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Halloween Party


"So Hinata , what makes you want to throw a Halloween party?" Tenten asked. "I don't know what to these days. It's getting colder and colder outside. So I thought I could throw some kind of party." I said. Well are you going to help me or what?" I said impatiently. "Oh, I'm sorry." Tenten said. "I have orange and black balloons we can hang from the curtains, candy we can pour in the bowls, orangtble cloth we can put on the table, cupcakes with black and orange icing, and orange and grape soda." I said. "That's great. Who's all coming?" Tenten said. "Naruto,Sasuke,Sakura,Ino,Shikamaru,Rock Lee and of course Neji and Hinabi. I done explaining lets just get this party ready.

The girls worked until 5:00 pm."Yes! We're finally done. The party starts at 8:00 so are you going to go home and and get ready Tenten?" I asked. "Well, yeah I have to look good for Neji." Tenten said slyly and rubbed her hand through her hair. I rolled my eyes."You're still not over that crush with my cousin I see" I said annoyingly. Tenten giggled.

The clock in my bedroom read 7:50.I got up from my bed and stared in the mirror. I was dressed like an angel for Halloween. The doorbell rang. I ran downstairs and opened the door. "Hey big sister nice costume" Hanabi said and snickered. I looked down on the ground. I have been tortured by my little sister's comments. Well I'll try my best to be strong tonight. Neji said nothing and pushed past me. "Were is everyone?" Neji asked. "Well the party starts at 8:00." I said. "If they were real friends they would come early" Hinabi said. I shook my head. "Not…necessarily" I said uneasily.

The doorbell rang again. I got up and answered it. It was Tenten. "Hey Tenten, what are you?" I asked. "A rock star." She said. She did have on a red tank top, a black dress with see-through black stockings. She also had her dad's guitar over her shoulder. "Well, what are you waiting come inside" I said happily. She walked inside and waved at my cousin Neji.

It is now 8:00. The doorbell rang again. It was Sasuke,Sakura and Naruto. "Come in" I said. Out of those three I liked Sasuke's costume the most. He was dressed us a murderer. He wore a black hat with a red feather, had a fake scar on his face. He held a fake knife. Tee hee! He looks so cute in that! I sat down on the sofa beside Sasuke. "Hi Sasuke." I said shyly. He turned to me. "Hi. You're dressed up as an angel right?" Sasuke said. I nodded. He smirked. "You're dressed up as a murderer" I said. "Yeah" he replied.

Everyone finally arrived at 8:20. I got my radio out my closet upstairs and put in a CD. It was a techno CD. Tenten and I are big fans of techno music. "You chose the right music" Tenten said and started dancing. After a while Sasuke saw me alone the whole time and asked me if I would dance with him. "Well I'm not a good dancer" I told him shyly. "I don't care. I just want you to have fun 'cause you did a nice job on this party" he said. Aw that was very sweet of him to say that.

We danced, but soon the party was over. Everyone left except Sasuke. "Sasuke shouldn't you be heading home soon?" I asked. "I'll leave if you want me too" Sasuke said. "No, you don't have too." "Hinata I want to tell you something" Sasuke said. I nodded. "Want to go on a date with me?" he asked. I nodded. He told me all the details. When he was done, Sasuke said bye to me. Then he surprisingly kissed me. I've only kissed a few boys, but that was the best one of all. It was slow, yet lovely. "Bye my dear Hinata." He said and winked. I closed the door. Wow! I have a date with Sasuke Uchiha. This party was great yet surprising. Yay me!