A/N: I was reading the Raven by Edgar Allen Poe and suddenly this struck me. I don't know why I wanted to write such blasphemy, but I did. Now, points to anyone who can guess who the Nightingale is, it wasn't intentional the way I did this, it just happened. Just a slight pairing at the end, it's a metaphorical hint if anything. Who in the show reminds you of a Nightingale?


That is what the raven had said. Her raven.

Fine strands of chestnut colored hair moved in the gentle breeze of the night, as hazel eyes looked, unseeing, into the still darkness.


That word repeated over and over in the poor girl's head. It was a cursed word that brought the girl unimaginable pain, the pain of an unrequited love; the pain of knowing it was an unrequited love, and the pain of never seeing that love again.

She still recalls the raven. Those piercing blue eyes that look through her soul. Dark ebony hair waving gentle as feathers on the wind.

For a brief minute the girl feels nostalgic, remembering a time when the raven was with her, running her fingers through her hair.

The girl runs her own fingers through her hair now, pulling tightly, hoping that physical pain would end her emotional suffering. But forever that word repeated in her mind.


Evil, accursed word that dashed away her hopes and shredded her heart. Cold blue eyes stared unflinching in her memory, as that day flickers back into her mind. She'd spent weeks fighting with herself, summoning every ounce of courage in her to tell the raven how she felt. Soon the raven would leave and go to another, this was her last chance to make her stay.

Hopefully she called to the raven. Sapphire eyes gazed as the girl stuttered what she wanted to say. Fear, doubt. The brown haired girl stared at the raven hopefully, her heart out in the open, vulnerable. She waited until she heard the raven utter that one word, and walk away.


The girl cried out for the raven as she walked away, but all she received was a harsh gaze and an even colder-


Broken and alone, the girl continued to stare into the black abyss of night, lost and ever so afraid. A sound broke her out of her thoughts, and she finally saw, as she looked around. She saw those broken by their own ravens, sobbing in the dark, and the stillness consumed them. Another sound penetrated her thoughts. Looking she saw it was a nightingale, a creature that sung best in the dark. No one else noticed the song; they were to rapped up in their pain.

The girl didn't know how long the Nightingale sang, but as she continued the girl grew stronger. Looking at those oblivious to the beautiful song, the girl shook her head, refusing to continue on like this.

Shaking her head, the girl brushed away the tears and left the dark dream. Opening her eyes again, she saw the Nightingale again.

A small smile formed on her face, and she said thing.

"Quoth the raven 'Nevermore'."