Paradise on Earth

Honeymoon Bliss Part 3
Love blooms in Italy (L'amore sboccia in Italia.)

Hello once more my dear readers. I have returned to my longest running story with a mix of great shame, humility and hope.

I ask your forgiveness for the prolonged wait, but it became unavoidable. Depression and loss have stolen my will to create and my desire to finish what I have started these past years, though with recent events I have decided to put my own feelings aside and give my dear readers something positive to enjoy in these difficult times.

So to all who have returned and waited patiently, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, your patience, your generousness and most of all I thank you for your understanding.

All of that being said, to any readers who have skipped to this chapter, there are scenes of sexual nature between women and Futanari as well as Furry characters herein and throughout this story. If you are not willing or legally permitted to read such material, turn back now.


The trio of women were happy to have been able to spend an entire week traveling along the coastal province of Cadiz, Yuri acting as the newlywed's tour guide around the area. Turns out she and Pamela had been lovers once upon a time, though she admitted that they had split years back when the silver-blonde had decided to join the I.C.P.D. when it had formed after the war as a natural merging of the various international agencies like the CIA, MI6 and Interpol, among others.

It was a mutual split. Pamela felt too attached to her home to simply leave, and Yuri felt too obligated to serve the world at large to stay in any one place for too long. But they had kept in touch over the years, always holding a soft spot in the other's heart.

As for the newlyweds, they were silently sending signals to each other about a little plan between them that was only just starting to blossom, but they decided to wait for a better time. After all, this was a honeymoon for goodness sake. They had plenty of time to spring surprises on their chaperone/tour guide.

To cap off their tour of Cadiz, Yuri took the two to one of the most famous places in the province, La Jerez de la Frontera Cathedral.

The blend of several styles were apparent in the design of the I, but stepping inside, during a rare moment where sermons or services were not being held, the trio were awestruck by the sheer grandeur of what they were beholding. Carved, polished stone formed into elegant shapes and mason-ed into place by skilled hands, the craftsmanship clear even centuries after creation.

Near the center of the Cathedral sat an altar of Cristo de la Viga, an effigy of Christ in mid crucifixion surrounded by ornate inlay of glimmering gold and filigree, festooned with vases and flowers of several kinds and small portraits of saints. Above which even all that, several dozen feet through which the sun's light shone was a stained glass window depicting the lord in all his humble but radiant glory. It was enough to make the penitent Alice kneel before the altar.

Yuri, a member of Russian orthodoxy, placed a sympathetic hand on Alice's shoulder and made the sign of the cross from right to left with three fingers.

Tora, though not especially religious, decided to kneel and wrap an arm around her wife as a show of support, waiting for her to finish her prayers. Once that was done, the trio made their way out of the Cathedral, plenty of pictures and memories made after thanking the priests and nuns inside.

Heading from the Cathedral towards the Airport, the three huddled together with their belongings as they prepared for the long flight to Italy. More specifically, Rome.

As they waited for their flight, the ladies slipped on their flight attire, Alice slipping on her loose shorts and 'Furry Fluffer' shirt once more with sandals to match her casual look, Tora slipping on a pair of daisy duke short shorts and a red front-tied tube top, and Yuri with what could only be described as a matching pair of black boyshorts, super slim bikini top that barely kept anything in, and a mesh bodystocking that went from neck to ankles, capped off by a pair of black boots.

After a bout of flirting with the stewardess from Yuri, the three were on their way, seated, swiftly asleep after such a long day of sight seeing. The crew nearly melted at the sight and sound of Tora purring in her sleep, resting her head on Alice's as Alice rested her head on the Tiger woman's shoulder. Yuri meanwhile had taken the time to put in an audio file to listen while she was asleep. After all, it would be a long flight.

The trio arrived sometime in the early morning at the Roma Urbe Airport, woken gently by the flight attendants and helped off the plane. The trip had been fairly long but thankfully without issue.

As they stepped out into the terminal, loosening up tight joints from the nature of their sleeping arrangements, the trio were quick to gather their few belongings and headed towards the taxi service station. Getting a setup scheduled, the wedded pair took pictures via Yuri's floating camera in front of the airport I.

The floating drone cam was thankfully easy to stow thanks to the fact that it was the size of a literal blackberry fruit.

The taxi rolled up to its designated parking space soon after, allowing the three to pile in, luggage in tow, and soon they were off for the drive into Rome proper, Yuri revealing that she was fluent in Italian after talking with the driver in the passenger seat.

When asked why she spoke Italian on top of Spanish, Yuri cheekily replied, "I picked it up during training in I.C.P.D."(1)

Yuri also managed to get a little info on where would be a few places to go that weren't already on their itinerary, places that were out of the way and not exactly likelihood for tourists.

But that would have to come later. After such a long flight and many other things in their plan, they had ultimately decided to schedule a whole month of time in Italy, so they had all the time they would need for everything they would be doing.

For the moment, their first and only priority was getting to the hotel and getting properly settled.

Arriving at the hotel and checking in, it was a cozy affair, the room just big enough for three people, two beds and a single chair.

