Phoenix stood amidst the chaos of the battle of Alcatraz. All around her soldiers and mutants alike were turned to dust. Only Wolverine attempted to withstand the onslaught. His flesh was ripped from his torso as he struggled to reach her. Fool, Phoenix thought. Does he really expect to defeat me?

"Hey," a voice said from behind her.

She turned to see herself, surrounded by fire, hovering in the air.

"You're not cool enough to mock Wolverine. Only I am," her clone said.

"What are you talking about?" Phoenix asked.

"And another thing, you're a terrible villian. I mean really, you haven't even bothered to show people why they should fear you. Basically," she concluded, " you're giving me a bad name."

"You?!" Phoenix hissed. "Who are you?"

The woman's eyes glowed as she rose higher into the air and stopped to tower above them.

"I am Phoenix!"

"Fascinating," Beast muttered. (seriously, one of the best lines in the saga and they didn't put it in).

Phoenix frowned and prepared to blast this…imposter…into the next life. Suddenly, the woman spoke again, "I'm here to make sure this movie at least has a good ending."

Then the dreadfully underdeloped movie version of the character Phoenix(youtube comment)was killed in a horribly dramatic way. And so, Phoenix reminded everyone why she was to be feared, and why they should have gotten a director who actually read the comics, or watched the cartoons, or at least had the faintest inkling about what Phoenix is supposed to be like.

The end

Author's Note: The movie wasn't completely awful. They did have some really cool fight scenes, and, sad as it was, the Professor's death was kinda cool.