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Spock awoke at his usual time of 0400 hours precisely, only to notice the rather unusual sensation of something heavy and warm draped across part of his body. It took his substantial mental faculties a few fraction of a second to realise why exactly this should not alarm him, and when he had pieced all the details together, he smiled quietly to himself, leaned over and placed a kiss on the side of Aureya's face.

Unsurprisingly, she slept like a child, sprawled across the bed, arms and legs wide, her hands in small fists on either side of her face, her mouth open only a fraction, and her hair in complete disarray.

He supposed the state of her hair was not entirely her own doing, remembering their third physical encounter, during which she had straddled his lap and he had fisted one hand in the brown curls, while the other had been onto her hip, keeping her steady. Or the fifth, when he had been behind her and she had fallen forward on completion of her climax and had rolled over to smile at him, her hair sticking to parts of her neck and forehead, damp from the exertion, the rest of it fanning out beneath her on his rumpled sheets.

He wondered if it would be entirely inappropriate to wake her at this hour and seek a renewal of the previous night's activities, and remembering her temper and the likelihood of her not being what would be referred to as a 'morning person', he concluded that it would be.

At the realisation of his own continuous desire for her, Spock further wondered if the socially appropriate regulation of the Vulcan libido would not be the preferable approach to a relationship, but then he remembered her face all flushed, her eyes bright, and her breathing heavy, remembered the sensations her body brought forth in his own, and decided that he had made the right decision. Not that he really had any choice in the matter, not when she had just grabbed his hand and had…

He was unable to allow his higher reasoning to remain in control and woke her after all, he was convinced he would find a way of appeasing any substantial disdain and counter potential objections on her part, to being awake at 0411 hours.

She made it into the turbo lift just before the doors slid shut. Her hair still refused to obey, the final three buttons of her uniform were still undone, and her bag was open as she struggled to shove her PDA and a volume of newly borrowed Vulcan poetry into it. Finally looking up, she noticed Admiral Pike leaning on his cane, grinning from ear to ear.

"I'm not actually here, you know that, right?" she smiled brightly at him.

"Oh I know…or, we could just pretend that the bite mark on your neck and the one on your lower lip are from Ensign Chekov." His expression was far too amused for her liking.

"Well, he's still faculty… also, I don't really think he's the type, do you?"

"I must admit, I hadn't given it that much thought. I think it would be a little disturbing if I had." He tilted his head to the side, still grinning widely.

"You do realise that you are late for my class?" He added, giving her a mock frown.

"Not if I beat you to the lecture theatre." As if on cue the lift doors opened and she bolted.

"You can't race a cripple, it's unethical." He shouted after her.

"Oh, don't be such a baby, Bones said you only have to be on that cane for another four weeks." She whirled around giving him her best evil grin.

"Aren't you being a little familiar with a higher ranking officer, Cadet?" He only barely managed to keep the fake frown on his face this time.

"You wish, Admiral, you wish." With that, she spun around again and made it all the way to the theatre, into her seat next to Shrem, and even managed to get her PDA out before Pike hobbled through the door after her.

"Holy Mackerel, what happened to you?" P'Grell whispered as he leaned over to button up her uniform. Before she had a chance to answer, he sucked in an audible breath and continued:

"Dear Lord, is that a bite mark?... He's a biter?... I don't think I wanted to know that… Stop grinning like an idiot, Eya, I'm feeling seriously nauseas here!"

She really tried to do as he asked; she just couldn't.

Aureya was sitting on his desk, feet dangling; she wore civilian clothing, the term having ended only two days ago, and had come by to help him store his things safely for the summer. She looked around his office and noted with a small wrinkling of her nose:

"You'd think now that we're all bona fide heroes they'd give you a bigger place, I can't believe they've assigned you the same office for next year."

"I don't mind, I like it." Pavel told her honestly. "Also, this vay all my students know where to ffind me."

"Well, it's a good thing you're teaching for the Science Department and not Navigation, otherwise that would have been one sad statement." She smiled that impish smile of hers, and he couldn't help but laugh.

A soft knock on the door startled them both a little, and they turned to see and elderly Vulcan gentleman regarding them a little uncertainly from the open doorway.

"Forgive me, it appears I have made my way to the wrong office." He informed them with the smallest amount of confusion in the slant of his eyebrows.