The room was four meters by three meters at most, with a half meter wide walkway to the door and bathroom, but it was cozy enough for the three to make home. Heading downstairs to the hotel lobby, they saw the hotel's I had a selection of pastries and other such confections freshly brought in from a bakery a few blocks down the street. The trio shared a rather savory cheese cake and enjoyed a relaxing bit of conversation, the blondes giggling as Tora tried in vain to get icing out of her lip fur.

A gentle wiping of her lip from Alice and a few kisses later, the three just sat there, chatting about all they were planning on doing in Rome over the next few days, saving the Vatican for last. The first thing on their list would be not too far from their hotel, the Altare Della Patria and the surrounding area, which would cap off in the Colosseum.

After the indulgence of the cheesecake, the trio made their way up to their room, Tora and Alice deciding to spring a little surprise on their chaperone/tour guide. Pulling her into the walk-in shower, Tora offered to clean her up from the long flight, and Yuri accepted, with a slight blush flushing her cheeks.

Rubbing down the police woman with her shampoo covered hands, the pad like texture of her palms rubbed over that tanned skin tenderly, causing the Russian woman to gasp in surprise, her skin flushed from the heat of the spray of water and the rapid beat of her heart.

Yuri looked at Tora, seeing how her fur was all flattened down by the water, that ruby braid undone and now acting as a curtain down her back, showing her form under all that fluff and hair to be every bit as chiseled as the statues and figures they would be seeing over the next few days.

To be so close to that rippling, toned flesh that was only hinted at under the fur so often was a privilege to one such as Yuri, but now to be privy to such an intimate view, it was enough to make her thank god for her life.

Tora meanwhile smiled impishly as she felt her way around the tanned curves and artistically inked letters that marked her skin.

It was when Tora's melodic purring reached Yuri's ears and her hands reached Yuri's hips that she suddenly felt a shiver shoot through her in both directions.

"T-T-T-Tora, what in the name of Mother Russia are you doing?"

"Oh, just getting you ready for a nice time tonight" she said as she nuzzled her face against the silver-blonde's.

Yuri was in a rare spot. She always had been the kind of woman to do what felt right in the heat of the moment, save for when she was on the job. But here she was, presented with the Amazonian figure of her former partner's daughter, a young woman who had a height and weight advantage... not to mention seemed to be dropping signs of what she wanted like B-52's dropping bombing runs.

And for the first time in some months, she was truly conflicted about being in such a situation. She'd promised John that she would watch over and protect his daughter and her wife. Yuri hadn't expected to be propositioned by the feline Furry in the slightest.

A strong length of coiled muscle ringed it's way round her leg. Tora's hands, soap covered and wandering, scrubbed gently all over the tanned Slavic woman's form.

"Ne ne, Yuri-Onee-san~" Tora said shifting for a moment into her second first language, her deeper register a far cry from the younger, higher voice Yuri had first heard some years ago when they had first met when she was still just ten years old.

"Da?" Yuri instinctively asked in her uncoordinated and chaotic state of mind, so much fractured by conflict in her head.

"Alice and I have been talking... and... uhhh, well there's no polite way to say this really, so here goes: Would you like to sleep with us tonight? I mean, sleep with us like adults do~?"

At that particular question, Yuri's brain may as well have combusted. "I... Какой?!"(2)

"Well, you've been someone we can trust and depend on for so long, and we kinda both love you as more than the big sister figure you've been to us... so we thought maybe we'd take this chance to offer to share our bed with you... if that's Ok?"

Yuri was utterly befuddled. Here was this tower of fur, muscle and stripes that was by all accounts confident and self assured, completely comfortable asking such a thing, but her yellow eyes betrayed a brief flash of uncertainty, her large padded hands grasping Yuri's own as the water beat down on them from the spraying nozzle above.

"I-If you both wish to have me, Котенок, then yes, I accept. But are you sure Alice wants this?"

At that Tora laughed, a sound amplified by the rumbling chuff in her chest "Absolutely. She's been getting ready this whole time."

"Ah, and she's giving me the signal that she's ready. Good timing baby" Tora said with a smile as she turned off the water and proceeded to step out of the shower, handing Yuri a towel.

"Wait...getting ready, how exactly?"

"Welllll, let's just say that she wanted to be ready for when you were, so she got herself all worked up for you."

Yuri didn't have to wait long to find out what that meant. As soon as they were both dried off enough from their shower, they stepped out into the small hotel room to find Alice, propped up against the bed, her body splayed out across the sheets, a set of frilly lace stockings patterned with lily petals and other such floral designs around the cuffs encasing her legs, the rest of her body on full display. Her golden blonde hair was fanned out fully, practically covering the bed from edge to edge. And there in the middle of it all was her erection, turgid, throbbing, and ready to be of service.

Propped up on pillows behind herself, Alice seemed slightly short of breath, her firm chest quaking from unfulfilled desire. She looked over to her wife, and thus to Yuri, both blondes blushing radiantly. Alice from meekness, even if she wasn't actually embarrassed about the situation she was still a bit shy about what was about to happen; and Yuri from flustered realization. The entire time they had been in the shower, Alice had been edging herself close to the brink without finishing herself off, getting herself as wound up as possible, all for her.

