This is really old and from the ending of Season Four as I thought about bravery and how Donna said that she was looking for the Doctor at the beginning.

Disclaimer: I don't think that there is any way that I can own Doctor Who, a series stretching through more than forty years, when I am less than twenty years old. Ie, even if I go back in time, why would I want to waste my chance just to recreate Doctor Who?

They say I'm brave. The Companion to the Doctor. Standing by his side though death and destruction.

That's not true. I'm not brave. I'm just addicted. Not addicted to any drug. Addicted to the travel, the wonder, the sheer difference of life with the Doctor. To taste the extraordinary and then be given a choice. A choice between the extraordinary and the ordinary, well, it's just no choice at all.

I was weak. I see that now, as I'm trapped here on the spaceship of an insane, homicidal race, about to die.

I was weak. All my life, I have prided myself on being strong, entirely my own person. I wasn't. Perhaps, at some point I was. No longer. The Doctor comes along and I just follow him blindly.

What a fool I have been. Then again, what would have happened if I hadn't followed him? London, destroyed in flame and agony. America, dissolved into fat. China, choked in smoke and smog.

Then again, we were only delaying the inevitable. Every one, and every thing, dies. No matter rich or poor or middling. No matter whether Dalek or human nor even the long-lived Time Lord. All dies.

God, I'm so cynical. But I digress. Majorly. I was talking about bravery and addictions.

I was weak. All of his companions were, really. They all succumbed eventually. Martha was the only strong one. After the Year-That-Never-Was she at least realized what he was, a sweet, sweet poison. She was the only one that ever actually walked away on her own accord. All the others have been forcibly left behind. We are left behind and yet, we still strive to return.

Bravery isn't standing against the monsters. It's leaving that world behind.

All the universe recognizes the companion to the Doctor. They praise the weak and forget the strong.

What a messed up, bassackwards, universe we live in.

I should be hidden in the shadows. Martha should be praised. Rose should be a thing of ballads.

Bravery isn't what every one thinks it is. Bravery will surprise you, forever.

Good-bye. Hope that the others will manage to take care of the Earth. My time is over. Good-bye my bittersweet poison. Good-bye Doctor.

Yeah, really don't remember the part of my brain this came from. I think it's from the part that doesn't give a damn about keeping things in character though.