still quite easy to manage for my 5'6'' height, my ass is very taunt, but has a nice healthy bounce, I have a 2 ½ foot long tail just above my ass at the base of my spine, and it moves on its own most of the time, but the more happy or exited (or aroused) I get, the more it moves.

My arms and legs are completely human in shape, but are still covered in orange and black fur, and my nails on both my hands and feet can retract at will. My senses are a bit better than a normal human, but not as sharp as my dads, who is a first generation splice. I sit up on my butt on the bed, and swing my legs over to one side. As I stand, my boobs jiggle a little, which really gets my blood going. I look back at my clock, 6:00am; school starts at 7:30, and is 10 miles from my house. My bus won't be here for over an hour, so I decide to let my passions get the better of me.


I begin with fondling my twins, one with each hand, and begin to gasp and moan at the pleasure; my left hand keeps kneading my right breast, while my right goes down to my now dripping pussy, my juices soaking my fur between my long legs, and soaking the mattress covers under my ass. I insert two fingers, and pump for all I'm worth, but as I keep going, two just isn't enough, so I put in another two fingers, and then I put in my whole hand, careful not to bring out my claws. I keep pumping for what seems like an eternity, before I cum hard on to my mattress, as a little of it fly's up into the air as I arch my back in pleasure, landing on my breasts and face, matting down any fur it hits.

(End Lemon)

As my euphoria dies down, I notice that I am not alone in my room anymore. My little brother and sister (fraternal twins) (10 years olds) had come into my room during my "activities", and were staring at me wide eyed and mouths agape. 20 years ago, most people would have threatened people to keep quite about these kinds of things, but body acceptance has become universal on earth since the wars, and that is why people are now allowed to be completely naked anywhere in the world, as long as no sex was taking place in public.

I look at them ,and I see that my brothers penis is hard, obviously he is unknowingly aroused, but doesn't understand what It means, and my little sister is fidgeting with her legs, rubbing her young pussy with her thighs in an attempt to relieve the unknown arousal .I smile and then pat them both on their tiger eared heads, and say "its okay you to, you're not in trouble, I was just pleasuring myself, I understand if your curious about it, but you need to ask mom and dad about it before you say any thing to anyone okay?" they nodded their heads, and then Suzie, my sister, said "you're not mad at us?" I shook my head and told her "no, I'm not mad, but next time, knock on the door first okay?" and Sammy, my brother said "okay big sis, we'll remember next time. Is it okay if we ask mom and dad what that was you were doing?" he asked with a little hesitation in his voice. I laugh and say "no Sammy, you can go ask them what that was, you to are about old enough to know by now."

They both smile and say thanks for me not getting mad, and go downstairs to ask our parents. I look at the clock, and see the time is 6:45am. My bus will be here in 20 minutes, so I decide to hop into the shower, turning the water up to half and half temp, not to hot, not to cold, and begin to wash my fur with my paws, taking special care to wash were my cum had soaked me through. I grab the special shampoo, which is designed to clean both hair and fur, and lather it all over my self. I pay special attention to my pussy and boobs, and wash them clean, and then I take care to wash my tail and my ears, the second most sensitive spots on my body, and the hardest to wash. After I finish my shower, is step out of the tub and grab a towel and dry my fur, but I leave it a little wet to let my fur air dry, as I love the felling of all my fur being dried by the sun. I step out of the bathroom and head over to my dresser, where I fix my hair on my head into a pony tail that brushes itself over my ass, as I also love this sensation.

In case you're wondering, I don't wear any clothes, so I am naked all of the time, in winter I usually let my fur keep me warm, but I will sometimes wear a scarf around my neck, but nothing else, and I also don't wear shoes, the soles of my feet are very thick compared to a humans.

On that note, none of my family wears clothes, not even my mom, who is completely human. She's where I get my Japanese decent from. She's a beautiful woman, with black hair, light skin, onyx black eyes, and she's also were I get my figure from, she's very busty, with a 36 DD size breasts, and they don't sag, not even a little! She is also fluent in Japanese, Chinese, and English, and has a slight Asian accent. She's very proud of the three of us, and has taught us all of the languages she knows, and she also assures me that my own bust will be as big as hers someday, if not close to it, but I don't focus on my physical appearance that much.