Both Pavel and Aureya burst into a fit of laughter at the sheer coincidence, but Pavel caught himself first and apologised profusely:

"I am so sorry, ve vere not laughing at you, Sirr, simply at something ve vere speaking about a moment ago, and…"

"I am not insulted, Mr Chekov, I can assure you."

Oi ya, knew exactly who that was; and judging from the rather abrupt end of giggles coming from his desk, cut off by a small hick up sound, he figured, so did Eya.

"Ambassador Spock." He ventured.

"Mr Chekov." Came the efficient reply.

Now what?

Looking to his right, he noticed that Eya was staring, mouth open. He didn't even want to imagine how creepy this must be for her. Very much at a loss as to whether this was the right thing to do, Pavel cleared his throat and continued:

"You know Cadet Newman, of course." Then felt like a complete idiot, trying to figure out if he should have just kept his mouth shut, for all he knew, things could have ended badly between the two, otherwise he would imagine he'd have …

"I have not had the pleasure, no." He gave a curt nod in Eya's direction, then focused all his attention back on Pavel.

"I am afraid I seem to have lost my way… Or rather, this used to be my office,… in my reality." Taking a quick look around the room he quirked an eyebrow and added a quiet "fascinating."

Pavel could only stare now, too.

"Have I said something unexpected, Mr Chekov? I am deducing from the expression on both your and the cadet's face, that there is something amiss."

Pavel simply reached for his com, pressed Spock's contact details and announced in a strangled little voice:

"Sirr, vould you mind picking yourself up ffrom my office?" He disconnected the call before the older man even had a chance to acknowledge his request. Pavel never took his eyes off the older Spock.

"Vould you like come coffee, or some tea vhile you vait?" Pavel tried meekly.

"No coffee… Talaxian herbal tea… no sugar… extra weak…" came a stunned murmur from his right.

"Oh yes, I knew that…"

Spock was now eying them with a mildly quizzical expression, stepped fully into the office and gave them both another quiet "fascinating", before stopping in his tracks. He was now returning the favour, and was openly staring at Aureya, or rather, at her neck.

"May I inquire as to the origins of the pendant you are wearing?" His voice was low, almost angry, recognisable in that emotion only to the well-accustomed ear of a close acquaintance.

Eya looked completely stunned and gaped at him, opening her mouth a couple of times, before placing a hand over her eyes and muttering:

"Fermat's dick, we're back to that."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Mr Chekov, I am not entirely aware if you have been instructed in proper communications etiquette, but making a rather cryptic request and then disconn…. Oh." The same voice that had spoken with barely disguised outrage a moment ago, equally outraged but significantly younger, had just come from the still open doorway.

"It appears that one of your students, one I am unfamiliar with, has wrongfully acquired a precious family heirloom." The older Spock's voice was prim, somewhat on the stern side.

"It appears introductions are in order." The younger man's reply sounded a little stunned, but mostly compassionate.

"So let me get this straight: You're officially going home to Canada, only you're not. And you're officially single, only you're not. Unofficially you're screwing one of you're instructors, and are spending your summer at a pirate space station somewhere off Tellar. Did I get that right?"

Aureya paused from her task of shoving clothes into her bag, gave him a rather self-satisfied grin, and simply said:


Shrem put his arms around her and squeezed hard:

"Baby, I'm so proud of you… all grown up, and practically a felon."

Jim, who was sprawled across Shrem's bed chuckled, and Gaila, over in the kitchen, no doubt mistreating their dinner, gave a little contented sigh.

"Noyota'll be fat by the time we get back." She sounded almost wistful.

"Don't call it fat… the girl has the strength of two grown men, she'll have your head off in no time if she hears you referring to it like that." Aureya laughed.

Jim launched himself off the bed and made an overdramatic show of launching himself at Gaila and grabbing her around her waist, pulling her towards him.

"If you don't watch out, I'll make sure you'll be starting to get fat by the end of the summer, we have a full four hours left." He kissed her sloppily on the neck.

"Why, Captain Kirk, you're an officer now… this so inappropriate." They both grinned at Eya evilly.

"Oh shut up and go screw already." She growled at them playfully.

Shrem couldn't contain the rather undignified giggle that insisted on bursting forth.

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