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Zutara Week 2009

Prompt One: Crossover

It had been two years since the end of the Great War and Katara was now of marrying age. Luckily for her, Aang was not and so they wouldn't be forced to marry just yet. Could you imagine? It would be a fourteen year old marrying a sixteen year old. It's kind of like a fourteen year old dating a twelve year old, or maybe that's a hundred and twelve year old. But then again they had done that hadn't they? So maybe they would end up getting married right now. The airbenders needed to get repopulated somehow didn't they? The thought stopped Katara in her hypothetical tracks. Children, with Aang? How could she possibly do that? She would be a good mother; she knew that, but Aang, a father? That wasn't possible, how could someone so childlike themselves raise another human being? She couldn't even picture what the kids would look like, much less turn out to be personality wise. Don't even get her started on the actual process of having the kids with Aang. The thought made her gag a little bit. It would be like doing it with Sokka. It was wrong on so many levels. But she would have to have kids with Aang; it was after all expected of her. Living up to the expectations people set for her was a challenge and it usually ended in heartbreak. She was expected to love Aang and not the person her heart truly craved and so she didn't. In public they were friends and cordial to each other, it was after all expected since he took a lightning bolt for her.

The thought of her heart's mate made her weak and longing. She craved his presence; she needed to be near him. It was not just a mental thing, but physical. Without him she felt weaker and it reflected in her bending. If he was near it was like it was a full moon out, and without him like no moon at all. She didn't quite understand it, but that didn't really matter did it? She couldn't have him. It wasn't expected of them to be together and the world was delicate enough already. The uproar that would occur if they were to be together would be horrific. Tensions between the three remaining nations had never really completely died out. A hundred years of hatred just didn't go away over night now did it? She wished she could talk to someone about this. Someone who understood what it was like to always do what was expected of you. Never to do what you wanted to love who you wanted. If only.

"Someone does understand. So you wish to talk and so you shall." Katara whipped her head around. She flowed into a bending stance and drawing water to her fingertips.

"Who said that?"

"Don't worry young waterbender. No harm shall come to you. Just a deeper understanding." A shimmer in the air and a mirror appeared before her. It was tall, probably over six feet tall with intricate and graceful designs woven into the metal frame. But in the mirror it was not her face looking back at her. No, it was a woman, but not her. This woman had a lighter skin color and her eyes were a chocolate brown like her own skin tone. She did however have the same color hair that she did, but hers was wild and flowed just past her shoulders.

"Hello Katara," the woman spoke a gentle smile upon her lips. She looked calm and serine, but her eyes had shadows behind them that spoke of hardships, loss and betrayal, love and hate, life and death. This woman had her eyes in a different color.

"How do you know my name?"

"I just do. I am not your enemy though. I come to tell you my story so you must better understand what you must do," Katara moved to interrupt her, but she put her hand up. "My name is Hermione and I've gone though a war, just like you have. A war based on prejudice and hatred. A war that cost innocents their lives and children to grow up too fast. A war that we won but left us in a world so chaotic, everyone was expected to do what was expected of them. I loved a man named Draco who had fought on the other side for the war. Not willingly of course, his father was a cruel man and Draco didn't fancy dying just yet. Draco was my enemy though and to love him was considered the greatest sin I could ever commit. Not that anyone knew of course, but it would have been a terrible upheaval if the general populace had known. So they didn't. When the war ended it was expected of me as a war hero to marry another war hero by the name of Ron. While Ron was amazing to me, he wasn't my love. I loved him like a brother, he was my best friend. But everyone thought we were the second perfect couple next to my other two best friends Harry and Ginny. If we married it would be a sign that the war was over and people could live the lives they had dreamed of. That everything was alright again, everything was as it should be. I didn't want to marry Ron, but I did. I did what was expected of me and I've regretted it every day since. Don't get me wrong. I love the children we had together and Ron is great to me. He is however not Draco. He is not the man I love, and for that I am not happy. I never will be happy until I'm with Draco again, and sadly that won't happen till we both pass on. You however don't have to live as I do. You don't have to do what is expected of you. Your world is much more tolerant and your relationship with your love would work out if you gave it a chance. Don't ask me how I know, for I cannot tell you. Just know this Katara, don't be like me. Don't choose what you feel is your duty over love. It never works out and heartbreak is the only outcome possible."

Than, before Katara could answer to this strange woman, she disappeared. She faded from the mirror and Katara's own reflection was staring back at her. But these eyes were different than what they had been before, these eyes held hope. These eyes held hope that this Hermione woman was right and things would work out if she was to try. Her reflection nodded back, a smile on her lips and faded from view. Before she did though, Katara saw the red necklace on her neck with wave markings.

Two Months Later

"Katara will you marry me?" Aang looked up at her from down on his knees the gray stone blending in with the snow around them.

"I'm sorry Aang. No. I love you like a mother loves a son, a sister to a brother, but not a lover. I'm sorry, but I cannot accept this necklace. I can no longer do what is expected of me."

So there you have it! I hope everyone enjoyed this. I know the ending could have been better, but I felt this is where the story needed to end. I could always continue it later, but I don't think I would want to do that. We will see though. I hope you guys leave reviews!

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