My dad is where I get my tiger look from, he was a soldier in both wars, fighting for the allied forces, and was the very first person to receive the gene splice, making him look as he does now. He's a big man, 6'2'', amber eyes, and a very big cock, even when limp. But my parents didn't marry each other just for looks; they also married each other for the love that they shared with each other, and they still love each other as much as the day they met.

I leave my room, and head down the stairs to the living room, and then turn into the kitchen and sit down at the table where the others are all sitting and eating. The twins are asking mom and dad about what I was doing, and my parents smile at each other and explain the entire birds and the bees with completely strait, but smiling faces. Masturbation is no longer frowned upon after the wars, and is seen as a healthy release of sexual energy, and walking in on someone in the middle of it is alright, as long as the person who was walked in on says so. The twins look surprised to learn this kind of information, and are somewhat embarrassed, but mom and dad tell them it's okay to be, it's a very important lesson about life. I eat my breakfast and then say goodbye to the twins and the rents, and head out the door to the edge of my driveway. We live on a large hill in the middle of Florida, and have very few neighbors, as well as a 5 acre yard. Not two minutes after I reach the bottom of the driveway, the bus comes pulling in front of the driveway. The bus driver opened the door smiled and said "come on Tora" I hop on the bus, and get a warm welcome from the other passengers, a mix of humans and splices, futas and people of every race and religion, some clothed, most not.

I sit down next to my best friend, a blonde haired futa named Alice Johnson. Alice refers to herself as a she, and is nude like me, but she has this large penis, about 5 inches flaccid, 9 engorged, and is fairly busted with a 34 B rack, her left nipple has a piercing, as does her belly button. She and I have been friends since before futas were considered acceptable in society on a whole, which was 10 years ago. She and I hug, our boobs brushing against one another, her nipple ring stimulating my nipples, and my fur stimulating hers, as well as her cock, which grows between my legs, and brushes against my pussy. I moan lightly at the sensation, which she smiles at, and we let go of each other.

We chat and discuss the usual, how cute or hot that boy is, how hot that girl is, how much we love each other( we are both bi, and we both love each other) but this is nothing new, as our romantic relationship started over a month ago, just after my 14th birthday. Alice is three months younger than me, but she's also smarter than I am, and I am pretty smart myself, not strait A's, but still very good. Both of our parents approve of us seeing each other, and are even enthusiastic about it. In this day and age, marriage is legal to anyone over 13 years old; this law was originally put in place to allow countries with different marriage customs to practice their own traditions.

Alice and I are effectively engaged, but we are waiting for Alice to turn 14 in two months, so we can be married on the day after her birthday. But, even though we are making plans to be married, we can still be married to more than 1 partner, and we plan on doing just that. We are both very presumptuous women, even if we are both still virgins. Alice does produce sperm, and we can have children, but we are waiting until we are married, so we can officially consummate it properly. Truth be known, we will be the first married couple at our school that are students, so every one is giving us their best wishes.

Interestingly, people have observed me and Alice hugging, kissing, and fondling each other, even the teachers have seen it, but they either don't say anything, or they just politely ask us to stop for a while. They all seem to know that we love each other far too much to be bothered, and we thank them for that.

We have decided to keep our names the same as they were after marriage, but Alice said that I would be the "husband" even though she's the one with the cock, but I am the more dominant of the two of us, possibly because of my tiger traits, so I guess its all for the best.

So ? How do you like it, to descriptive, not descriptive enough, like it, hate it, love it?

Its your call, but Please be tactful about it.

Thank you for your time, and let me know if you want to read more.

Fyi- the 1 and 2 in parentheses are author notes

1-Tora is Japanese for "tiger", and also ties in with her heritage

2- Instead of canine teeth, its feline teeth (she's a tiger, tiger=cat)