Yuri looked back at Tora, as if asking for permission, and Tora smiled, "You don't need to ask. We both want you to join us~" she said softly, gently guiding Yuri to the bed, Alice reaching out a hand.

Taking the smaller blonde by the hand, Yuri decided to take the plunge, kissing the Futa woman on the lips gently, both of them moaning into the embrace of their mouths. Tora smiled as she took a spot on the bed opposite Yuri, stroking the back of her hand down Alice's cheek.

Yuri looked into Alice's mixed green and blue eyes, looking up and seeing those piercing golden amber, asking with a flick down towards the still pulsating throb if this is what she wanted. Without a word, Alice nodded and placed her hands on Yuri's hips. Yuri took a deep breath one last time, and proceeded to sink herself down onto that nine inch pole jutting up from Alice's crotch, gritting her teeth. It had been quite some time since she had actually been penetrated, but it felt so very divine. The fact that Tora was rubbing her hands down Yuri's back certainly didn't hurt matters, helping ease the tension, as well as Alice's hands gripping Yuri's wide hips firmly. Yuri's own hands were firmly gripped into the sheets beneath Alice.

Sliding her hips up and down the length, taking it slow and hearing Alice's high pitched cries, Yuri bit her lip, her own body quivering, muscles tensing and breasts shaking as she rode the blonde Futa for all she was worth and then some, Tora adding to the enjoyment by lovingly grabbing at and massaging Yuri's breasts as she bounced. Alice's hands hadn't strayed from Yuri's hips, somewhat helping the fevered bouncing as the two rode it out, Alice worked up by her edging, Yuri by her own libido, and Tora simply getting enjoyment out of the sounds and smells filling the room of her wife and their new lover making love together. Between the three there was no room for any jealousy or division, only affection, as Yuri pulled Tora in for a lip searing kiss as she came atop Alice, Alice herself shooting deep inside of Yuri's long waiting pussy, flooding the policewoman to the brim with thick, heavy cum.

Yuri was physically shuddering, as was Alice, the taller woman gently pulled off of the rapidly fading Futa by Tora and laid beside her, Tora kissing both women gently, before using her expert tongue to go to work on cleaning up her wife. Alice, nearly passed out, bolted upright when she felt her wife's mouth on her dick. "Oh god Tora! Not now! I just came!"

The rough, textured tongue of Tora was unmistakable, and it tantalized and stimulated Alice in ways she couldn't articulate, making the Futa blonde squirm and writhe against her wife's loving licks and sucking.

Alice beforehand had managed to keep her vocalizations to gasps and squeaks, but something about how Tora's tongue did it's voodoo on her made her scream like a bliss-ridden banshee.


Spraying a thick load down Tora's throat, which she swallowed without hesitation, her hands gently massaging her wife's hips and stomach as if to say what her mouth couldn't at the moment.

After two back to back orgasms, Alice was fully out for the count, covered in a fine layer of sweat that made her look like her skin was glowing.

Yuri, upon hearing that and coming back around, looked over...but was unprepared for when Tora's tongue worked it's magic on her this time.

To say that she wasn't expecting to have her walls invaded by a wriggling tongue that had just enough texture to feel different was an understatement. She could tell that Tora was loving it, purring deep into her as she licked out every drop. And the worst part was, Yuri didn't want her to stop.

She let Tora's talented tongue steam roll her through an unexpected orgasm, and then another and another in rapid succession, one of which was accomplished by Tora slyly taking the policewoman's clit between her sharper teeth and giving it an ever so slight squeeze. It was enough to have Yuri see stars.

She had to literally tap Tora's shoulder to stop, thankfully getting the message.

"Tora, please, I can't take anymore..." She pleaded as she tried in vain to catch her breath.

Tora nodded with a smile on her face, licking the cum from her fur as she did so.

"If it makes you feel any better, you were delicious~"

"I should hope so, as much of me as you drank down...~" Yuri quipped back as she flopped back against the pillows.

Tora giggled and slid between her wife and Yuri, her warm fur making the two blondes snuggle close.

"So, uh... was that good for you?" Tora awkwardly asked as she looked to Yuri.

"Da. Oh very much DA~"

"So... what happens now?"

"Well...we'll take this one day at a time, but I think we have a very bright future together, the three of us~"

Tora smiled and hugged Yuri with one arm, looping another around Alice, who was already fast asleep. The sound and rumble of her purring filled the room.

Yuri pulled the comforter of the bed over them and kissed the tigress softly. "Goodnight Котенок~"

"Goodnight, Yuri-onee-san~"

The three fell asleep together, truly together, for the first time that very night.


I.C.P.D. Intercontinental Police Department.

Какой (Kakoy)- Russian for "What?"

Котенок (Kotenok)- Russian for "Kitten."

And with that Ladies, Gentlemen and those of otherwise and undefinable gender, this chapter is complete. I won't lie, like I say at the end of every chapter it seems, I always say that I intend to come back sooner, and yet the passage between updates seems to grow further apart.

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